Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday eve started by finishing up painting the master bath. The painting is now DONE-ZO and and the supplies have been relocated to their new home in the garage, yay! The color is an avocado green and definitely livens up the space a bit. Right now the dilemma is deciding what color towels to buy for it. I love white towels, but we did those in the guest bath. We currently have dark gray ones that matched our old bath décor at the apartment but we’re looking for something that will match a little better with the green. Any ideas?

Now it’s story-telling time. David left to go stay at his parents Friday night because he was going fishing with his Dad the next morning and they were leaving super early and bottom line, it’s just easier to stay the night over there. So anyway, David just left to head to his parents and I was ready to tackle the bathroom. (Roll it). I was about to change into painting clothes so I didn’t have my phone on me, and I ran outside real quick to get the paint tray and came back to a locked door. Uh-Oh. All the other doors were locked and I had no phone, no keys, no hide-a-key, the garage door number pad hadn’t been programmed yet, and all the while Remi is on the other side of the door barking at me non-stop because he can see me through the window and I’m jiggling the door knob hoping it will magically unlock itself. After freaking out for a few seconds, I saw that our neighbors were home. Luckily I’ve met them before and they’re super nice, so I went over and they let me use the phone to call David. I told him I locked myself out and didn’t remember doing so, so he headed back to let me in. As I’m standing out in the heat watching Remi bark his head off at me through the door, I realized that only the dead bolt was locked and I couldn’t have locked it because you can only lock it with a key and clearly I did not have one. AH-HA!! I didn’t lock myself out after all, Remi locked me out! I remember when I first left to get the paint tray, I heard more noise than necessary when he jumped on the door to watch me out the window. Well that noise was him turning the deadbolt when he was pawing at the door! David got there to let me in and I was excited to tell him I actually did not lock myself out in a clumsy, non-paying-attention manner, it was the dog! We got a giggle out of it and Remi was happy to have us back on the inside with him!

On Saturday I met up with Renee and Brody at Dorothy B. Oven to hang out and take some pictures of her little man. I don’t have internet access right now to get the pictures from Facebook, but if you haven’t seen them that’s where they are. We had a great time and we both got some cute pictures of Brody. He’s getting so big so fast!

After that I went to Michael’s and spent wayyy too long in there. Gosh I love that store. I was on the hunt for some pretty scrapbook paper to frame and use as art in our room. I picked out two pretty ones and bought two frames that we ended up taking back Sunday and getting nicer ones.

Midday Saturday I went to a Spa Party at my Aunt’s house. It was relaxing and nice to get a little pampered. We did an “instant face lift” with a few different steps, and one of them burned/stung and I wasn’t too sure about it. Well I didn’t think much of it but then last night my face started to feel a little funny. David noticed it too and my cheeks were really red and hot to the touch. All day today they’ve been red still and feel really rough and are actually kind of tender if I rub my face:/ I’m not sure what’s going on with it but I hope it goes away because I’m not enjoying the after effects of my mini face lift and my skin isn’t looking or feeling so great. Last time I do that!

Later Saturday eve we were invited to the Dawkins for a BBQ and had a great time! The girls did a photo shoot trying to break in Renee’s new camera and the boys would glance over every now and again and I’m sure were thankful they were not born girls. Haha! They don’t understand our strange breed!

Sunday we went back to Michael’s to buy some more frames and pictures for our un-personalized house. We got some more wedding pictures printed and hung and David got two nice big pictures to add to the office. I love already how just adding some personal pictures around the house and not just pretty framed ones makes it instantly cozier and more welcoming.

Okay well I’m sure all that was boring and I’m tired of typing so that’s all for now!
Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Five

1) I am getting really excited for our annual Memorial Day camping trip with the Fam at Cap San Blas. We have been going for a long time now and not only is it my family, but also a lot of people from my old neighborhood as well. One year we took a group picture that had 30 people in it!! It’s a great time and I can’t wait. Although we’re going to be sad to be boarding Remi, it’ll be nice to have a little break and not have to be responsible! Ahh…Oh and I hope to see one of these too!

