So you want to know about me...this picture should explain it!
I'm silly, I think laughter is the best medicine. I have a very weird and sometimes socially unacceptable sense of humor. I get it from my Momma. 

I have the cutest pooches in the whole world. Remington is almost three and the best dog. I'm kind of obsessed with his extra skin and deep brown eyes. He may be a wee bit spoiled. 

And then there's Moose. She is a mess, but I love her to pieces. She's cute as a button!

Our "kids"!

I'm married to my best friend and high school sweetheart!

I work full time for the State of Florida and graduated from Florida State University.

I'm a lover of all things thrifty and craftiness runs in my blood.

I was born and raised in the South. 

Disney World is my favorite place on Earth! Well, I haven't been to all my Bucket List places yet so that may change!

I take way too many pictures if there even is such a thing. (Which I don't believe there is)


Thanks for comin' round these parts to check in on my sweet little life! 


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