Wednesday, September 29, 2010

88 days...88 days...

Keep telling myself that. 88 days until two important events. The end of P90X, and Christmas!! I am super excited about both, but at this present time, I am definitely looking forward to finishing the P90X program and hopefully I will have stuck with it. This will work out perfectly because I’ll (hopefully) be ripped just in time to gorge out on Big Momma’s cooking when she comes the week after! Hah! You see, that’s all this is really in preparation for…Christmas food:) No, no technically it’s not but hey that’s another good reason!

So today marks the third day of dedicating an hour of my time each day to a man that tells me from the tv “I know you’re tired and those legs are burnin’, but it’s time for more leap frog squats!” I’m sore all over my body but that means it’s working so I’m pretty stoked! I bent down to pick something (light) up today and I found that I didn’t even bend my knees, I was feeling flexible! Totally pointless information I know but I got excited because usually I crouch down like a creeky old lady and wouldn’t even bother to try the long stretch in the fear of falling flat on my face and pulling a hammy. Fun!

The weather here has been GAWGEOUS. Two days in a row now it’s been in the low 60s in the morning and highs in the 70s/low 80s and I am LOVING it!! I actually had to wear a sweater to D’s football game last night…ahhh I can almost smell the bonfires and feel the hoodies!

I’m also very excited because October is right around the corner. Not only is it Halloween, but it’s the bdays of three of my besties. (Renee, Lindsay, Erin!) Renee is first on the list and we’re celebrating by going to Olive Garden this wknd. Yum-O! October is also when I’m hosting my Premier Design Jewelry party, AND not this weekend but the next is Beach Bunko! We’re staying at the same place we did last year in St. George and it’s bound to be a good time. 12 ladies+one extra large house on St. George Island = LOADS OF FUN! Can’t wait:)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Okay weekend wrap-up in a sec but all I can think about right this second is my throbbing jaw & brain...I already have jaw issues as in joint probs, and I feel like I just got an uppercut from an 85 lb. dog. I bent down to pick Remi up to look through the window and at the same time he jumped, his head hit my chin/jaw and the pain was so bad it made me cry. It is turning into a rapid headache and I feel it traveling down the back of my neck. Now I know why I never wanted to be in a fight. I seriously feel like my jaw is broken!

Anywho, that has nothing to do with my weekend, but it's on my mind at the moment so thought I'd get some sympathy out of you while I had your attention. Do I have it? Okay good.

Sooo where to start. Friday night we went to the Downtown Getdown. My parents went as well but being the social butterflies they are we didn't see them much. In case ya don't know what that is, it's basically a big pep rally for FSU home football games. It happens the Friday before the game and there's lots of greasy food, music, and you almost always see people you know. We caught up with our friends Lindsay & Joseph and got to catch up for a while. So good seeing ya'll! We also saw Brooke Hogan! (Hulk Hogan's daughter) I know many people don't like her but I happen to be one who watches her show...yes I'm guilty!

Saturday I went and got my nails done in FSU spirit to get ready for the game.

A friend of mine Nicole invited me to go to the game with her and I was so excited to go! Although I love the ball games, I am not super adamant about finding a ticket because it's always hot and crowded and I can sit at home in the A/C and watch while ingesting lots of unhealthy food. BUT, I do love going when I have the chance! David and Cole found tickets elsewhere so they went too. Unfortunately there was a lightning delay shortly after half time so we decided to head out. I had fun though while it lasted. Thanks again Nicole for bringing me!

After the game I went home and got Remi and we went to visit the in-laws. David's PawPaw was in town so we got to spend some much enjoyed time with him. When the game ended David came over to visit and we hung out until I fell asleep on the couch:)

Let's see Sunday was spent doing laundry and getting ready for P90X. We all took our before pictures, weighed in, and did the pre-test. My results were poor, hence the reason for starting the program! The first workout is now complete and I'm feeling excited. It was tough and I in no way whatsoever a P90X pro, but I did what I could and I know it'll get better over time!

Oh, one more thing, the guest room color reveal! There is still nothing in the room because we haven't decided what we're doing about furniture, but for now, here's the painted room. I LOVE it! Can't wait to decorate...