2) I am done painting! (I know I know, it’s taken me FOREVER). I started cutting in the master bath last week and finally finished it tonight. Ahh to be able to pack up the paint stuff that is crowding my craft room closet, can't wait to put it away for good!

3) Just realized how much I love this: Three letters: D-V-R oh how I love thee. We had DVR when I lived with my parents but when David and I got married we cut the stuff we could live without and he thought DVR was on of them. Well I am happy to say that since moving into our new place we splurged and got DVR and HDTV again. If you have DVR you know how wonderful it is, and if you don’t, I recommend it if you’re a TV junky (like myself). It’s just so nice to get home from work everyday and be able to watch my guilty pleasures (Holla Oprah & Tyra!) haha, no really though, it’s AWESOME!

4) Along with the zillions of other things I need/want for the house, something I have really been itching to do is to make throw pillows for the couch and curtains for our room and the dining area. Ya ya technically we have blinds and don’t really need curtains, but I think they add a nice touch and if I make them myself we will save lots of moola. Plus I get to put my craft room to work! Hopefully David will see the need in curtains and let me get to work;)
5) Numero cinco. I’ll share something funny that happened to me at work the other day. Since I’m in my new position I am not really “on the phones” yet since I pretty much have to take a message on 4/5 of the calls I answer, which is only when someone else can’t pick it up…ANYWHO, I happened to answer the phone the other day and the first thing out of the other end was “Habla espanol?” (Do you speak Spanish?). Now let me just say I got a little nervous, but went ahead and replied with “Un poco” (A little bit). I have taken a handful of Spanish classes and could ramble all day long to my family but fortunately they don’t know whether I’m telling them something grammatically correct or not lol. SO after I told the lady I could speak it a little bit, she spewed out an entire problem she was having with her license at about a mile a minute. I caught a few words here and there but I think even if she was talking English I wouldn’t have been able to keep up. I told her, “Lo siento, yo no comprendo, mas despacio por favor” (I’m sorry, I don’t understand, slower please). Well let’s just say she was NOT happy with that response, told me some choice words and promptly hung up on me…Thannkks lady, I’m sorry for trying to understand you and help, after all, we ARE IN AMERICA!!! What I should have told her were the few words that used to make us giggle in Spanish when we knew we weren’t supposed to say them. The ones you would definitely get in trouble saying in front of your Spanish teacher! Oh well, sounds like she needs to take some classes and learn some English!

That’s all, have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Well, our car hunt has come to an end, we are now the proud owners of a 2010 GMC Acadia! I am sooo in love with it! After much much much research and vehicle comparison we decided to bite the bullet and go with a larger vehicle with room to grow. Although we are not planning to have kids anytime in the near future, we are planning to have this car for a looong time. As in, a decade. SO, with that being said, we didn't want to buy something small and in 4-5 years have to buy something bigger. If you know David, he is the type to buy something and drive it til the wheels fall off. Yet another reason we went with a new versus used...if we're gonna drive it forever at least we know it only had 1 driver who took good care of it. So anywho, we are really really enjoying it! We are very blessed and we know this but we also work hard and save hard for the things we have.

It was also quite the challenge getting this car because David walked out on them several times when they weren't wanting to make a deal, everytime he came back after that they all said "Oh no it's Mr. James again!" haha. Oh well, it all worked out in the end though:)

Here's us with our salesman and the new ride!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I have a news bulletin to share if you don’t know already…our good friends Lindsay and Joseph are ENGAGED!! I am so excited for the two of them and absolutely cannot wait for their wedding. I had a newly engaged picture of them that I sadly accidently deleted when I transferred the pictures off my cameraL Congrats to the Future Sundays!

