Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Apparently I Should Put a Little More Effort Into My Daily Attire

Yeah, I should.

I got these Missoni shoes on sale earlier this week at Target. I had been eyeing them for a long time because I loved the look of them for magazine-esque Fall shoes, but 1) I own several pairs of fabulous shoes that I just never wear and was afraid these would fall into that category 2) They were $40, more than I wanted to spend on said shoes that I would probably never wear.

Well on an impromptu Target trip (which all of mine are come to think of it), they were 50% off and calling my name. I put them in my buggy with the full intent to put them back before I left because I really just didn’t need them. But in the end, they came home with me.

Women's MISSONI for Target® Suede Pumps - Black.Opens in a new window


Fall Footsies

Also a few days ago in my daily blog reads I saw Kate at the Small Things blog did a tutorial on curling your hair with a flat iron. (She gives tons and tons of great hair do how-tos). I’ve been wanting to try this for some time now, and yesterday I finally did. It took me a half hour which wasn’t bad for a first try and I cannot believe that I still had pretty soft curls at the end of the day. Curls NEVER stay in my hair. I didn’t even use product before curling. Just curled my hair then hairsprayed.


So since my hair was looking sassy and it’s a Holiday Week, I decided to wear my new shoes too. And then I took a few minutes before work to have a mini photo shoot just to share that I actually thought I looked pretty cute. For work anyway.



I had some trouble with the back but it didn’t turn out too terribly.


I’m like Peter Pan with that shadow.

Now I knew wearing this today would probably illicit some “Do you have an interview?” questions from people because we really don’t dress up at my office. It’s very business casual. Well, no interview questions, but good night people sure thought I looked spiffy! Haha

I had so many compliments and people saying they didn’t recognize me and all that greatness. Uh, thank you? I am a flats/black pants/blouse everyday kinda girl. And that’s dressier than most of the office which is typically jeans and t-shirts.

So anywho, I felt pretty today. It’s amazing what putting a little bit of thought into an outfit and fixing your hair can do for your self esteem.

I can only imagine what would have happened if I actually wore some makeup!

I also just posted a quick and easy DIY project. Scroll to the next post if you’re into that!

Photo Coasters Turned Fabric Coasters

For my birthday I was gifted a set of photo coasters.


I still may add photos to them one day, but for now I wanted to share a quick little project to spruce them up. And of course get those weird pictures of people I don’t know out of the coasters.

I picked out some of my scrap fabric and went to town. This whole project took about 5 minutes start to finish. Super easy.

I just removed the picture to use as a template and cut out 4 squares of fabric using my awesome rotary cutter and mat. Seriously don’t know how I lived without this for so long. And Renee gave me this funky zebra one for my birthday to add to my arsenal!


I then slipped in the fabric along with the picture just for added backing and voila.


Fabulously patterned coasters.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fair Trip / My Birthday

I haven’t been to the fair in years. Literally years. This year, I was making it a point to go. No matter what. Add to it that the first day it opened was on my birthday, even more reason to go! There was a small group of us and there was a lot of eating, laughing, and animal feeding! Feast your eyes on some fair fun. Smile






The Collins’ Fam


If I were a goat, this would be me. Helping myself. Who needs a quarter? I wouldn’t.


I loved these little baby goats!


Well hello there.




Me, Sarah & Christian



Yes, you read that right. DEEP FRIED BUTTER. Gosh I love living in the South Smile


Seinyard din din. Yum.


First time ever riding a mechanical bull. It’s a lot harder than it looks!




Tanner gave it a go too.



Winning a fish!




Awe c’mon, it was funny!


Funnel Cake. Yum.


Had to take a picture of this for my girl Renee. Turkey legs are her JAM!


Annnd just because haha.

The next night I had a birthday dinner get together at Beef O’ Brady’s. To be honest the food kind of sucked but the company was wonderful Smile


The awkward gift opening in front of a crowd…haha.


I got some great gifts and I am so thankful for them all. I also got letters and cards in the mail from family and friends afar. (There's not much better than getting snail mail...I absolutely love it) Thank you everyone! I had two items that have been on my wish list for a long time now and I got them as well. I’m a lucky girl! Smile

These (I think that’s the right link) awesome cowboy boots that I love love love from my Momma & Daddy.

And this camera bag from Jo Totes was a sweet gift from someone else.

Rose - Marigold


And I put this on FB the other day, but I found it fitting to remind myself as I celebrated my 25th Birthday. ‎"Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many." I’m so thankful for the wonderful 25 years I’ve gotten to live thus far. I hope for many, many more birthday celebrations!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Thoughtful Gift & Pictures to Share

This past weekend I took pictures of Erin & Ian’s sweet baby boy Jackson. I’ve been taking his pictures since before he was born and I can’t believe he’s seven months old already! Here’s a few of my favoritesSmile 



1277_2-3-2 (2)

I think this one is my favorite.





And as a token of appreciation…Erin surprised me with a camera charm + necklace that I had pinned on Pinterest under my “I Want That” board.


I was so surprised and thankful for my thoughtful gift. I have been wearing this thing non-stop since! I love it!


Thank you guys!

And while I’m sharing photos…here are some I took at Rossi’s 3rd Birthday Party a few weekends ago. A party fit for a princess!







1277_2-14-2 1277_2-15-21277_2-16-2







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