Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rainy Tuesday

I’m laying on the couch not feeling so good. Just planning to take it easy and catch up on my DVR tonight. Don’t mind if I do!

Well the unpacking has come to a sort of standstill. I’m just out of room to put stuff.

I went to Target the other day with two purposes: 1) exchange one of my too long curtains. 2) buy a pet vac I saw on Target’s website (for the couch).

Result? They were out of the right size curtain & they had about 3 in store handheld vacs versus the 15+ they had online. None of which were what I needed. Ugh.

What’s a girl to do, come home empty handed? I think not! I promptly headed to the electronics aisle and spent too much money on a JBL iPhone Speaker docking station. Whoopsie. See I can explain. I LOVE music. I feel like anything can get accomplished if I can have a song going while I do it. Well I had an AWESOME iPod player from Brookstone that I loved. Unfortunately when I got my iPhone though it was not compatible :’( I have thus been without music filling my space since I got my phone in November. With all this unpacking going on, I have just been setting my phone on the counter and letting it play, but it just sucks let’s be honest. So I finally bit the bullet and bought one yesterday.

Here’s my new favorite thing:

The sound is awesome. I hate playing my electronic music devices on crappy speakers. So now I don’t have to. Yay!

Some other randoms…

The plug in my laundry room was not compatible with the plug on the back of my dryer. The dryer is pretty new but the laundry room plug? Not so much. Enter Super Dad to the rescue! (all iphone pics)

photo (93)

He was able to switch out the dryer cord for me and now I won’t have to hang my stuff to dry like in the old days! I hadn’t had to do it yet but it was inevitable if it didn’t get changed.


Saturday I went with Katie & Rossi to Mexico Beach. We had a good time but it rained for an hour or so…thanks again Katie!

photo (98)

If you were in a bathing suit standing next to a personal trainer you’d crop out the bottom half too. Well at least I did would. Just sayin’.

photo (97)

It’s a comin!

photo (96)

Lunch at Toucan’s

photo (95)

Pretty again!

I also made a few of these headbands thanks to Mandy’s tutorial. Thanks for sharing Mandy!

photo (94)

And for those of you that don’t have Facebook, looky what I got from someone special Smile 


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Over It

Unpacking that is.

What. A. Pain

You know what, I truly don’t mind it too terribly much. But the fact is, I’m trying to fit a large house worth of stuff into my little place. Which means, I’m outta room. I am probably going to end up getting a small storage unit but then I have to face the decision of deciding what stays and what goes. “But what if I need this?” “Ooo I haven’t cracked open these cook books in two years but I just love the way they take up space on the counter” “Dang, how do I seriously have so much stuff……”

Yeah. These are some of the things running through my head. I have been putting off a lot of the non-fun unpacking stuff for this purpose. I don’t have the room for all of it. I have definitely only been digging for the boxes labeled “decorations” and I will gladly pass over the ones that say “kitchen” or “misc. garage stuff”. Case in point (and sneak peak of my place) I’ve got a hammer and am hanging stuff but not hardly any boxes had been touched at that point…


Anywho, I finally decided tonight I would get some stuff done. And I did get a lot done, but I have a lot left to do. In fact, as I sit here right now writing this, my kitchen and craft room are in this state: DSC_0496



Back living room/dining area


Guest room


See that clock? Yeah, it broke tonight. True story.

Sooo, aren’t you excited that you’re not me right now?

I’m off to watch Teen Mom, drink a big glass of Publix Sweet Tea and cuddle with my pooch on our big comfy couch.

The unpacking will be there tomorrow…

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I know, I know…

...I am slacking yet again. But I can explain.

You see, I've been really, REALLY busy. I don't know that I'll get to catch up on everything that's been happening, but I think things will slow down here now and I can get back to it.

I am currently blogging from my "new" couch in my "new" place. Cool huh? Thursday night I had a ton of help and we were able to get everything moved from the storage unit to my place. Friday I was off work so Mom & I got busy tackling the huge daunting task of unpacking. Thanks to her we got a lot done. Ever since I’ve been alternating between unpacking, shopping for miscellaneous items and sitting on the couch. It’s been a very rainy lazy weekend and I haven’t been as motivated as I thought I would be. But I’ve got all the time I need to unpack so if I wanna be lazy, then lazy I will be!

But to recap a little what’s been going on, here’s a bullet list.

  • I got a promotion. A really nice one and I am so blessed. I found out the news right before I rented my place (which is why I was able to go ahead and do it) and it couldn’t have come at a better time.
  • Sold the camper
  • Went to two Painting With a Twist classes (sooo fun!)


Our group doing Van Gogh Tree


Funky Flowers


  • Went to my PawPaw’s (great GPa) 95th birthday party



Me and Momma


Mom & Dad


That’s a lot of people!


My wittle brudder


Momi & PawPaw

  • Celebrated Fourth of July with the neighborhood crew. We watched the church fireworks across the strip while camped out at the front of the neighborhood.


