Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hanging in There

Well still no luck on the house front. I’ll admit we have been being pretty picky about what we are looking for and I think we may have to really start compromising on some things. The main difficulty we’re having is location. In the area we are looking, there is not a lot for sale or there are things for sale that are not worth the money. Decisions decisions…

In other news, we are officially moved out of our Quad. We miss it a lot more than we thought we would, plus there’s attachment because it was “Our First Place”. I am very thankful though that it was a smooth transaction with our wonderful renters. They will be moving in this weekend so I’m very excited for them and to see the place once it’s decorated how they want it! Here are some pictures of the moving process. The one of Remi on the boxes cracks me up! The story is his toy basket was stacked up amongst the boxes that were piled in the living room and I turn around to find him like this!
Here's some other moving pics: David finding a small corner to eat at!
And here's David trying to convince Remi to go into his new crate!

I guess he figured they had been mis-placed and he was going up to get them! Too funny…
Things are going good in other areas of my life. My job is still going great although I am beginning to look for a new position just based on the fact that my current position does not offer benefits. I am really hoping to find something in Biology though because I really do love what I do and would love to be doing something very similar in the future. If times get tough or I have trouble finding something else though, I’ll be resorting to another field which I hope will be the last resort. Being a Bio major was the best thing I ever did and I would love to continue to use it!
Umm…what else what else…oh yeah, ordering my Bridesmaid dress this weekend for my SIL’s wedding. It’s super duper cute and I’ll be happy to add it to my wardrobe after the wedding is over:)

Other than that all is well and just steady House-Hunting & looking forward to Renee’s baby shower this weekend!

Agenda for tonight is head over to the in-laws tonight for Chinese & spending time with the Hubs & the Pup :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feelin' Discouraged...

I loooove this show! I'm sure you've seen it, "ding dong" is how it starts and I know I have approximately 22 minutes of bliss while I watch. I don't know what it is about being at the different phases of your life and the shows that relate to it, but I tell ya they're addicting! When I was engaged I couldn't get enough of wedding shows but now that I'm married I have hardly seen any! Now that we're official House Hunters ourselves, this is my favorite show:) Our TV might as well only have one channel, HGTV.

Now on another note, I would like to know how many houses people on this show look at before they purchase their home. You know, before they narrow it down to the three? David and I both thought that this house hunting process would be a lot easier but we're finding that that's not the case:/ So many houses that we have had high hopes for, we have been let down by in a matter of minutes after walking through the doors. Wanna know why? RENTERS. By gosh 90% of the houses we have looked at are all or have been occupied by renters and let me tell you, the owners are doing themselves a huge disgrace by putting these places up for sale in the conditions they're in. One owner we have talked to said anything we wanted fixed he would make it happen, but if he's planning to do that anyway, why not do that now and try to sell it so a buyer can see it's full potential? I just don't get it...it stinks!

We have one we LOVE and one we like but of course the one we love is the most expensive. go figure!

And this is kind of what we've been feeling like:

Okay so the places we have been looking at aren't that bad but sometimes you feel that way! And it's actually quite fun when you actually find something you like! But it's like you want me to pay THIS for THAT?! Oh well...patience is a virtue. So patient we will be until we find the one!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well I had quite a few pictures to add to a new post, but i am having computer space problems and a dead camera battery so go figure!

This weather has been pretty crazy for sure, this morning my parents pond was frozen! It was pretty cool, but unfortunately not frozen enough to slide/skate on it like I wanted to:/

Well here's the news on the House front: In order to get out of our lease we either had to pay it off or find a renter. Fingers crossed everything goes through with our new renter (you know who you are and we can't thank you enough!!). It was an answer to our prayers for sure because goodness knows we didn't want to have to pay out the end of the lease.

Yesterday was our first official day of house hunting. We were super excited and had fun but unfortunately didn't find anything yesterday that we want to really consider. We were bummed big time because 3 of our top 5 picks to go and view did not happen because the renters that are currently occupying those houses were not cooperating and letting us view the houses. Pretty bad for the seller that's for sure. But luckily we have a great Realtor and she is going to notify the Owner on Monday and try and get us in there ASAP!

Kim (sis-in-law) was in town this weekend and it was good spending some time with her and doing some wedding stuff! Remember her wedding is in April in St. Augustine and I can't wait! Plus it's been several years since I've been to St. Augustine so I'm definitely looking forward to it.

We've got chili on the stove, a fire going & my snuggie: love sunday evenings at home!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Exciting things!

Just a few things in the near future that make me giddy:

1. My sister-in-law Kimberly has asked me to be in her April 17th wedding, yay! It's going to be in St. Augustine, which I haven't visited since the school trip in 4th grade. I am pretty darn excited!
2. Tomorrow we have our first meeting with a lender about getting pre-approved to buy a home! It's so exciting that we are actually starting the process and will no longer just be talking about it.
3. We don't have to buy a new washing machine like we thought we might have to do last night. I came home from work and attempted to start a load of laundry...with no luck. The water wouldn't come out AT ALL. I turned and pushed buttons with no luck. Well when David got home I broke the news that I can't get the washer to work. Of course he panicked because Mr. Finance didn't plan on buying a new washer just yet. And goodness knows he is good at many things but being a handy fix-it man isn't really one of them. So he played with it, got a little forceful with some buttons/knobs/etc... and whoo hoo! Water flow! We were both doing the happy dance because 1)don't have to buy a new washer yet & 2) David fixed it! haha Also, just for a little background, we bought our washer and dryer from the last renters for cheap so it is probably from the 80s, you know it, the brown & tan colored ones?! it's due to die anytime now, but let's hope it lasts a little while longer!
4. A very dear friend of mine is having a baby boy in just a few short months and some of us girlies are throwing her a baby shower! I'm super excited for her and for the shower, it should be fun! I absolutely cannot WAIT for Baby Brody to get here!

Last but not least, I am loving this cold sunny weather! I know many people hate it but I just loooove it. As long as it's sunny! Fingers crossed for snow on Friday! I told David I'd be taking a Snow Day even it just flurried:)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Favorite Days...

...are days like today! Frrreeezing cold and sunny is my preferred weather forecast and here it is! Went and exchanged things and bought new stuff from Kirkland's today. That store makes you want to go broke! Ever since I've become a Mrs., I've been super excited about all things "J" to decorate with. Today I got a small standing garden flag with a 'J' on it and I can't wait to stick it in the ground at our new house! Staking our claim I guess:) Heading over to my parents tonight to spend one last night with Big Momma & Grampy, I'm so sad I didn't get to spend as much time with them this year. Being a grown up isn't so fun when you gotta work! Oh well, so glad they are here!

Stay warm & cozy, it's supposed to be 19 degrees next week, bring on the rain & let's see some snow:)

I'll end with a pic of my favorite little boy in his new found chair at his Grandparents house...so cute!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Today marks the start of a New Year, and a very exciting year I hope it will be:) My New Year's Resolution is to keep my blog updated since I didn't stay committed to my last one... so here's to a new start!

Not only is today a new year, but a new decade. A chance to have a fresh start and for the Hubs and I, a year of many new things. We will become home-owners this year and I absolutely cannot wait. Our realtor has suggested we start the process as of the "first of the year" so that means it's about time to jump on the house-hunting train and all the other non-exciting stuff that goes with it! Fortunately David is much more knowledgeable on the financial side of things because it is definitely a drag for me and I am dreading going through all the paperwork, approval process, etc... The interior designer in me though is already planning every room in my head and ohhhh the painting I look forward to! Renting feels like such a restriction when everything you do must pass through the landlord first...BOO.

Can't wait to post a blog in the future about Our First Home!


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