And...I went to give blood today (like I do every 8 weeks) and I got pricked twice all for nothing. My iron count was too low:( Now only am I sad because I couldn't donate, I also missed out on this months gift of a $10 lowes you know how many things I could spray paint with $10?! Boo!

And...if you have a warped sense of humor like myself, you will find the following picture HI-larious! The bumper stickers says "Honk if parts fall off".
HAHA!!! I couldn't help taking a picture...this car was on it's last leg and spray painted a lovely design of black and gray. It was extremely loud and seemed to struggle to get down the road. So when I saw the bumper sticker I was laughing hysterically! Made my day better since I was sad from the blood center!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Official Day of Fall :o)

I don’t have a topic per say for this post so pardon the non-flow of it.

Last night David had a softball game at 9:00 at Tom Brown. Those late games are a killer but it’s also nice because I am able to go to the 9 o’clocks. Anything earlier than that I usually don’t go because I feel bad getting off work, being home for an hour and then heading out again and leaving the pooch all alone after he’s been alone allll day. I know, he’s just a dog, but he’s our dog and we love him and it’s really not fair to him otherwise. So being the responsible owner I am I forego some of the social gatherings at the softball games and stay home and spend time with Remi instead. Often though I take him to the games or go to the dog park, but since he’s not allowed in the park I am banned to the outfield and it’s not as fun watching all the girls socialize on the bleachers while I’m sitting out in the boonies with the pooch. So since the games are so late, we can get home, spend time with him and then head to the game without feeling extremely guilty as he got some play time in between the two. There’s such a great group of wives/girlfriends that I’ve gotten to know really well and I enjoy the time I get to spend with them. Often we talk about girl stuff way to loud and elicit strange looks from the boys but oh well, we’re there! And we’re definitely guilty of missing a lot of the game because we’re too busy flapping our gums. (Just know if someone else is clapping, then you do it too and it looks like you’re paying attention- hah!) Just as much as it’s the guys getting to be social and play ball, the girls get to catch up and talk about whatever. I can’t wait to be out there in freezing weather with a cup of hot chocolate watching the ball game and hanging out with friends:)


After reading several, and I do mean several Nora Robert’s books in a row, I am taking a break. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy her books, but 8 of them straight with all the same formula just different variables are making them run together and becoming oh-so-predictable. So I’m sure I’ll pick them back up eventually but for now I’m on hiatus.

So yesterday when I returned the two NR books that I just finished up, I was on the hunt for something different. Unfortunately Nicholas Sparks’ new book Safe Haven isn’t at the library yet, so I needed to find something to hold me over until I can get my hands on it. Which by the way I could have the other day, for a steep $27. I love books, but I just hate how much they are. So I’ll be waiting for this one to hit paperback more than likely. There’s a lot I can do with $27 when I can rent books from the library for free! Anywho, I went unprepared to the library, as in, no list of good reads that I pulled up moments before the trip in the hopes of just pulling a good read off the shelves. I ended up with 3 books. All of them different from the usual romance/mystery novels I tend to be drawn to. So we’ll see how I like ‘em!

Thought the Penny Pincher one would be funny since it sorta relates to my life! Hah!

Last but not least, I am in countdown mode. Countdown to the end of my love of food. This Sunday, it’s weigh in/picture/pre-test day for P90X. My Mom just bought the entire system/program thing-a-ma-bob and has somehow talked me, David & my brother into doing it with her. Oh dear. Anyone who knows me, knows I LIVE TO EAT, not necessarily eat to live. So although I’m not doing the strict diet they recommend because 1)it would cost an arm & a leg 2)ummm excuse me, but I don’t happen to like soy sausage muffins, fat free milk, fat-free dressings, (anything fat-free for that matter) or swordfish for dinner. I AM planning to alter my current diet. Try to cut out sodas, eat smaller portions, less servings, healthier food in general…And then of course do the grueling workouts that are part of the program too. I haven’t even started yet and I’m already having withdrawals. Okay maybe not yet but I’m definitely thinking about how sad I’m going to be, to not eat my weekly Chick-Fil-A #1 with extra pickles and a coke. Sad day!!