Check out the backseat. Haha





  • Sent Lindsay off to her new life in Atlanta with a going away dinner at El Jalisco’s. I will miss you so much girl!!


Lindsay & Renee


Me & Ashley


Shaila & Lindsay


Erin & Baby Jack

  • Was asked out on my first date in 9 years. Went on the date. Had a wonderful time. Will be going on more dates with this person Smile
  • Moved into my very own little humble abode (pictures to come soon)
  • Getting back into the groove of life
  • Life is good <3

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life is good about kicking you when you’re down.

I went to feed the bunnies today, only to find that one was missing. I searched high and low and in tunnels and she was nowhere to be found. It was too hot for her to be in the little house inside the cage, but it was the only place left to look. But there she was, in her box and she had gone to Heaven.

David came over and we buried her together, they are our bunnies after all. It seems like just yesterday I remember bringing them home. That was already 6 years ago.  Life was so blissful then…gosh how I took those days for granted.  So in love and not a care in the world…

I know things can always get worse, but how our perfect little family and perfect little life has fallen apart so quickly, just wrecks me. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I know time heals all things, but I didn’t know it was possible to feel so much hurt. I am so tired of crying, of putting on a happy face. I want to be happy. Not just pretend to be. Life is far too short to be so sad. People change their minds…pets pass away…life ain’t for sissies I’ll tell ya that. 

Rest in Peace sweet Maui. I hope God has an endless supply of purple yogurt treats and alfalfa all for you. Sweet Penelope will miss you as will I.


Baby Maui is on the left…


Saturday, July 2, 2011

When Things Don’t Go Right, Go Left


Remember a few posts ago I said I wanted a tattoo? Well, I got it.


Cuh-razy huh?

Lindsay wanted to get one too and she finally laid down the law since she is moving soon and will be starting her new job in a new city far far away (Wahhh!!) she said it was time. Now or never. Sweet or non-sweet. Oil or vinegar. Well she didn’t really say that but you get the idea.

SO, we went back and forth trying to find the right artist, shop, etc…After many many many suggestions thanks to Facebook, we narrowed it down to a few. Mmk did you know that most tattoo shops close by 9? Ya, me either. I mean I thought they would open at nine. Unt uh. Perhaps to ward off drunken regrettable tattoos? Anywho, we went to three shops and they were either closed, super busy/pricey or just plain didn’t exist anymore. So we ended up at Monument Tattoos which was also highly recommended. As soon as we walked in, we pretty much knew it was the place. We were greeted right away. It was not busy at all. The place was clean and the artist was right there to talk to us (as soon as he finished up the piece he was working on). We told them what we wanted, ran down the road to get some cash (no cards allowed) and we were ready. Lindsay wanted to go first so she wouldn’t chicken out change her mind. So I obliged. We honestly thought hers would hurt more on the bottom of the heel. Perhaps because it is just thicker there? Well boy were we wrong. She was pleasantly surprised that it was not that painful! Mostly she just felt the buzzing but not much pain. She was a trooper!

Oh but first! Introductions!

Meet Kane.


Looks a little cray-zay!


Getting ready.

DSC_0407 copyStencil? Check!

DSC_0408 copy

Alright here we go!


And we’re off!


Thumbs up for not much pain!


All done! Cute cute!

Next up, it was my turn. I always knew I wanted a tattoo on my foot. And I knew I always wanted words. After a lot of thinking I decided on “let it be”. With everything I’ve gone through lately, I found this to give me a lot of strength. A friend of mine said “tattoos are a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling, and that’s not always a bad thing”. I just felt that this was something I really wanted and it would not only apply to what I’m going through right now, but my entire future. Future Kids, Husband, life. When you can’t control life, or other people in yours, you just have to “let it be”. And so it was decided. I went back and forth a lot on location even using photoshop as a tool! I finally decided on the inside arch of my foot. For your foot being relatively small, there are quite a few locations for tattoos. I figured on the inside it’s definitely visible, but I can always hide it if I need to. I am so happy with the spot I picked! Now for my turn…


Okay, now I’m nervous!


Stencil? Check again!


Buzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh my. I knew the foot would be painful, but whoo-wee! It actually was very bearable. Until he got to the top part of “it” and “be”. It was like burning razors when it hit the bone! Thanks Lindsay for letting me break hold your arm! Thankfully it only took a few minutes and it was all done.


It's perfectly imperfect!


Whew, glad that’s done!


We did it!

Oh! Wanna know why we did our left foot? I explained to Lindsay on the way to the bank to get cash that I wanted it on my left foot. The following conversation ensued:

Me: “Ask me why I want it on my left foot?!”

Lindsay: “Why?!”

Me: “Because when things don’t go right, go left!!”

Lindsay: “Ahh!! I am getting mine on my left foot then too!!”

Thank you Pinterest for that…what would I do without you!


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