Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night we hung out (again) with Tanner & Sarah. We met up with them for din din at Mellow Mushroom followed by the last couple innings at the FSU baseball game. Then it was on to Steak ‘N Shake for some dessert! It is just too funny how much Tanner & David are alike and how much Sarah and I have in common. We both love to eat, so that’s a good thing because we can never seem to get together without eating. Haha. Anywho, here’s the cute fam at Fisher’s first FSU ballgame.



The James’.

And yummy milkshakes/desserts at Steak ‘N Shake.


At one point during dessert David decided he’d help by “rocking” Fisher in his car seat. Sarah said something along the lines of “see isn’t having a baby fun?” and David said, “actually I’m pretty bored already”. Haha! It was hilarious and I guess one of those things where you just have to be there, but we were definitely cracking up!


Kimbo came into town Friday as well, but we planned to spend the rest of the weekend together and let her just spend time with her parents the first night since I pretty much would be hoarding her to myself the rest of the weekend.



Saturday Remi and I went to hang with Kim and her pup Bailey while David worked on getting the rest of the house stuff moved to the storage unit. (We closed on our house this morning by the way!) We went on what seemed like the longest walk of my life and then got ready to go to the mall. We wanted to also see Water for Elephants. We’d both read the book and were super excited about seeing the movie. We both loved it, and getting to stare at Robert Pattinson for a few hours was definitely a plus. Oh and we also picked up a few new fun nailpolishes:)


Later in the eve Kim came over to my parents and she, David and I colored Easter Eggs.







{Cyclops egg!}

Since there are no little kids that were here for Easter, we made them for ourselves and for the dog easter egg hunt at the in-laws in the morning. Lol. When you don’t have kids, you use the next available willing participant.



{Remi’s egg}

The pooches I guess enjoyed looking for eggs. We got them all rowled up and made them stay inside while we hid the eggs. They came barging out and pretty much didn’t have a clue what all the excitement was about. We definitely had to show them what they were looking for. I think they each ended up getting to eat a whole boiled egg. I am fully surprised I haven’t smelt the after effects from Remington yet lol.

Big Dawg & Mrs. Robin (In-Laws) cooked us a yummy lunch of hot wings, deep fried bacon & potato salad. Yummy and oh-so-healthy too! Haha

I also was still trying hard to learn how to get my camera to do what I want it to. I for the life of me cannot take “action” shots with a fast enough shutter. Help!!


Bailey: “Find your own hole kid”


Remi: “I’ll show you! This is MY hole!”


Remi: “See how good of a digger I am!”


Bear: “Respect your elders, you both know this is my hole!”


Auntie Kim laying down the law.


Remi: “I’m so sneaky”


Bailey: “You’ll never catch meee!”


Bay Bay is wore out


Rem too.


Flying labrador! Check out those floppy lips!


I heart this picture.

After Kim left to head back to SoFla David and I went to my Aunt Sandra’s for more food and family. Aunt Sandra is always feeding everyone. The woman can cook and it’s one of the many things I love about her! If you go home hungry from Aunt Sandra’s then it’s your own darn fault. Sadly I only got one picture…probably because I was too busy stuffing my face :o)


Me and my Momma

And after David finally got his truck mid-day Saturday, he was one happy camper :) We are loving the truck and today he ordered a toolbox and some other doo-dads that he just had to have for it. So glad he loves it :)

Oh and one more thing, this is the first time Remi has had a “window”. In the back of the jeep there is no window and in the backseat of David’s truck the windows didn’t roll down. Let’s just say he is thoroughly enjoying his new ride;) He is BLOWN AWAY! haha


Anywho, that was our weekend. Hope your weekend was “Hoppy!”

PS- Two posts in one day…go me! Scroll down to see Lovaboy’s New Truck ;)

Lovaboy’s New Ride

When David and I started dating, he was 17 and had a sweet ride. It was a single cab 1993 green Z71 with dual exhaust, tires, system, the works. Basically a teenage boy’s dream. (Besides girls) In fact, it was one of the reasons my Mom said I should go out with him. I remember her telling me, “he’s cute and he has a nice truck”. The two most important things to look for in a guy right? ;)

I couldn’t find a picture of it because we didn’t have digital back then:/

He loved that truck, I loved that truck. That truck took us to the movies and high school football games in those early days. He used to come to my house every day after school/work and I always knew he was coming because I could hear the duals rumbling a mile away. Thinking about all that makes me sad that those days were so long ago and how much has changed since then. It definitely brings with it a pang of nostalgia.