Bottom line, I need to make some changes, a lot of changes and the time is now. Hopefully in 90 days I’ll go from flab to fab! Although the next 90 days is also like the most eating-est time of the year. Yes I know eating-est isn’t a word. This is NOT gonna be good for my holiday spirit because EGGNOG = MY LIFE during the holidays and I’m pretty sure one cup of it would set me back for days…but it’s just not winter without it!!

And Fair Warning: I apologize ahead of time if I use this blog as a source to complain about the rotten person who created this program and how in the world I got subjected to participating in it.

Now that’s the spirit!!

…I’m off to consume as many calories as possible between now and D-day. I may not be available for the next several days…HAH!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cutting In. Check!

A vanilla coke, CMT (country music television for those who don’t know), about a 1/4 can of paint called Nimbus Cloud, a painted dog, a sweet angled brush, a 4 foot ladder, and two hours later, the guest room cutting in is done. I tell you what, not to brag or anything (okay maybe to brag), I am gettin’ GOOD at this cutting in routine. But then again I should be by now seeing as this is the 11th space I’ve painted! In case you want a recap of my painting adventures, here’s the list: Office, Foyer, Living Room/Dining Room, Guest Bath (x2), laundry room, craft room, guest room, master bedroom, master bath & kitchen. Yes folks, that’s ELEVEN (the guest bathroom I counted twice since it had to have a re-do). With that being said, I’m not a fan of white (ish) walls. Life’s too short to live without color on the walls! :)

Sorry, I was going to put together a photo collage of every room I've painted, but it's late and I'm lazy so I'll save that for another day!

So far from what I can see of the color once it’s dried, I like it! Paint colors in different light is SO tricky. I tell you what, I showed some people the swatch and they said it looked white (which it sorta does in certain light), but on the walls it is drying pretty dark. So remember that, if you’re iffy about a color, go lighter because it usually dries darker! This same thing happened with the repainted guest bath khaki color. I always have last minute panic attacks while approaching the paint counter with my swatch…Is it dark enough? Is it too light? And usually I come to the conclusion that it’s not dark enough after it’s mixed. The little dried circle of paint that was so nicely placed with a fingertip has me disappointed. Should I go back and have them darken it? It’s too light:( And I never have had it darkened after it was mixed…thank goodness because it’s always been dark enough after! More often than not it always looks much darker once it’s dried on the walls and had its two coats. Speaking of, when I first started painting our house, I went back and forth of whether or not to use primer & 1 coat of paint, or no primer & 2 coats of paint. From the beginning I’ve stuck with no primer and the two coat method and it’s worked great. Plus if you use primer + paint you have to cut in twice. I mean if you’re a pro like me that’s okay but still doesn’t mean you like doing it;) Kidding!

Oh and something I learned on the YHL blog is to poke holes in the rim of the paint can so the paint can drain back in and not get stuck in the lip. I did three holes and it was a slow drain, but did work and didn’t leave a pool of paint in the rim. I’ll be doing this everytime now!

I will finish painting this week & then it’s on to decorating! I’m debating to do purple + gray + white OR gray + black + white as the room colors. Heck I may do them all! Still not sure what we’re doing with that but at least the painting will be done and we’ll (meaning I) will have a nice fresh palette to work with. Can’t wait!

Oh and I have no idea how the dog managed to get paint all over his back. I mean seriously, the only paint was in a cup in my hand and he never got close to it. Guess he’s Houdini. And yes, I was too lazy to clean it off him last night so it’s still there. I shall rename him Pepe La Pew.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cheers to Us!

Today is our 1 year anniversary. Time flies when you're having fun! This year has been full of ups and downs, laughs and tears. It's been quite the learning experience but what else could I have expected. Two people who have lived with their parents all their lives got hitched, got a dog, and started sharing everything from checking accounts to toilet seats. So in summary, a lot of learning has happened over these past 365 days. For those of you who don't know, David and I started dating September 13, 2002. We stuck together all that time and then sealed the deal September 19, 2009. So although today marks our official 1 year anniversary, it's been way longer than that for us. So hear is to many more laughs, tears & good times to come. I love you David! Now onto the traditional mumbo jumbo. The top tier of our wedding cake has been taking up space in my parents freezer for a year now. Well tonight was the night to break it out and take a bite! Let me just say, it was gross!

