Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Obsessed...

...with re-doing my blog! I stumbled across this website and I am obsessed. It's called She posts all these really cute ideas and lots and lots of free handwriting fonts and tutorials and I love them all! So I think this will be my blog look for a while...I'm liking although I can't figure out how to change the date to a color other than black. Oh well, saving that for another night!

Also real quick, we have been doing some major furniture shopping! David has been very generous in letting me pick out things and probably spending a little more than he had hoped I would want to:) We spent a huge chunk of the day Saturday at Ashley's and then about another hour there today for a grand shopping list of: Sofa, Loveseat, Recliner, End Table, Coffee Table, Bed set (header/footer/rails), Dresser, 2 nightstands, my favorite buy (comes in a close second to the bed) a counter-height dining room table, and 6 chairs. Whew, I think that's it! And that's a lot. It's supposed to be coming in at the wee very end of April but we're hoping sooner rather than later because as of right now we are *hoping* to actually close a week earlier than expected. Fingers crossed!

So this means we'll be sitting on pillows and living out of boxes until the furniture gets here, but it'll be awesome when it finally does:)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Life is Full of Decisions

About a month ago I interviewed for a position down the hall from my Lab and yesterday got a call offering me the job. I have to admit I had been dreading the call because I was not looking forward to making a decision about it if I were to be given the offer. When the number finally popped up on my phone yesterday my heart dropped. You see I absolutely love my job now but since I am working under a grant it will actually be up towards the end of this year so I am starting to keep my eye out for something now. Start early ya know? Well the other job had more cons than pros but the one pro was a big one, one that I don’t have at my job now. BUT, taking the other job would also mean a big salary decrease but provide me with job security. Tough choice? For me, yes.
So anywho, I was dreading having to make a decision, but after careful consideration and lots of discussion with my other half, I decided to not accept the offer. Talk about a scary decision:/ I hope I won’t be kicking myself later but I just had a gut feeling that it wasn’t right for me. Not to mention the work environment is pretty dangerous. It was in the Bureau of Petroleum Inspection and boiling gasoline would have been part of my job!
All night I was nervous about making the call to the lady to decline it but I finally got up the nerve and now it’s over and done with and I can enjoy my Friday without being anxious all day!So for now it’s still more “keeping my eye out” and hoping that another, BETTER opportunity arises.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy (almost) Friday!

We're going furniture "looking" (hopefully shopping!) this weekend and I'm super duper excited. I have so many ideas in mind and I can't wait to buy some stuff and make them come to life. I feel like we should order things now so they come in just in time for closing, but I guess we'll just have to see...I really want a cozy-chic house and I found this living room today that I LOVE. Ours would never be this "formal" I guess you could call it, but I hope it's got this feel, like you could curl up and read a book on that couch!
I am also FINALLY getting wedding pictures printed. I have been dreading loading them online to get them printed but I finally sat down tonight and they're loading right now, all 233 of them. Thanks Brett! I bought a fun photo album a while back just for them and I am looking forward to filling it.

Well that's it, nothing too exciting. I'm off to attempt a DIY Up-Do for Kim's wedding. Goodness knows my cheap hubby wants me to be successful! haha...


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

(No Subject)

I don’t have a lot to blog about so this is going to be kind of an all over post!

Anybody have any suggestions on where they might have gotten ideas for decorating your house? I absolutely can’t wait to paint and buy furniture for our house, but I am so worried about getting it done and not liking it or it not “going together good”. I am obsessed with HGTV and try to pick up tips from them but I like color but don’t want it to look like a circus. Just wanted to see if anyone has any tips for a successfully decorated house?! Oh and if you got good deals on new furniture, let me know where you went shopping!

Also, I am in kind of a rut and looking for some new music suggestions. I love listening to my ipod in the car because the radio allllways plays the same 5 songs it seems, so if anyone has any songs or artists that they really like I would love to hear what they are! One new song I am liking right now is “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum. I love that group! “Need You Now” is another one of my favorites…John Mayer’s song “Who Says” is also one I really like. But the songs on my ipod get old quick too because I put them on repeat it seems when I have one I really love!

Nothing much else going on. Work is going good, today I got a sample in that REEKED. I about gagged and took it to my boss with a smile and said here smell this! He about puked as well, it was pretty dang funny and it stunk up the whole surrounding area so much that I had to Clorox all the surfaces. Oh just another day at work!

I’m looking forward to some warm weather and I am so ready to go to the beach. It’s been too long:/ Hopefully I can kick my butt in gear soon and be semi-ready for a bathingsuit…sure ain’t ready right now!

PS- Don’t forget to wear your green tomorrow on Ye Old St. Patty’s day:)


Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, but I think posts with pictures are more fun and for some reason I can’t get my laptop to recognize my camera which means I haven’t been able to load pictures. I am going to try to do it on another computer so we’ll see if I can get some loaded.
Things are moving along good with the house. There is officially a “SOLD” sign in the yard, yay! Of course we had to take a picture with it! Once again, hope this isn’t jinxing anything!

