Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bump it Up

Have you heard of Bump?

No, not the one that lasts for 9 months. Or the one that makes your hair big.

This one.


Basically, it’s a super cool way to transfer files from your phone to PC or to another phone without cords or email.

You’ll need the Bump app (free) and the Bump website open at the same time.  

Okay, here’s how it works. With my Bump app open, sitting at my computer on the Bump website, all I do is select the picture/video/contact/whatever I want to transfer from my phone to my computer and then physically “bump” my phone to my spacebar.

It’s like magic. It appears in front of me on my computer and then I can save as usual. You can select several pictures at a time too. I’ve tried 20 simultaneously so far and it transferred all of them immediately. To me this absolutely beats a) dragging out the USB cord or b) emailing pictures from my phone to myself to post to the blog.

It’s a huge time saver and seriously cool technology!

Still not sure how this works? Here is a 17 second video that explains it.

Watch Video.

I may be the very last one to learn about this but I just thought it was pretty darn nifty and wanted to share

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Master Bedroom Update


This is what our room looked like two days ago. Pretty, but super blah and no COLOR.

The lamps in the room started out burgundy and gold. A Goodwill special.

Photo 1 (3)

They got a makeover to silver when I was in the rental.

I decided to paint them again to add some much needed color. I went with a super pale blue.


Photo 1

The color was pretty by itself but in this room with those shades it just was not a good combination. Also, I got flat (all they had in that color), which I thought was okay because I covered it with clear gloss however it did not glossify one bit.

So today I went back to the drawing board spray paint aisle and solicited advice from friends on FB and IG.

There was a pretty strong vote for yellow!

I bought yellow and navy and didn’t decide until the primer had dried on which one I was going to use.

Yellow it was!

TLG_5986 copy

TLG_6011 copy

I also got this super cute hook rack from HomeGoods. I figured hanging my necklaces would inject even more color to the room.

TLG_6014 copy



One more thing, I finally got pictures printed for my gallery wall. Much better!


Other HomeGoods goodies. Frame, Hooks, Basket. It is now corralling paper towels, salt & pepper and more on the island. Perfect! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013


It’s that time again. For a phone dump. And most likely in this case, an Instagram dump.

Sorry for the repeats, but hey that’s life with social media.

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collagethree

PicMonkey Collagetwo

PicMonkey Collagefour

PS – I’m not too good at keeping my word. I said I’d be putting together a video of our camping trip. I haven’t forgotten about it. But I sure haven’t done it yet either. Perhaps I’ll get it up around Christmas time.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Four Eyes

In 2008 I was in college and realized I could no longer make out what was written on the board or see what was on the projector. I went to the eye doctor and got my first ever pair of glasses. Dream come true. I’d always wanted glasses but never needed them so when I actually did need them, I was ecstatic. I must have inherited that trait from my Mom who faked her eye test when she was younger to get her a pair. Ha!


For old time’s sake, here’s my very first selfie with glasses. When I used to be tan and skinny. But that’s not the point of this post. And selfies in those days had to be done with the whole camera turned around. And I don’t think it was on my phone because I’m not even sure if my phone had a camera back then.

Anywho, 5 years later I am still on that same pair of glasses and I’m ready for some new ones. This also means I need to go to get my eyes checked to see if my prescription has changed. Wouldn’t want to order a new pair with the same old Rx now would we?

I’m near sighted by the way. This means I can’t see stuff far away. Don’t bother asking me to read a sign while driving because we’ll be right up on it by the time I can. Unless I have on my spectacles of course! This brings me to the fact that I don’t wear them all the time. Just when I need to see far away. At least I should wear them in those situations. Sometimes I forget to put them on and realize once I have a headache that I’d been squinting because I couldn’t see.

I’ve got an appointment scheduled for July 9th so in the meantime I’ll be checking out some new frames. I realllly want a pair of Ray Bans. I am itching for something different than the same style I’ve worn for years.

I am super digging these “New” Wayfarers.

Or the Original Wayfarer.

I like the Caribbean style too.

I’m pretty sure I’ll look like a certifiable “trying too hard to be hipster” wannabe so I’ll have to see how they look on my face.

Four eyed folks unite!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Cole’s Graduation

Wanna know what will make you feel old? Your little brother graduating from college. Yep, mine did, and that means I’m old.

But seriously? How can that be? Whoa.

Anyways, I couldn’t be more proud of him. I always thought I was the smart one, but I’ve got some competition now. He graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Now he’s just got to find a job!

This happened at the beginning of May so I’m a little behind but I’m slowly trying to get caught up. And as always, this blog is my “life diary” and I want to be sure to add this to it.

Congratulations Cole!




My family!

We had a little photo shoot afterwards.

TLG_5216  TLG_5226

Go Noles! >>----->




Proud parents!


Cole & Logan.





And then we celebrated with a cookout. Please note, we live in Florida and it was May. We had a cold snap. That is not normal. It’s usually hot as you know what by May!








Hip hip hooray!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Casa de James

I’ve wanted to do an updated house tour for a while now and finally got around to snapping some pictures when the house was clean a few weekends ago.

I’m fairly certain it just spontaneously combusts into dirtiness again as soon as the broom is re-hung. I blame it on the dogs.

Let’s talk about house cleaning with dogs (and a husband for that matter) for a moment. I swear, I will have just swept and not two seconds later, there’s a black dog hair tumbleweed making its way across the wood floor. Or I’m absolutely certain that the moment I wipe down the cabinets, the dogs come inside and shake, sending mud and/or slobber all over the cabinets. And let’s not forget about the dishes that magically grow in the sink. For real, didn’t I just empty that heifer? Oh and how about that laundry basket. Why, oh why do clothes just tend to reproduce rapid fire-like? Sheesh. But, with all that said, I wouldn’t change a thing about having my pups (and husband) inside. Except for maybe hiring a maid…David – get on that would ya?


Onto the tour!






DIY Board & Batten


Coat rack – Kirkland’s. DIY canvas wall art – homemade. B&W Lappljung Rug, Gislev Rug. 


Garden Stool – World Market

Paint: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter


DIY Spring Banner

Fake plant – Ikea. Yellow honeycomb vase – Hobby Lobby. White deer head – Kohl’s. Globe – Hobby Lobby.


Plates - TJ Maxx, Homegoods & Marshalls. Yellow Garden Stool – Homegoods. “Mason Jar” light fixture – Lowes.



Bar pendants – Lowes

TLG_5693  TLG_5677[4]

Red runner – Homegoods, Bronze Metal Burst Mirror (out of stock)


DIY Striped Wall


DIY Growth Ruler

Rug – TJ Maxx

Paint: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.



DIY Painted Wallpaper

Gingham Quilt, Striped Rug – Homegoods, Lamp shades – Target, Mirror – Hobby Lobby



DIY Ladder


Painted Dresser


Vittsjo Shelf

TLG_3694  TLG_3594

Paint – Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

TLG_5684  TLG_5666

DIY Starburst Mirror

Paint – Benjamin Moore Hale Navy




Hemnes dresser


Lillesand bed - Ikea


Ruffle Shower Curtain

Paint – Sherwin Williams Sea Salt


Expedit shelving unit

(Not pictured – Moose’s room/future nursery)


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