Ick!! What a lovely face...
David isn't very good at posing for a kiss without looking like he's posing.
It was much better this time last year!

My parents fed us a wonderful dinner of Lobster, Steak, Shrimp & Baked potatos. Yum-O! We had salad too but never opened it because there was too much other good stuff:) Everything was dee-licious! Thanks again M & D!

My Dad also made me this awesome butcher's block cutting board. He made one for my mom a while ago and I've always liked it. I'd been bugging him for a while now about making me one and he did! It's a hefty chunker and I can't wait to use it!
Let's see what else...we had a very low key weekend and juts celebrated by being together. We went to Lowe's Friday, Saturday & Sunday, it's becoming my new favorite store! (Now I know how you feel mom!) David laid the new bark/mulch out front. It looks so good!

I also got this cutie-patootie little moose that was one of the first pieces of Christmas decorations that are on the shelves @ Lowe's. Love it!
Oh and I also got the gourd to match my pumpkin for my fall decor.

And after much deciphering over the perfect color gray, I decided on Martha Stewart's Nimbus Cloud (top swatch) and went and bought 2 gallons of it. I can't wait to get that baby (the guest room) painted!
I got this "&" symbol a while back at Hobby Lobby and it was a weird gold color. So I spray painted it white and I'm loving it on my shelves!
And my sweet Big Momma sent me this really cool pumpkin candle that was broken when I opened the package:( It would have been so cute! I was super disappointed and I know she is too:(

I also had fun taking some pictures of Remi. He is such a trooper since I always have a camera in his face. This is at my parents house so I took a few shots of their pond out back too.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

DIY/Crafting Fund$

I would like to start one. A fund. Anyone wanna help me wash cars and rake lawns and then contribute all your earnings to my Crafting fund? What? You don’t see that as a good deal? Ya, I don’t blame ya…

Lately I have been a little bit sad because all I seem to want to do these days is craft & unfortunately I don’t have an endless supply of money. And let’s face it, crafting costs money, even in the scheme of DIY’ing and pinching pennies by doing things yourself.

For example, the floating shelves we made here were much less expensive than say buying each ready made from the store. But it was still about $30-$40 to build them. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but still saved us a bunch versus the latter, buying them @ $30 a pop in the store.

Well if your brain is like mine and you constantly have ideas and projects running through your head, and a husband who likes to stick tight to budgets and such, those small scale $40 projects add up- quickly.

Which brings me to my current “want-to projects” that are on hold until I get the go ahead- hah!

As I said in a previous post, I am planning to re-paint our guest room and actually make it a welcoming room and not just a room for storing stuff. Currently the room holds David’s old bedroom set, a spare fan, (the one we replaced from the living room) and a desk that David’s dad made. All of it is nice furniture, but it’s just not the style that fits in with our house as its all oak and has brass pulls. We are so thankful David’s parents let us bring it with us when we moved but now I am ready to change it up & since BALKED at the idea of me repainting it, it’s going back to its original owners. We are moving the furniture back to his parents house and after that all we’ll have in there is a bed with no head or footboard. I can’t remember if I said before that I was wanting to make an upholstered headboard for that room, so if I did, you can skip this part because I’ll be repeating myself and I’m too lazy to go back and look-haha! So anyway, I have watched several tutorials on DIY headboards and I am so ready to get started on it. I found some great Fabric at Joann’s for a hefty $9.99 a yard, but luckily I only need 3 yards of it and since it’s actually outdoor heavy duty fabric, I think it’d hold up much better than the regular thinner stuff. Add to that a piece of plywood, batting & foam and a headboard you will have! Hopefully I can get the room painted soon and the headboard made so that it’s somewhat done by the time we have our house warming party. (which we still have yet to set a date for but should be in the very near future.)

And you may also remember that I was planning to paint the room Benjamin Moore’s Dune Grass which I saw on Young House Love’s bathroom remodel post. BUT…I think I may have changed my mind. The green in our master bath turned out way greener than I was hoping it would, so I may have had my green fix. Any guesses on what color I have in mind? Okay I won’t leave you in suspence; Gray! It is just so pretty and soothing and feels really airy. Plus, that’s my maiden name so it scores extra points! Just check out how pretty this gray room is.

