Monday, October 31, 2011

I Got a Remote

Yep, sure did. A remote for my camera. Lookout!

I have wanted a remote for eons. Since I first had a digital camera. I always thought they were really expensive though so I put it out of my head. But then I started seeing the girls on my usual blogs always having these pretty pictures of themselves and was wondering who in the world would stand there everyday taking all these different poses of them. Must be some doting hubby’s. Here’s some of their cute self-portraits.



Then one of them shared that most of hers are taken with her handy dandy camera remote. I started to research them and found that they were surprisingly very affordable. I got mine, the ML-L3 which I found was compatible with my camera, brand new off Amazon for $14 including shipping. BTW, I signed up for a 1 month free trial for Amazon Prime. At the end of the month there’s no obligation and I can cancel free of charge. The perk was by signing up I get a month’s worth of FREEtwo day shipping on anything I buy. Score!

If it had been free shipping period I would have signed up, but two day? Yes please.

Anywho, I ordered it on a Monday night and it got here Wednesday afternoon. It’s pretty tiny and I’m scared to lose it as it did not come with a strap or anything.

It can be purchased here.

Me and Remington tested it out recently. He does not love me as much as he appears to be admiring me. I had bacon treats. He is like his Momma. You have food? You get my complete and utter attention.


It has a little learning curve to it and I’m still trying to figure it out. Hold down and release? Click once? But it’ll be fun to play with when I have an outfit I want to share, good hair day or something conceited like that. Or when I’m working on a project all alone and not having anybody take pictures of me demonstrating the proper way to spray paint. Good times ahead people. And you thought I had a plethora of self portraits before.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cribs: Duplex Edition

Since my house was recently really clean for book club, I took the opportunity to take some pictures for a house tour. My place is around 900 square feet and perfect for me and Remington. I lucked out and have a great little fenced in back yard and only one attached neighbor. I have a 2 bed/1.5 bath place with a wood burning fire place and back patio. It’s pretty darn great. Oh and I am exactly two minutes from work. Wonderful. The dark cabinets and dark wood trim is not exactly my style but for a rental, I worked with what I had and made it my little humble abode.





Ze pooch.






Okay and that was probably more pictures of a living room than you thought capable of being taken.


My little retro kitchen.



I’m not really sure what a Powder Room is, but I think this is my “Powder Room”. Aka half bath.


Where the magic snoring happens. Actually I don’t snore. (I don’t think…)But I do drool.


Y’all, this bed? Heaven. Thanks GMa, your wedding gift bought the mattress, amazingly comfy sheets, duvet and squishy firm pillows! I could sleep for days in this bed. Well any bed really, but this one especially. Bliss. 



My craft room. Most crafts besides cricuting do not happen here though. I think it’s because there’s not a tv. I am a tv junkie.



And here our tour guide shows us his turf. I parked my range rover, escalade, segway, and moped out front as to not distract from the views of the backyard.


My little patio. And my dead mum.


The sweeping views of the front of the property.


Fall front porch.

Hope you enjoyed, now get outta here!

Isn’t that what they say on Cribs? Been a while since I’ve seen any episodes. They always seem so pushy trying to get those camera crews to leave.

I’ll stop talking now.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maternity Photo Shoot

Yesterday was a first for me. I was hired by paying clients for a photos shoot! I’ve gotten “payment” in the past like gift cards, sweet treats and concert tickets(!) but there is something about walking away with cold hard cash knowing someone wanted to actually pay you for taking pictures, that makes me feel pretty good! I wanted to share some of my favorites here. I went to middle school with Chelsy and through Facebook we have reconnected. We share a love of crafting and she is the one who had a Cricut and I fell in love with her creations! Anywho, Chelsy it was so fun taking pics of you and your hubby and I can’t wait to meet Baby Ray!









1277_2-16 1277_2-18





PS- Anybody out there have any tips on editing a batch of photos? I have got to learn how to edit multiple pictures at one time. I am working in Photoshop Elements and any help is appreciated! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What’s on My Phone 10.2011

I take hundreds of pictures on my phone. And I never really do anything with them besides the occasional Facebook upload. I’ve seen on some blogs before where there’s a “phone dump”. So I decided to do a dump of the more recent pictures I took on my phone. Allow me to exploit my vanity to you. There, you’ve been warned. I can be a lot little vain sometimes. I admit it.

So let’s blow this popsicle stand.

BTW I used Picnik to create the collages. I think I will do this more often. It was fun, and random but that’s what makes up my life so I love it.

Picnik collage1

1. Kirby. Mom’s rescue turtle. She’s a turtle whisperer in case you didn’t know. True story.

2. My new cup from the Tervis store at Pier Park in Panama City. Everyday I thank the Good Lord for Sweet Tea. That’s not the truth. But I really should. It runs in my veins.

3. Being the boss has its perks. Cookie from one of my employees. NomNomNom

4. Bad hair day? No, just the first look at my hair after I took it out of my overnight scrunching process. Don’t worry, I fixed it but it was too hilarious not to share.

Picnik collage2

5. ESPN’s College Game Day. At Florida State University for the Oklahoma Game.

6. Camera strap I made. Can’t remember if I already shared and too lazy to backtrack and look.

7. My new baby on the left (Nikon D7000) and my old baby on the right (D3000).

8. Vanity shot. My shirt matched so I thought I needed a picture.

Picnik collage3

9. Fisher. We were chilling, chewing on giraffes while his mommy was in Boot Camp.

10. My new ceramic boat propeller looking thing turned jewelry holder. Love it.

11. Coton Colors plate in chevron stripes. Swoon

12. Coton Colors Celebrate plate. Will have to do until I can own a “Happy Everything”.

Picnik collage4

13. Good Hair Day.

14. Checking out the rearview while at Beach Bunko. Not cute. And making sure I wasn’t burning while being lazy without going to the mirror. And I am wearing a top, it’s just the back rolls cover the strap.

15. Bad Hair Day Ixnay on fixing the hair day. Beach Bunko 2011 with my Momma.

16. Vanity shot again. I teased my hair that day and I wanted to remember the volume look.

Something I’ve learned after doing this iPhone dump. I take too many self-portraits. Is this normal? Please tell me yes. If it’s not, tell me anyway but I can’t promise I will cease doing it. Something about the camera on the iPhone making it so easy to take a picture of yourself with the 360 camera just makes me wanna…well take pictures of myself.

Mmk that’s enough self pictures for one day.

Two Posts Today Yay

I recently went to the beautiful Panama City Beach, FL for a conference for my work. It was a short conference (two full days) and good thing, because I spent pretty much one day of that hugging a toilet. I don’t know if it’s something I ate or what, but I was uselessly sick. Bleck. All I know is I can go a long time before eating Cici’s pizza. That’s what I ate the night before and I always have this fear of doing again what I did last time before I got sick.



I had to pull off the road to take a picture of the beach when I first got to see the water. It was absolutely beautiful.

I got notification a few days before the conference that my room had been upgraded to golf front. Suhweet!

I got there to fine more of a suite than a room. This place had a full kitchen, living room, balcony, huge bedroom, and two full baths. Plus a laundry room. It was way too big for me but it was nice nonethless!



The view made me feel like I was on a cruise ship. Loved it.




A little retro, but spacious. And those blinds were promptly pulled back to expose a never ending sea and sand. (don’t worry Mom, I let the sunshine in!)





This is the most time I got to spend on the beach. A quick visit while watching the sun sink.



The moonlight on the water was just stunning. The picture does not do it justice!


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