Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Five

It’s Friday again, whoop whoop!

This week has been a busy one at work and on the house front. I’m glad to see the weekend. We don’t have much of anything scheduled and I’m really happy about that! Although Sunday is Father’s Day so I know there will be some togetherness in that aspect. High five!

Cabinets were installed Wednesday. I am so pumped – they look so good! We drove to the house that night to find that it was locked up tight. We spent a while peering through windows in the rain and I squealed every time I got a peek at something new. We eventually got to go in a little while later but I like this image because it’s the suspense I had to endure when this was all I could see, ha! This is looking through the master bathroom window. No hardware was installed yet but you can see they are a warm creamy white (Benjamin Moore Winds Breath) in shaker style. Love.           
Interior painting also got done. I am so pleased with the colors we went with! I can’t wait to sleep in that cozy blue bedroom. As a reminder the gray is Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray and the blue is BM Van Courtland Blue.
Do you ever click the little search button/magnifying glass on Instagram to see accounts that you may like based on other accounts you follow? It has become my new go-to. I have found some favorites through that little button. Most recently though I came across MRS_ANGEMI. I tried to find a picture to put here but it would most likely have to come with a disclaimer of *the following image may be disturbing to some viewers*…not because it is inappropriate but because it can be rather morbid. It’s an account run by a chick who performs autopsies for a living. She loves what she does and you can tell. Her infatuation with science is right up my alley as a Bio major. I have always been fascinated with watching surgeries and seeing gory stuff. I don’t really know what else to say about other than if you’re in to that sort of thing, the science behind an amputated leg or a natural death or pictures of all of it, GO LOOK RIGHT NOW. Bet you didn’t know I dig that stuff huh?! Ha!
On a not-so-gross note, I had dinner last night with my friends Brittney and Nicole. We go way back to grade school so it is always good to see them. We spent several hours catching up over pizza at Mellow Mushroom. I failed my blog in that I didn’t take a single picture. But it was a fun evening nonetheless! Can’t wait until next time girls!   

I got a new wreath from Joann Fabrics. I don’t really need it right now but I loved it and couldn’t pass it up for the price. All of their Spring wreaths are 75% off. I scored this one for $9.99. There’s also a 60% off coupon on the Coupon Sherpa app (through the 20th) that says it can be used on sale items just FYI!
Hope your weekend is HAPPY!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

As it always does, the weekend flew by and it’s back to another work week!

Friday night was Bunko at my Mom’s house. We had lots of yummy food and fun and I was the biggest loser so I won $5. Ha!

Saturday morning we got up and rode out to the house. It’s so hard to stay away because nearly every day something different is done! It is truly hard to physically restrain from not going out there every day of the week. Interior painting did not happen Friday like we’d hoped so we were bummed about that, but here’s to hoping it happens this week! I am nervous about seeing the colors and hoping they look like the swatches and that we love them!
Exterior paint can't happen soon enough...I'm so anxious to see the finished look!
The beams are going to be stained dark brown. I think it'll make them really pop and add some warmth to the space!
Master bedroom happenings. I am so excited to have windows flanking our bed. So many design ideas for this space!
Saturday night we got to attend our friends Ryan and Erin’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was a lot of fun! David got to catch up with some of his friends from high school so that’s always a treat. I wanted to do something fun with my hair so I went to my favorite YouTube channel (Alexandrea Garza) and did her Beachy Mermaid Inspired Hair Tutorial. I love the way it turned out! I felt very glam.
Wild woman hair.

Burning time before the ceremony by making ugly faces. Why not?

David and Clint, friends since forever!

David and Ryan the groom!

The Newlyweds!
James Party of Two

Sunday morning we went and saw Jurassic World with the fam. IT WAS SOOO GOOD. I want to see it again. We watched it in IMAX 3D and I would highly recommend it. I definitely want to buy it when it comes out on DVD!     
Cole, Kali, Me, David, Mom, Dad, Aunt Sandra

David's bib...ha!
We were lazy Sunday afternoon but did make it out to Tallahassee Nurseries for a little while to look at plants for landscaping the new house. David has this master plan he’s put together with diagrams and drawings and everything. I’m excited to see how it comes together!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Five

1) I bought new glasses. I originally started wearing glasses in 2008. I have had the same pair since then but I was ready for an upgrade. I got my new prescription earlier in the week and I set out to find some “Hipster” style glasses. You know, big lenses, dark frames, trendy. The ones I bought are Liz Claiborne. Couldn’t believe my luck when the eye shop was running a BOGO special. So I got a backup pair for free. I had to select from only a few styles but hey they’re free, I’m not complaining.  