I am leaning towards a very pale gray, and when I broke the news to David this evening, he happily agreed! Yes! Crisis averted.

Oh and I was given a BEAUTIFUL armoire for free when a friend of my mom’s was moving, and since we didn’t have any where to put it that fit just right, it found a temporary home in my parent’s living room…and my Mom filled it with movies, CDs, stereo, etc… Well, I told her the other day that as soon as I got the chance I was going to take it back. It’s not Indian giving if it was temporary in the first place, right?! I want to paint it white or a really pale aqua with a distressed look and put it in the guest bedroom. Oh I get chills just thinking about it in there with those pale gray walls! But did I mention it is a BEAST? I’m talking it’s got to be a few hundred pounds so it’s not something I can just tote outside and have at it. It needs a moving day arranged. Seriously. It reminds me of the armoire thing in Beauty & the Beast. (Another one of my favorite movies). It will be quite the project to 1)move it 2)sand it 3) paint it 4) distress it 5)re-finish the knobs 6)move it again to our house

Another project that I want to get done is to get some curtains for our bedroom and the dining room. The only costly part (I think) will be the curtains themselves. I could make them but with the amount of fabric I’d need, I think it’d be better off ordering them from Ikea. I want them long enough so I can hang them several inches above the window to give it that tall look-ya know, like this-

And I found one of the best money saving ideas I’ve seen yet, curtain rods out of PVC pipe! If I can’t find some clearance ones somewhere, I will definitely be creating these bad boys which I found on the blog (alittleofthis--alittleofthat). Just check them out!

Those are the two big projects I want to complete soon-hope I can talk the Hubcap into letting me get started!

On a totally (sorta) different note, my birthday is right around the corner!

I’m well aware that “around the corner” is still a month and a half away, but it’s never too early to start making a wish list! Some things I’m asking for my birthday/Christmas:

A hand sander. When I do have the opportunity to makeover something, it almost always needs sanding and I always see these on the craft blogs I read so I figured I’d put it on my want list. Make my job (or David’s!) easier when it comes to doing the least fun part of a project. Probably not on everyone’s birthday list, but hey, these days for me I’d rather have a tool to help with my projects than a new pair of shoes! (Okay maybe not completely true…but pretty close;)

I would also love to be the owner of Father of the Bride I & II. They are pretty high on my favorite movies ever list and I just can’t believe they’re not already a part of my collection. This must change!

And lastly I am hoping to get some money! Hah! I know that sounds bad, but unlike the years past where I wanted money to go shopping for clothes or other useless stuff, this time I am wanting money to go towards my crafting projects & then for Market Days in December! I know that may sound silly, but honestly if you know David he is quite the financier and forking out large amounts of money for un-needed objects or funding my shopping trips is not something he’s big on doing. Now don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I don’t go without, I usually just fore-go the smaller useless purchases until we get to splurge on something bigger. Like my camera, new laptop, new car, etc…not too shabby of a deal if I do say so myself. Therefore, often I/we go without those small shopping trips, eating out, etc…I do LOVE though when the mood strikes him and he’s feeling generous to fund those other trips! Haha! But, because he’s like that, we’re able to live the way we do which I’m very thankful for. We know we are blessed to have the things that we do, but we’re also very responsible and make a lot of sacrifices when it comes to spending money. We work hard & save hard for the things we have & the things we hope to have in our future. We like to buy now/pay now versus buy now pay later and that's one of our strong points. And although I don't live by the word of Dave Ramsey, I do like some of his quotes, including one I saw as a bumper sticker the other day..."Debt is normal...Be Weird". And proudly, weird we are! Also just to make sure I'm not making David out to sound like a money hoarding controlling husband, he isn't "the only boss" of our money. After all it is ours, not just his, he is the budgeteer in our marriage and he does a much better job of it than I do. I am responsible and all that jazz, but I also like to live in the can't take it with you when you go! Needless to say if I was the money lady I would eat out every day just because the money is there, and not worry so much about the future. hah! Luckily I have someone who keeps us in check!
SIDENOTE-->The info. in this post is strictly my opinion and the way we do things in the Casa de James. That doesn't mean it's the right way or that our way is better than anyone else''s just what works for us!
David's money saving habits have also earned him the title of being a cheapo. This comic is exactly him-hah!