Last night we went to my Great-Grandmother’s (Momi) 90th birthday! She is just amazing and her and my PawPaw are in their 90s and still driving everywhere and living on their own. I sure hope to be like them one dayJ The party was at a relatives house that we don’t see except for these type of occasions. This house was super fancy-dancy so it was fun to walk around and see all the expensive things. My brother and I felt like bulls in china shops because of the knick-knacks and expensive things everywhere we were scared to move! Momi wore a tiara through the night since she was the birthday girl. And dinner was catered by Bella Bella, can we say YUM?! We had spaghetti, chicken parmesan, salad & bread. It was soooo good. And then we topped it off with some kind of DELICIOUS cake which I don’t know who made it but it was sooo good too. Oh and they had cokes- in bottles! I love coke in bottles!

This is Me, Mom, GMa, and Momi- 4 generations!

Also this weekend, Kim + Josh were in town. Lindsay and I threw her a bridal shower. We had a quaint crowd but it was still fun! It’s almost exactly a month til their wedding in St. Augustine and I’m so excited! Here's the Bride to be and the hostesses:

Hope this week goes by fast, counting down the days to closing! In case you are wondering, it’s 26, whoop whoop!



SIDENOTE: This is a post from last week that I'm just now able to post since I now have my pictures loaded some some info. may be outdated:)

Well things are moving along on the house front. Getting the MANY things checked off the list has been pretty daunting but they are getting done so we’re making progress! Our Closing Date is set for April 9th, but hopefully it will be even sooner than that because I am so ready to move in! We had our inspection last week and good news, looks like the house isn’t gonna fall apartJ Other than just a few minor things it checked out okay overall so we definitely breathed a sigh of relief. Something I did during the inspection was walk around and take pictures of every possible wall to be painted so I can figure out what colors to do. It’s so hard! Sherwin Williams has this awesome thing though called a color visualize which lets you upload a picture of a room, outline the space you want to paint, and try all different colors on it! It’s soooo cool but I am having a really hard time deciding still on what I want to do. We just want that warm cozy feel so hopefully that’s what we achieve when we’re done!
This past weekend we were given some more FSU Baseball tickets so we braved the cold and headed to the ball game. I use my snuggie all the time but it was perfect for the game & not to mention it’s FSU! (Thanks Erin:)
David and his Dad also finished the bunny house project on Sunday, and here’s the finished result! It turned out great, and it’s more like a “Bunny Condo”. Spoiled rabbits, have you ever heard of such a thing?

And of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the pooch. He gets more handsome everyday! (At least we think soJ) He’s 66 lbs. now and still has a lot of growing left to do, a big boy! Oh and he loves to drink out of the water spigot!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Susan our realtor just called us and our counter offer was accepted, WE'RE OFFICIALLY UNDER CONTRACT!! Now that we're pending, I'm gonna go ahead and post a picture. I'm scared to jinx it though! Now let's hope for a smooth inspection & easy lending process:)



Susan our realtor just called us and our counter offer was accepted, WE'RE OFFICIALLY UNDER CONTRACT!! Now that we're pending, I'm gonna go ahead and post a picture. Hope it doesn't jinx anything! Now let's hope for a smooth inspection & easy lending process:)

Weekend Wrap-Up and House Update

I know it’s now Tuesday but I figured I’d still talk about our weekend. It wasn’t too eventful but Saturday David and his Dad started building a new rabbit cage for our bunnies to take with us when we move. The one they have now is awesome but it’s pretty big and he wanted to downsize a little. It’s coming along well and should be done by this weekend!

Sunday my brother and I went to the FSU baseball game. The weather was gorgeous but chilly! A co-worker of David’s had given him his tickets which were located in the grand stands. They were great seats but we were in the shade and the breeze was blowing and it wasn’t too fun. We ended up leaving in the bottom of the fifth because the game wasn’t too exciting and it was just too dang cold.

Now to some more exciting news, last night we were able to get both of our parents in to look at a house we’d been wanting to put an offer on. We had been trying to get in for some time and the renters finally let us in, and then we had to wait yet again to get our parents in to see it. But long story short, we put an offer on it!! Yay! We are supposed to hear a yes or no by 5:00 today so we’ll see what happens. I’m writing this on my lunch break so by the time I post this tonight I’ll be adding an update to this post…hopefully we can call it ours soon!!

***UPDATE***As of two hours ago we counter offered the counter offer...hopefully it's accepted:/

To make a happy evening (last night) turn in to a bit of a bummer, my brother who goes to TCC came out of his class to leave and found that someone had tried to steal his Jeep. The key hole on the door had been tampered with/broken & then the whole bottom half of the steering wheel was missing with the ignition key hole damaged and wires and electronic stuff sticking out…I hate this for him. For those of you that know my brother, he’s just a quiet kid who doesn’t bother anyone and just does his own thing. He didn’t deserve this and I hope that whoever did it, Karma catches up with them. I hate the way the world is these days…here’s his steering wheel



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