But first, a throwback from when I became a four eyes for the first time way back yonder.
New Liz Claiborne
Extra pair which are dorky and fun. As am I.
2) We have a busy weekend ahead of us. I’m not always a fan of having a busy weekend but I’m looking forward to this one! Bunko tonight, our friends Ryan and Erin’s wedding tomorrow night and Jurassic World with the fam Sunday morning!

3) Per our builder, interior painting is supposed to be happening TODAY! Cabinets and granite should be going in next week. All the crown and trim was finished when we went out there last night. It looks so good! A weekend goal is to find and purchase a dining nook light. We were able to splurge on the front porch hanging lanterns (thanks to our builder loving them too and giving us the go ahead!) so we are going easy on the dining nook chandy. I am in love with this one at Home Depot but it’s too much!
Also we have ample storage in this house and we couldn’t be happier with our new attic! It’s amazing the things that excite you as an adult, ha. We didn't have one in the last house that was truly meant for easily storing things anyway.
He kills me with his after work outfits…business on top and homeless on the bottom?

4) I have tattoo fever. Dad I’m sorry if you’re reading this. I know how you feel about them! I have one on my foot that I got with my friend Lindsay in 2011 but my Sister-in-Law Kim wants one and I want another so I have been brainstorming lately about what I want and where so we can go together and get them! I have some ideas but I haven’t found the one that is “just right” yet. David does not care for them one bit but he made a deal with me and didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. My reward was his acceptance of me getting another tattoo – ha! Sorry babe.

5) I tried something new this week, Starbucks instant iced coffee. It was actually pretty good! I added 2% milk to it and pretended it was an iced caramel macchiato. It didn’t trick my mind but it did satisfy that 2 PM craving that creeps in while I’m working away. I’m planning to experiment with it more and try creating different concoctions!

Alright that’s all I’ve got. It’s the weekend baby! Make it a good one! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tampa with the Johnstons

The last time we visted our friends David and Chloe in Tampa they had just gotten married and adopted a super cute pup named Rex. It was Summer of 2013. Unfortunately it had been entirely too long since our last visit and they had since added a new two legged member to their family - Clare. We finally planned a trip to spend the weekend with them and we had such a great time! You know those friends who you can just be yourself with? These are some of those friends. We can be on the go or just hang out together doing absolutely nothing and enjoy ourselves just as much in both cases. We headed down to Tampa last weekend after work. We passed the time in the car by watching the movie Heaven is For Real on the iPad. Sidenote…chills! 

We got to Tampa around 9:00 and proceeded to stay up late playing catch up. It’d been too long! I know Rex was happy to see us. He was probably convinced we were there just to see him.
Rex and David speak the same language.
Saturday morning we lounged around and played with Clare.
Hers so smiley! Oh my goodness - what a doll baby! She was such a sweet heart and a joy to be around all weekend. I certainly hogged her every chance I got :)
Fueling up before we were heading out. Chloe is such a good Momma!

We decided to check out the new section of the Tampa Riverwalk. It was a nice area downtown that had restaurants and a nice walking path. We walked a good ways exploring and then decided to grab some lunch at Taps.
Me, Chloe, David and Clare on the Riverwalk.
David and David
My David had Grandma’s Macaroni Pasta or something along those lines. I had a blackened grouper sandwich with avocado, bacon, cheese, lettuce and garlic lemon aioli on ciabatta bread. Is your mouth watering yet? It was SO good.
A storm started to roll in so we packed up from the Riverwalk and headed over to the Citrus Park Mall for some Starbucks and window shopping. However we took a bit of a non-scheduled tour through the city on the way. David (as in Tampa Dave) has lived in Tampa for a while now but apparently he didn’t know the exact route to the mall from the Riverwalk. We ended up at one point going the entirely wrong way, as in against oncoming traffic, on a three lane bridge. Lucky for us there wasn’t a car in sight when we were heading up the bridge so we lived to tell the tale. Good times!
A house with a view
We spent the evening hanging out and David and Chloe fed us a delicious dinner. We had some intense rounds of corn hole and just enjoyed getting to be together!
Friends since elementary school!
If you know me, you know that I am picky with wine. As in I don't typically like any of it. But Chloe poured me some Merlot and sprite so it was a sangria sans fruit. I did like that a lot! Why can't I just like wine? What's wrong with me?