Anyways, to return from my personal financial tangent, hence the fact I want funds for my bday! I know my family probably doesn’t want to give me money knowing that it’ll go towards something in my house versus an “object” I can enjoy, but I see it as someone funding something I really enjoy doing, whether that is making an upholstered headboard for my guest room or spray painting a mirror for my foyer. These are the things that I love to do and I feel like it’s becoming a part of who I am! I am happy when I’m crafting so a crafter is what I’ve become:)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Positively Giddy!

This morning I walked outside, and I felt it- a cool 68 degrees and hardly a drop of humidity! It definitely made my morning, and continued to make me giddy every time I went outside at work. I am holding a personal grudge towards my office today for not letting me be outside/ or dismissing the entire staff for that matter- because a day like today is WAY to pretty to be enclosed in 4 walls with no window:(

I don’t know if it’s just me, but even the air “looks” like fall. It’s crisp and the sky is oh-so-blue. I can get used to this. I hope it’s not a tease either and we’ll be back in the hundreds in a few days. The forecast for the rest of the week is lows in the upper sixties and highs in the low nineties. Although that’s still far too warm for my fall preferred temperatures, I can definitely lap it up while I wait on my favorite weather to come!

Freeezing cold days and not a cloud in the sky are my absolute favorite. Ahh I can’t wait!

In other non-weather induced happiness, Remi and I are now regular dog-park goers. Well that’s if going twice in three days makes you a regular and you plan to continue going often? We went Sunday and then last night David had a softball game @ Tom Brown and since no doggies are allowed in the ball park- Remi & I went to the dog park instead! Since I’ve never been on a week night, I didn’t know if there’d be any dogs there. Well, there were PLENTY. At one point I counted 23 dogs! Remi of course had so much fun and I really enjoy watching him interact with the other dogs. It’s also nice for me because 1)we have a small yard so he can’t “run like the wind” and 2)my parents have a huge yard but it’s not all the way fenced in and somebody doesn’t always like to come when he’s told so I’m always worried about him over there. So, being at the dog park he can run until his hearts content, I don’t feel guilty for him not getting exercise & he is getting to play and socialize with all the other pups. Oh and then when we get him home, he’s positively pooped and not bugging us to death wanting to play. It’s a win-win situation! I think it’s going to become one of my favorite things to do with him. I hope to make it at least a once a week event, hopefully more if possible! It’s very entertaining as well. One of these days I willlll get my camera out there and take some action shots.
Oh, and I thought this was too cute:) It's probably what the big dogs are thinking when they are watching the little dogs through the fence.
And one more-this big white dog came in and started barked right at Remi and another owner that saw it said, "He must be racist!" Then I found this!

Well, cheers to fall ya’ll!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night was Bunko @ Mrs. Anne’s house. You can ask anyone in our Bunko group who their favorite host-house is, and I’d be willing to bet they would say Anne’s! Not only does she have a super cute quaint THREE STORY house on the river, she is an amazing cook. I definitely look forward to her Bunko every year. Well she didn’t disappoint! I went home with $5 less than I came, but still had a great time! The food was a-mazing. I had my FAIR share of egg rolls & some awesome cheese dip. I could probably consist on those two items alone. For the rest of my life. Hah! Everybody kept asking me why I was taking pictures of the food…when I’d say “for my blog!” and then I’d get chuckles and “Ohh-kaays”- like okay whatever a blog is and why would you have one:) So anyways, after getting interesting questions of what my intentions were, here’s some pics of the delicious food. Yummmm:) Oh and I just LOVE Mrs. Anne’s kitchen. White cabinets + granite countertops = gawgeous-ness!
Loved her Ikea napkins & cute pink food scale!

Three generations:)
Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake, that I got to take home leftovers from:)

Everyone playing LCR-and luck would have it that Anne won!

The hostess with her winnings!