The truck got him through highschool and eventually in 2005 he was presented a choice. Keep his Z71 or take his Dad’s much newer black ’99 Chevy Silverado because his Dad was getting a new one. Although he loved his truck, it was getting older and he knew the smarter choice would be to take the newer one with fewer miles and be able to drive it for a long long time. So he sadly sold the Z…

The new truck, AKA “Sally” was not four wheel drive, did not have big tires, but was a solid truck that was well taken care of and David loved it. He thought of making it more like he wanted (lift, tires, etc…) but since it was two-wheel drive he always said it’d look funny so Sally stayed as she was. A few years after he had Sally, we were in the Governor’s Square Mall parking garage and while we were looking over and laughing at something we saw in the back of the truck next to us, we hear “CRUNCH!!” as David collided with one of the concrete columns while backing out. Whoops! It was pretty darn hilarious, but poor Sally lived with a huge dent in her fender for a long time after. Don’t worry, she got fixed just a few months ago and looked good as new.

Here’s Sally.


For a while now David has wanted a new truck. A “big boy” truck. A Big, Black, 4 wheel drive Chevy that he could make just the way he wanted. Oh and he had been spoiled in the past as his Dad gave him both of his two previous trucks. Spoiled rotten if ya ask me ;)

Anywho, with our recent camper purchase, this gave David all the more reason to want a new truck. Although Sally could pull the camper, she was just having a little trouble and it wasn’t good for her engine. She’s older and doesn’t quite have the power she used to. So David added that reason to the “Why I need/want a new truck list”. We have been looking for a while now at new and used trucks, particularly trying to find a nice used one. Nearly every time we drove by the Chevy place we would pull in there “just to look”.

Well last weekend David got serious, put his truck up for sale and wanted to do more than look. On Wednesday morning he sold his truck, which he told me he came thisclose to crying :( And Wednesday afternoon we made a purchase! Turns out, David found a great deal on a brand new truck. He loved it, but was still just hoping for a nice used one. He spent all week scouring the internet for a used truck with his specifications within 200 miles of us. He found nothing. Then lo and behold, while he was at the dealership Wednesday, he was told they just got in a 2009 Black Chevy Z71 4x4 with low mileage and right where he wanted to be price-wise. Bingo! So now he was in a predicament. He told me that he needed to make the decision between new and used and asked me to come up there after work to help him make it. Although we loved the brand new one (who wouldn’t?), we loved the used one too and it was one pretty truck. We both agreed that the used would be the best move financially and it had even more that David liked about it than the brand new one. So we bought the truck Wednesday night!


We were told that we couldn’t bring it home until Friday! Ugh! Talk about super duper anxiousness. I am the type that when I buy something I want it right then. Especially a vehicle! The truck still needed to go through the inspection, as well as have some things moved off of it onto the guy’s new truck (who turned in the used one). David and I both went through the day Friday waiting for the call that his truck was ready to pick up but come 4:00 we still hadn’t heard. We even called multiple times and kept being told that it would be ready soon. Tanner took David to the dealership because they were tired of waiting and were just going to go up and sit until it was ready. Well long story short and one very un-jolly James later, my poor hubby left without his truck. It was not finished yet and he was told they’d have it ready for sure on Saturday. We were both super bummed because we were so excited. We’d already had to wait two days from when we bought it and yet it was still not ready.


But on Saturday he was finally able to get it. Yay! He came driving up and had a smile from ear to ear!

I am SO excited for David. He really deserves it. He is always very un-selfish in that I usually get all the “nice stuff”. New car, laptop, camera, etc…He is just happy to make me happy. So I am really stoked that he finally has the truck he wants, and he is so happy!

We are still thinking of a name for her, but here she is:



Oh and the new truck has dual exhaust :) It will totally remind me of those days long ago when I could hear him rumbling up the drive…

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black is slimming, right?

Today at lunch I went to Tar-jay to do a little “browsing”. I’m not good at browsing. I see, I want. Do I always get? Rarely. But today I had a little spending money so I was on the prowl for something. Hmm…how about a new bathinsuit! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll remember my new bathingsuit I got last year that I was super excited about, took the whole 3 months of summer to get here. Now of course it’s a new year and although that one didn’t get much wear, it’s faded quickly and I’m ready for something new. I can’t help it, I’m a girl.

Anywho, I really used to love getting a new bathing suit every spring. I looked forward to it all winter. But now, not so much. I just don’t look the same as I used to in them and everytime I try them on I say to myself, “Ooh, that’s gotta go” or “when did that start showing?” or “Oh dear, no bueno” or “is that really what the rear view looks like?”.


I have been trying to be really good lately on my “diet”. I am usually able to stick to it all day but then come dinner I eat way too much and regulating it on the weekends? Fuhgettaboutit.

Funny Sidenote: David buys a lot of “junk food” i.e. twinkies, little debbies, just pure fatso food that tortures me because heavens knows I don’t need to eat it but I don’t always win that battle. Anyways the other night he woke up and was hungry for a midnight snack. Literally I saw him up and raiding the food at like 3:00. He grabbed some boston crème pie thing and that’s the last I saw before I dozed back to sleep. When we woke up in the morning, he was sad because he found his midnight snack still in it’s wrapper, unopened, and flat as a pancake. Poor heffer fell asleep before he even ate it! Haha!! I meant to take a picture but I forgot, but it was HI-larious :)

Okay, back to the point of the story, I’m still nowhere close to my ideal body size which makes bathing suit shopping all the more unenjoyable. Which is why, I’ve chosen a black one.

