Sunday, September 30, 2012


I was lucky enough to be nominated and accepted into a weeklong Pesticide Regulatory Education Program for work. I’ve gotten to travel a lot for my job and was very excited to head to Davis, CA where I spent all of last week!


The course itself was great and I can’t wait to get back to work and apply what I learned!

My days were full so I didn’t get to do much exploring, but I did manage to make it out a few evenings to check out the areas around the hotel. I met some great people at the course who do the same thing I do, but in different states. Fun fun!

I was expecting it to be low temperatures out there, but figures it was an “unseasonably warm” week according to the locals. So it wasn’t very cool out but it was gorgeous nonetheless!

IMG_8255  IMG_8257

My flights were good. I was really nervous this trip for some reason, but I made it there and back safely. So thanks for the prayers! Smile


My hotel. Close to everything!


Davis is a bike riding city. Let me tell ya! It was such a quaint town. And school at UC Davis was starting back in session on Thursday so the students were everywhere. I may or may not have almost been taken out on a bike my first day walking around.


I was very excited to try Pinkberry. I was also very disappointed. Bleck. Nuberri is where it’s at!




TLG_1306  TLG_1314






TLG_1341  TLG_1334



SO many cute places to eat!



Bike shop.


I know this is super duper unhealthy. But one of my days was particularly long, and I stressed all day over my presentation, so come dinner time I needed some comfort food. Yum-o.


I got to see David and my fur babies throughout the week via Facetime. I love technology. Smile


Heading out to the Farmer’s Market Wednesday evening.





Fresh fruits and veggies galore!


Bees at the Honey booth.


Some of the ladies in our group.



Serious business. I never really knew which one my trash should go into.


They fed us delicious lunches all week.


Such a gorgeous place!





Cute sorority house.


I don’t know what this is. Sorority or Fraternity but so different than the Greek houses here.

IMG_8299 IMG_8306

Heading out for the Rockstar Themed Graduation dinner.

And my way-over-used-that-evening-rocker-symbol.






Mountains on the way home.


Check out that gorgeous lake in the back.


I can’t wait to go back to CA…on a vacation!

Friday, September 21, 2012

New House from A to Z!

For a lack of blog material, I’m stealing “Me from A to Z” from my sweet friend Lindsay! However, I want to switch it up to be “New House from A to Z”!

You know, features, things I’m excited about, and random facts about our new home because it’s all I can think about!

Aloof Gray by Sherwin Williams is a color I’m considering for the main living areas. Picking a gray is hard! Although I still love the gray from our last guestroom. So I can always resort to that one!

B is the first letter of our soon to be new street name!

Christmas decorating will be SO fun although I won’t be able to do it this year since we’ll more than likely be closing the weekend before Christmas.

Driveway. I don’t currently have a driveway. I have two parking spots and to have a little more car moving around space will be nice!

Empty closets! Well, this is a maybe. I may end up with a few empty closets which means…I can buy more junk! Haha. Kidding. Sort of.

Fireplace to cozy up to this winter. I’ve always been blessed to have a Fireplace wherever I’ve lived. To me, it completes a house.

Garage. Oh my I can hardly wait to have one again! For a workshop space and for parking!

Hand scraped hardwood floors will make my heart sing! Until I have to clean them constantly anyway!

Icemaker. I haven’t had one in so long. It’s the little things in life people!

Jack O’ Lanterns on the front porch is something I’m so looking forward to!

Kitchen designed by me. This one is rather scary as I strayed from the original plans and created my own thing. I hope it turns out like my “vision”!

Laundry room with some space to move around in!

Master bathroom with two sinks. Oh, the room!

New carpet. No more renter’s carpet! My carpet for being a rental was actually not bad, but do you really want to lay your face on carpet that who knows what has been on it by previous dwellers? Yuck.

Open floor plan goodness. I seriously can’t wait to park it at the island for stuff like painting my nails and get to watch tv at the same time.

Porches. Big beautiful spaces for lots of R&R.

Quality door knobs. Since I’ve lived in my rental, which I love for it being a rental, I’ve had 99 door handle problems. Well close anyway. At this point I think every single knob in my place has not worked or locked me out of somewhere at some time or another over the last year.

Rocking chairs for the front porch. I don’t have them yet, but if anyone wants to buy me two for a house warming gift, I wouldn’t turn them down! :)

Stainless steel appliances. Yummy!

Ten foot tall ceilings which means taller walls for me to hang my junk on!

Upstairs for junk hoarding David’s man room. Somehow I got talked into adding a bonus room above the garage. I think it will be worth it though!

Very excited I am! I couldn’t think of a V word. Sorry.

Water spigot out back! Oh to give the dogs baths without fearing they’ll run away! I currently only have one spigot out front and it’s a pain.

eXtra (okay I cheated on the ‘X’ letter) room for more of my junk!

Yard. A bigger one than my current place anyway. I’m not sure how big it’s going to end up, but as long as it’s bigger than what I’ve got now, I’m good!

Zero reason to complain anymore about not having enough room!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


My friend Courtney shared this website with me recently and I’ve gotten a kick out of it! It started with this picture she sent me regarding Moose’s recent trip to the Animal ER – hah!


Apparently Moosey isn’t the only one!

The site shows (usually) very guilty dogs with funny captions of what they’ve eaten/destroyed/bad habits, etc…it’s quite entertaining!

Here are a few others that made me laugh out loud…thanks for sharing Court!

I like to walk right up to stranger on walks so they all end up tripping on me, and my mommy has to apologize. 
…every night…


Editor’s note: I may have frightened my dogs, who were sleeping next to me, when I burst out laughing.


Ruining afternoon tea for everyone.



And this here handsome dude is Mortimer (Morty for short). He is Courtney’s pup and apparently he did some shameful things recently too! Hilarious!

Of course I couldn’t do a poochie post without some pictures of mine.

1  2

Rem accompanying us to the storage unit…which we won’t have to use for much longer. Yay!


My Moosey Goosey at the dog park.


Double trouble.


Poor Rem, just minding his own business in the dirty pool and Bam! Attacked! Little sisters are so annoying. This picture makes me laugh out loud, his facial expression cracks me up!


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