We always have such a great time, and next month is our annual “Beach Bunko” @ St. George. This will be our third year of Beach Bunko and it’s always so much fun. We’ll be staying in the same house this year as we did last, which is funny because it’s also one that my family had a huge reunion in about 15 years ago! It is an 8 bedroom, 4 bath, 2 story house right on the beach-I can’t wait!

I took this cool picture while David was washing my car-turned out pretty cool!

Oh and while waiting to meet a buyer for our box springs that we were selling on craigslist, this awesome contraption was hanging out in the Wal Mart parking lot- oh dear!

Saturday was spent hanging around the house until it was time for the ballgame. Unfortunately our Noles didn’t do so great. Okay not great at all. But luckily we were in good company! We went to hang with the Dawkins & Pittmans and spent the day watching football, eating (lots of yummy food!), playing with Brody & taking pics/playing with software. Well at least that’s what Renee & I did-the boys stayed glued to the tube! We had a great time and it was so good to just vedge out all day with some of our favorite people! Thanks for having us ya’ll:)
The car all decked out.

Keeping myself busy on the ride out-

Brody "nom nom" :)

Tee making good use of the high chair.

Not too happy-game was almost over at this point.

Sunday was yard work day. Or so it turned out to be but didn’t start that way. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE our house and one of my favorite parts is it’s curb appeal. Our neighborhood is full of cookie cutter houses, but we are fortunate enough to have one that is a little different in that we have a pergola. Under that pergola is an array of bushes that needed to be trimmed up/cleaned out.Here's what it looked like when it was in full bloom.

David decided to tackle it. Did I mention there were 5 big knockout rose bushes in there? With 5 x 100+ thorns each?? These roses are so pretty and grow with wild abandon and I really love them. But they were starting to become a little crazy and so David trimmed them back along with everything else in there.
It was looking pretty scraggly before!
He called me out to see the progress and I gasped! All the beautiful probably 4 or more foot high bushes were reduced to 1’ high spikey thorn bushes! Um-what have you done! Apparently he got a little carried away and angry from all the poking they were doing to him so he showed them who’s boss-oh dear! Oh well- luckily they grow fast and now it’s really cleaned up in there.

We then shoveled up all the old bark mulch that was in there so we’d have a nice fresh foundation for our new mulch. We bagged up 6 bags of thorny bushes/bark/etc and loaded them up along with several monkey grass plants that he pulled up to bring to my parent’s house. Oh and we plucked up two of the 5 rose bushes because they weren’t placed in a good spot amongst the others and it looks much cleaner without them there. So my mom scored two rose bushes too!

Now all we have to do is put some new bark down and it’ll look all better! Right now it is looking very bare & it needs some help asap. But that’s a project for a day in the very near future. One step at a time!

After cooling off a bit (gosh was it hott!!) David left to go run some errands and I took Remi to the dog park. I hadn’t taken him since he was a wee pup so I was excited to see how he would react since he LOVES other dogs. When we got there, there was a huge doggy & a tiny doggy. That’s it. So that made 3 doggies total. Not a lot but definitely better than none! Remi was more interested in peeing on every bush and checking out the fence lines. He was being very anti-social. After about 15 minutes though, he realized his duties were done and it was playtime. He had a ball with the other dogs and they were all so dirty from the water & dusty dirt they might as well have been pigs burrowing in the mud! It was so fun watching him play though! After being there about a half hour more dogs were showing up. At one point there were 11 dogs in the big dog area. Lots of fun and commotion. Every time a new dog would come, all the dogs would run to greet him in a giant cluster of slobbering furballs. We were there about two ours and poor Rem was so pooped. I didn’t take any pictures because it was just me and I had my eye on him at all times like a protective momma, but next time I’ll def. bring my camera. We plan to make it a weekly or at least bi-weekly event. Can’t wait for the weather to get cooler as well. At one point he literally sprawled out in his “froggy pose” with one arm on each side of the water bowl and just stuck his chin in there and lapped it up. It was too funny! He was out like a light by 7 o’clock last night & we didn’t hear another peep outta him. I think it’s safe to say he had lots of fun & was so exhausted! You know what they say, “If you can’t hang with the big dogs, stay on the porch”. Well Remi hung with the best of them, but he was definitely paying for it later!

What a great weekend! Now-is it really only Monday? Boo!


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