Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing Ketchup

Hi there.

Sooo I’ve got some stuff to catch up on, and I’m not sure how many posts it’ll be. But first and most excitingly, I rented a place! I signed the contract on Saturday. I’ll be sure to share all about it and of course put up pictures, but I want to move in first (July 15th) before I do all that jazz!

Anywho, let’s rewind to last week. Fred, one of my parent’s neighbors' hosted a fish fry at his house. All the regular neighborhood folks were there. We had lots of yummy food and good company. I was too lazy to edit these so they’re SOOC*.

*SOOC = straight out of the camera


{Dad, Mom & Fred}


Oh, and you might be a redneck if…


You turn a perfectly good pool into a pond. On purpose.

Yeah, true story.





Me & Momma


So American. Love it.

DSC_0269 DSC_0270

Cole & Momma


Brimses (but not out of the man-made pond)



Kaitlyn feeding the catfish and brim.




More fishies.

And today these were some pictures I took off of my phone…the storm that was rolling in was wicked!

photo (83)

photo (86)

photo (85)

photo (84)

Up next – PawPaw’s 95th Birthday!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whoo-Wee Late Weekend Wrap-Up

Caution big fat post comin’ at ya! I mean, BIG and FAT. True story.

Friday night Katie invited me to join her, her Momma & her sister Carey to a play at the Tallahassee Little Theater. I didn’t have anything going on so I of course said yes! Katie and I grabbed some Five Guys before the play, yum-o! Her Momma treated me to the play (thanks again Mrs. Debra!) and we had a blast! The play was called Bedroom Farce and was basically a marriage comedy. It was a lot of fun. I laughed out loud quite a bit!photo (66)

photo (65)

Thanks again y’all!

Every year for the past few years my Dad and some friends head to Carrabelle, FL for the annual Salt Water Classic Fishing Tournament. Well this year, Mom really wanted to plan something to do. She suggested New York, Vegas, etc…sounds like fun right? Yeah except for we needed someone to pay for it all for us! Hah!

So, onto more realistic plans, we decided to just plan a full day on Saturday of fun stuff to do. For me, her and Cole.

The original plan was bowling, dinner and a movie.

Then I found out that there was free admission to the Junior Museum on Saturday so we decided why not, and added that to the itinerary.

Also I was supposed to take pictures for Erin of Jackson last week and I ended up coming home from work sick and had to re-schedule:/ So I added that to the to-do list on Saturday morning before our “schedule” started.

Jackson’s pictures went swimmingly! Remember not too long ago I did Erin’s Maternity Shoot. It’s amazing that Jack is here now and already 2 months old!

I was so so so pleased with how they turned out. I felt like I actually knew what I was doing! (A little bit anyway;) We also managed to sneak in a few extra pics of the the mommies, miss Rossi Kate and the photographer ;) Here are some all of my favorites!


Handsome little man.


You know, pondering life. Or when he’s gonna eat next ;)


That hat. I die of cuteness overload.





“Oh yeah, you know I’m a stud”



Love love love. Is it okay to absolutely love my own pictures? Or is that egotistical of me? Eh, oh well. I love ‘em.





Rossi, pretty girl!


She was SO proud to be holding “baby Jack”



Rossi giving me some lovin’! (Thanks KT for being photog!)


Girl talk ;)



Sharing more secrets with her Aunt Erin!



Noseys with her Momma!

After the girlies (& boy) left, I did a few quick edits and got them to the girls to use as Father’s day gifts.

Then we were off to start our fnu-filled day!

First stop was the Junior Museum. If you are from here, you know it’s more like a “zoo” of domestic animals than a museum. We used to go there often when we were little so it was fun to go back. Everything seems so much smaller now. Guess cause we’re much bigger!

So we get to the museum, and I pull out my camera to take the first picture of the day, and nothing. No shutter, no focus beep, nothin’…



After editing the pictures that morning, I left my camera memory card in my computer. At home.


So, the entire day consisted of iphone pics. Sorry about the quality but it’s better than nothing.

photo (67)

Me and my Momma

photo (68)

photo (74) photo (73)

Big Sister. Little Brother…using the outhouse.

photo (71)

photo (69)

Funny story. My Mom was picking leaves off the tree to feed the deer. A little girl sees her doing it and decides to do the same, only to get in trouble by her Momma for pulling the branches off! Haha, My Mom has always been “the bad influence”!

photo (70)

He may be bigger but I’m older and wiser!

photo (72)

And now…feeding the sheep. Baaaad influence Mother!

On the way to our next stop, we swung by the place Cole spends all his time. FSU’s College of Engineering.

photo (75)

Whoa, he must be smart of something! He gets it from me ;)

Then we were off to bowl at Seminole Lanes.

I lost both games and I am usually pretty good. I blame it on the balls. None were the right size!!

photo (76)

photo (78)

photo (77)

We did all get strikes on the same round so that was fun!

After bowling we went to the mall. Did a little looking around while killing time for the movie. I’d been coveting a new “big faced” watch and I decided I deserved one. I’m calling it my “severance gift” to myself. LOVE IT!

photo (79)

After the mall we headed over to the movie theater to see Hangover 2. It was the only thing we could all decide on. It was hilarious!

Did you know a small icee at the movies is $5.75?!?! What a RIP OFF!! When we finally decided to split one, and were gonna bite the bullet, they told us the coke ones were broken. Wahhh! So we skipped the icees.

But don’t worry, Tubby (aka Mom) was all set!

photo (80)

photo (81)

Long day at this point!

And our last stop of the day was dinner at Chili’s. Yummy!

photo (82)

Thank you Mom and Cole for the best day! And especially Mom since she so kindly footed the bill for the activites. I love you both!


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