Tomorrow David and I are going to take a quick trip to Panama City, but no it’s not for the beach:/ We are going to look at/test drive/ and hopefully come home with a new car! My lease on my much loved Jetta is up at the end of the month and it’s time to buy something for the keeping. As much as I love my car, I really miss having the space that an SUV offers. There are several that I really like but long story short, we have decided to pursue a ___________! Okay okay so I don’t wanna say what it is yet because if I do and don’t end up getting it I’ll be bummed and you’ll wonder why I posted about it in the first place. Not that it’s a big super awesome reveal but I just don’t wanna say im getting something when I don’t know yet. But just know we are doing all the above tomorrow and I’ll share what I get if I get it! You’re probably wondering too why we’re going out of town to find one, and that’s because there aren’t any in Tallahasee:/ The dealership here doesn’t have any in and so we’re going where they got ‘em. I hope it works out!

Yesterday was a great Mother’s Day which included a cook out at my parents house and a fun day of swimming and hanging out at David’s parents and their neighbor’s house. I finally got some much needed sun but David got FRIED! Oh and Remi had his first pool experience! He didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. We had to pick him up and put him in there but he would swim for a quick minute and then make his way to the stairs. It was such a beautiful day!

I’m looking forward to this weekend too which will include Bunko & a trip to Iron City, GA which I might add has a whoppin’ population of 321! Every year the James’ family has an annual family reunion/fish fry and we weren’t able to go last year so I’m really looking forward to this years! One of the things I’m super excited about is the FRIED BACON…talk about the best thing you’ll ever eat! We had this two years ago when we went and I’m willing to bet I’ve thought about it probably every day for the last two years! Fat kid, I know I know. It’s just sooo yummy:)

Oh yeah we bought a tree this weekend! We have wanted to get a tree to plant in a corner of our yard for some privacy from our neighbors, and boy I never thought we’d be “tree shopping”! We decided on a Little Gem Magnolia. It’s already 12 foot tall and can’t wait to watch it grow! We also got some other little plants to spruce up the front and the backyard. It’s all coming together a little bit at a time. Oh and by the way anyone who wants to give me lots of money to spend at Tallahassee Nurseries is MORE than welcome:o) Here’s our newly planted tree, or as I called it our “love tree” that we shall watch flourish and grow! Hahah Oh and the little purple diamond plants are supposed to fill out rather large so hopefully you won’t be able to see the unattractive slabJ

And here is a picture of our hellion sweet 4-legged baby who steals and chews everything he’s not supposed to! The other morning he snatched one of my garden gloves off the porch and I chased him around the yard at 7 am on Saturday in my PJs trying to get it back from the little monster angel! Oh how we love himJ Oh and Remi got up close and personal to the bunnies a few weeks ago. While David was feeding them and the door was open, Remi jumped INSIDE their cage and apparently needed a closer look! Unfortunately I missed this whole ordeal because I was inside but boy what I would have given for a picture!

Have I mentioned too that Remi loves giving his Daddy sugar? I don’t love puppy sugar as much as David does, so Remi lets him have it! Haha!

One more thing, I gave blood last Friday for the 3rd time in a row! You can physically give blood every 8 weeks and since my blood type is O+ it is in demand and I get calls asking me to come donate. Luckily I am able to do it at the SCBC Blood Bus that comes to my work and if you donate it counts as time worked as well. I almost wasn’t able to do it this time because they said my iron level wasn’t high enough, but they offered to do a “second stick” in my finger to try again. I agreed reluctantly and it was high enough the second time! I have to admit I was scared to death the first time I donated. You sit in a big long chair, and then they stick ya with a big hollow needle (okay not that big) and you sit there about 5 minutes while a pint of blood is sucked outta ya! It isn’t bad though and I feel great about what I’m doing. After all, every time you donate, 3 lives are saved! Plus everytime you do it you get something. I am obtaining quite the collection of blood donor shirts and one time they were giving away pints of ice cream for a pint from you.

Hope you have a great week!


