Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The End

Well, the life of my blog didn't last long, but I think it's only fair to put it to rest instead of neglecting it. So I never really wanted to write my own blog, but just read others that were much more interesting. So as of now, don't really expect to get any more blogs outta me, not that anyone probably read them anyway, but I hope to re-join blog world in a year or so as wedding plans are on approaching and all that jazz so I will actually have something fun to talk about, and can write something at least weekly... I definitely plan to become an avid write after we get married when I can share the stories of our newlywed days! Ta-Ta for now!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So apparently I am not very good at this whole blogging thing...whenever I get on the website, I feel like it is more fun to read other people's blogs, than to write one...SO, I guess I need to write another one! I am A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y in LOVE with this weather! I know it is a little on the chilly side, but midday in the sun is perfect! Also, I have finally decided to make a change in my excersize routine. Well actually, I guess I have to have one first! So I have created one...GYM 3 times a week, and run on off days. I went with my Mom this past weekend in search of some plain black bathingsuit bottoms to go with my new top from Target. I found some that I liked, UNTIL I TRIED THEM ON! I really got the shock of my life in that dressing room. My mom offered to buy me some but I was repulsed by what I saw and I went home empty handed:( I can't blame it on the bottoms, becauseI tried on about 5 different styles, (including boyshorts!) so I know it's ALL me! So the second I got home, I ran around the block (expecting to rid the ripples right then!) And then dug out my long and unused YMCA I really hope I can stick with my new routine, and continue on in the hopes of becoming AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL! (<-- kidding!)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Miercoles (Wednesday)

Well it's hump day, and so the week is half over...but the bad half with two tests is over so it's all good! This week has been kind of a lonely one since my parents and Cole are out of town for Cole's baseball tournament, which means I have been home alone. It's nice in many ways because I can just do whatever and not have distractions when it comes to my homework and such, but it has been quiet and I miss them! Of course I have David, but I still need my fam! Anywho, the weekend was good, got to see our family and I highly enjoyed it, and my grandma got her puppy so that was fun! Tonight me and my GMa are going to Longhorn since mom and dad left me dinner money (yes!) so I am looking forward to some yummy food:) I am kind of in a split mood right now too. I am really happy because I got a good grade on the test I took Monday, but on the other hand I am bummed because I don't think I did so hot on the test I just took. Luckily we can drop the lowest one, because I think I might have just gotten it! But I am just glad there are no more tests this week, and this weekend we might be going out of town for David's softball tournament so that will be fun!


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