Sunday morning we went on a neighborhood walk before it was time to hit the road. They have such a picturesque "South Florida" neighborhood. I loved looking at all the cute homes and of course enjoyed the palm trees. 

One last play time with Clare. I'm having withdrawals!

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Tallahassee. Another fun Tampa trip in the books. Can't wait til next time! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Home Sweet James House Update

Fun fact: This is my 500th blog post!

I’ve been getting a lot of pressure lately about this here blog. From parents, grandparents, husband, friends (real life, Instagram (Amy (@amyarchwi), this one is for you!) and Facebook) in addition to pressure from myself! I’ve got to get back on track and I figured what better way to start than with a house update!

We’ll start with a rough timeline of events to bring us up to speed.

January 2015 | Contract Signed and Lot Secured
February 2015 | Waiting on Permitting

March 2015 | Lot Clearing Begins!
March 2015 (Late) | Foundation poured             
April 2015 | Things are moving now! Framing begins.         
April 2015 (Late) | Roof is on           
May 2015 | First glimpse of the exterior paint, Sherwin Williams “Naval”

Windows were installed.
Purchased most of the interior and exterior lighting. So excited about some of the fixtures we got. Hello wall sconces!  

Back deck was constructed. Then we stained it.
June 2015 | Continued progress! 

Paint colors: Check!
Tile picked: Check! The bottom brownish tile is for the bathroom floors and laundry room floor. The grayish tile is shower wall tile and the pebble rock is the master shower floor.
David just had to mow the partially sodded yard. He couldn't stand that the grass was growing crazy and just didn't look nice, ha! 

At this point it’s easier to say what’s left than what is done. We’re in the home stretch!

Builder’s To Do List: 

  •        Paint interior and remaining exterior (trim, siding, deck rails, garage pergola)
  •        Stain front door and garage door
  •        Sod the front and back yard. David and I will be doing the landscaping once we move in.
  •        Install cabinets + granite
  •        Install appliances
  •        Lay hardwoods in master bedroom, kitchen and common areas
  •        Tile both showers and floors in bathrooms and laundry room
  •        Install carpet in two guest rooms
  •        Install light fixtures, switches, outlets.
  •        Install toilets
  •        Install front door (temp in place now) 
  •        Install sinks and shower fixtures
  •        Install interior trim, base boards and crown molding
  •        …and whatever else I may not be thinking of at this time!

House Stats

1,860 ft2
3 Bedrooms/2 Baths
Open/Split Plan
Covered Front Porch
Two Car Garage

Yesterday we picked out granite. The one we of course both loved was over budget. Wayyy over budget. We picked something lighter than we went with last time and I'm excited to have a bright and cheery kitchen! We were hoping for something with more movement but it'll still be pretty! Can't wait to see it installed. I'll wait to post a picture once it is in the kitchen since I feel the photo of it by itself doesn't do it much justice and I'm willing to bet it'll look way difference next to the cabinets. 

Here is the beauty that we were not able to get. Boo. Hiss
At this time, we do not yet have an exact closing date but we are most likely hovering right around the 60 days out mark as of today. I realistically expect us to be in around mid to late August. David is a little more optimistic but I’d rather get the go ahead earlier than expected than later! We should know a firm date within the next week or so.

This process has been fun, exhausting, stressful and exciting but we are oh-so-grateful for the opportunity to build again. Although I can officially say I’m ready to be moved in. Apartment life has provided us with what we needed but I’m so ready to get back to living our life and enjoying our belongings. We only brought the bare necessities to the apartment, everything (and I mean everything) else has been in our storage unit. August will be a year of apartment living under our belt and it’s been good but it’s time to move on! Not to mention our poor pups cannot wait to have a yard to roam in again! And both of us for that matter…

I’ve got so many ideas of things I want to do and I just cannot wait to make them a reality. I’m exhausted thinking about it but I know things will need to happen over time so that I can enjoy turning this house into a home and not get burned out. I tend to be a little intense when it comes to checking things off the list and I’m hoping I can just slow down, soak it in and take my time getting it to where I want it to be. Husband doesn’t help though when he’s already chomping at the bit to get started on our paver patio. It is going to be the bomb diggity.

I can’t wait!!


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