Black is slimming, right?!

Hopefully by the time the beach trip rolls around I will be in a little better shape (wishful thinking – is there a potion for it yet?) but regardless, beached whale size or not, I’ll be in a bathingsuit reading my book, and soaking up the sun.

Oh and I am super excited because I got a “push-up” top so I’ll have some oomph upstairs! Probably TMI for the blog but at least my top will now balance out a little more with the va-va voom bottom I’ve got going on. Oh and in true 6 year old girl/senior citizen fashion, the unmatching/I-paired-them-with-the-top-anyway bottom has *ruffles*. Loves it!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Packing & Mossy Letters

Last weekend we did some heavy duty packing/moving. I have decided that I don’t mind packing except when it comes to the kitchen. It’s a never ending process of bubble wrapping and heavy, heavy boxes. I’m about half way done but it literally is taking me forever. Early Saturday morning there were torrential downpours and really bad weather that continued into the morning. Not good when we planned to move everything on an open trailer. It eventually passed over and turned out to be a gorgeous day thank goodness. Tanner helped us again and we were able to get all the big stuff moved over to the storage unit. It’s amazing how taking a moment to think about how something should be loaded or packed can save so much space. I totally pride myself on making a bunch of stuff fit in a small space just by twisting, turning and stacking in ways you’d never think to organize. It honestly stems from fitting a table full of presents into one bag (learned from all those years working at Chuck E. Cheese!)

We took a break from packing on Saturday night to head out to Sarah & Tanner’s house to watch the latest Harry Potter movie and eat wings. Sarah found a fun tutorial for mossy letters that can hang on a wall, a front door, etc…I went to Joann’s earlier in the day and picked up some supplies so we could make letters while the boys watched the movie. The tutorial can be found at Antsi-Pants.

Here’s the supply list:

Wooden letter

16inx18in sheet of moss (1 sheet was just enough for the letters “C” & “J”)

Hot glue gun

Ribbon/twine/material to hang with

2 eye hooks per letter



Since Antsi-Pants gives the play-by-play I’ll just share pictures of us making ours without the instructions.


{The boys were not happy we were whispering and making paper crinkling noises during their movie haha!}

1277_2-3-240 1277_2-3-241

{Glue the letter face down, then trip about a half inch around the letter}


{Cut in on the curved parts so you can pull back and glue the moss on the back of the letter}

1277_2-3-243 1277_2-3-244

{Flip over and admire} {Add the eye hooks}

1277_2-3-245 1277_2-3-246

{The eye hooks can be put in by hand but it was much easier with the plyers}

1277_2-3-247 1277_2-3-248

I just love the end result! So easy and springy!

Thanks again for having us y'all!

Oh and here’s Remi doing what he does…can’t keep him out of the water! 1277_2-3-236

{He found a dead bird and was dining on the feathers…bleck!}


{Off he goes…}

Friday, April 15, 2011

It was love at first pin…

So I’ve read about this thing called Pinterest, twice in the past few days of my usual blog stalking. Of course it peaked my “pinterest” and I had to find out what I was missing. My (pretend) friends/Sherry at YoungHouseLove aka my DIY idols told me the whole world that she was obsessed. I knew I had to give it a try. I went to sign up, and bummer – you have to request an invite and it can take a few weeks to hear back with your account information. UNLESS you know someone who has it and can invite you instantly. Ahh, there was hope! You see I am not a patient person. I knew I must find an alternate route! So I posted a facebook status looking for someone who had an account, and lo and behold somebody came through for me and invited me on! Thank you CHELSY!!

So what is it? It’s basically an online cataloging system of all your favorite things. You can create any “boards” you want and any image you find/have/create you can “pin” to your board and write a caption. This is great for me because I literally have inspiration saved everywhere. Magazine cutouts in folders, jpegs on my desktop, emails in my inbox – all over. This let’s me put it all in one space, nice and organized, and it’s all right there for me to see! Here’s a shot of my home screen. It shows some of my recent pins as well newly pinned items from people I follow.


Then I can see my boards, and it’s broken down just for my pinned items and their categories.


As you can see, all of my pictures have a comment to remind me that I liked it, what to do with it, etc…

The way it works is when you first sign up, there is a little button that you drag to your bookmark that says “Pin It”. So you drag and drop and then it opens up a little window that let’s you catalog your picture and make comments. LOVE.

Also I found this great tutorial on doing it from your iPhone. There’s no app for it yet but it’s coming. Until then though, here’s how to Pin from your iPhone!

You can also follow other people’s boards to see what it is that they’re liking. SO FUN and addicting!

If you want an invite and your too impatient to wait for a response from the website, leave your email in the comments section and I’ll send you one!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Behold the power…

…of spray paint!

More camper touch-ups going on in these parts. 

photo (31)photo (30)

{Without the cover since it was still drying}

photo (33) photo (32)

{Sans tire, since the rack was still drying}

Much better :-)


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