(sorry for the sideways computer freezes everytime i try to turn them!)

I’m happy to share I finally have some pictures off my camera:) Thanks to mom’s computer!

This is what the exterior of the house is looking like these days. It hasn’t changed much but I’ve hung my star and my Mom gave me a cool cactus plant that now tops my DIY madeover milk jug. Sweet!

Next we have the newly painted RED foyer. It was a scary move but I brought in a sign with two little red stars on it to Lowes to have it matched and this is how it looks! I think it turned out pretty good and it definitely livened up the entrance. And we got our cute little entry table from Tar-jay!

Moving on, here is the mostly complete living room. The rug is one of the most recent additions which we scored on sale at Lowe’s. We’ve got all the furniture in for this space now, just need to add some more homey touches like table decorations and misc. knick knacks. I just love itJ

Now, probably my favorite of the whole space so far is our counter height dining room table. We ate our first meal on it last night and it was great! Still need a big pretty centerpiece for the lazy susan…got any ideas? I was thinking maybe a clear vase with lemons and lime to bring in some pizzazz and celebrate spring:)

This is the finished kitchen. Probably one of my favorite things is that little chalkboard in the top left corner that we found on sale at kirklands (love that store!). It just reminds me of a little sign that would be out front of a bistro or something.

And here we have the laundry room, painted in Robin’s Egg Blue. It’s such a cheery little room and I am loving the new washer/dryer.

My craft room is also painted the same color as the laundry room, I just liked it that much! I am super excited to have my own space where things that I work with often can stay in its place and not have to be put away after use. I am going to be spending many hours in this room. Still need to add some more fun décor in here though, it’s my happy place:)

Next we have David’s Man Room/Office. This is where all his gaming stuff will be set up once we get a tv in there. We picked up this great desk from Office Depot and can’t wait to get a computer in there…that’s on the “to get” list along with a million other things.
I though the color I had picked for the guest bath was a Slate Blue, and it turned out to be more of an ocean blue:/ Not the look I was going for but I sure am not in the mood to repaint it so that’s how it’s gonna stay! Still needs some finishing touches as well but this is its current state.
We got our dressers and night stands in for the Master, but our bed is on backorder so I’ll wait til we get it to share pics of that.

And I still need to paint the master bath (last room to be painted!!) which will be an avocado green color. Hopefully I can knock that out this weekend and can put away the paint stuff for a looong time:)

Okay that’s all for now but I’ll post more as progress comes along!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Well the house is unpacked (mostly), the furniture is all here (mostly), & spent the weekend putting the furniture together (mostly). We had a very busy and productive weekend which started with an early morning trip to Thomasville by David and his dad. Thank goodness they were able to get all the furniture in the first load, and when they returned it was time to get to work! I don’t know what I was thinking, but for some reason I though everything would come nice and pretty wrapped and already put together…boy was I WRONG! Even the recliner came in two pieces, sheesh. Oh and I will be happy if I never see an alan wrench again since that’s how everything had to be put together. Then after 75 % of it was done being put together, my Dad saved the day and lent me an alan wrench drill bit- LIFESAVER! I was able to put 4 chairs together in an hour compared to the 2 I had done before which took 40-45 minutes each using that tiny little wrench by hand. Thanks Dad!

I really wish I could include some pictures in this post but I still can’t figure out my camera:/ I will probably say that in every post until I get it fixed! But I am absolutely LOVING the way everything turned out. I am very happy with our furniture choicesJ We had a movie night Saturday and watched Avatar and it was so nice to be able to sit on a couch again!

Sunday we went over to some friends of ours, Brett & Lynn, who live right down the road. They moved in to their new home several months ago and now we live right down the street from them! It’s nice to have someone ya know so close by. A few of us got in the pool but at a cool 71 degrees it was a little on the chilly side! I got in but never really warmed up lol. They fed us a smorgasbord of food and we had a great time. Thanks for having us ya’ll!


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