Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Waiting!

…Anxiously Cricut! It’s been a week since I ordered it, and I cannot WAIT for it to get here! I know it’s for Christmas, but knowing that it’s not in my possession yet is killing me…it’s literally all I can think about I’m so dadgum excited to play with it!

…Anxiously awaiting…the Christmas Decorations to be completed at our house! Yesterday we got our tree up, but while I was supposed to be working on the tree, I got caught up helping David on the outside lights. Can I say what a pain?! Our house is the only one in the neighborhood with a pergola…meaning, we can’t get to the peaks on the roof without getting ON the roof because the pergola is in front of the house and you can’t get to the front peaks. No ladder access made for a very difficult time with the blasted icicle lights! We ended up having to make an equipment run because our (David’s) roof method only worked for a small part of it before it was too steep for one to safely venture out on…after an unsuccessful stop at Wal-Mart, we headed to Lowe’s. Bring in, a Christmas light hanging pole! Although we were able to complete the hanging with the use of this, BOY was it a double pain!
This is David doing the Clark Griswold thing…light hanging, hanging onto the roof for dear life.

Look at the top peak in the next picture... do ya see him?

So, by the time we finished fighting the lights, it was time to get ready for our Christmas card pics so we wrapped it up for the day. They aren’t plugged in yet because we have a lot left to do and it’s going to take some intense planning to run all those extension cords. So as of now we have an unlit/undecorated tree, and half decorated house. Anxious to get it done & be able to enjoy it!

Here's some pics from our trip to Lowe's to get the tree! My fam got theirs too so we all went together:)

Oh and since I don’t know when I’ll get around to doing an entire holiday décor post, for now, here’s what the house is looking like in it’s Christmas glory! :)

Picked up this pristine version of "A Christmas Carol" at Goodwill for 5 bucks. Score!

This is how someone feels about more pictures being taken of him:

Haha, poor Rem!

…Anxiously awaiting…our Christmas cards! Yesterday we met up with Brett & Lynn so Brett could snap a few pics for us. (I hope y’alls turned out great too!) Brett has a fancy dancy camera and also did our Wedding & Engagement pictures. He pretty much rocks! Look him up at his website Svenson Images. So we went to Lake Monkey business in Killearn (which I never knew was there) and it was so pretty! Pretty place, funny name! It was a lake with a peninsula in the middle. The sun was starting to go down in the sky, the water was as smooth as glass and we saw quite the herd of deer! Then of course there was the James’ disturbing the peace with our wheezing-choking-himself-to-death-dog trying to get into the water and explore. Thanks guys for putting up with our antics! Gah! Our pictures turned out GREAT and I can’t wait to share our finished card :) I ordered them last night (thanks to the shutterfly promo) and can’t wait for them to come in. Here’s some of our other favorite shots from the day.

Trying to wrestle Remi into a sitting. He was over pictures by now. The water was calling him!
Much better!

I’ll withhold our final choice so those that we send them to get to at least see a different picture and the design we chose:)

…Anxiously awaiting…the Jingle Bell Run & Market Days! Both are happening this weekend and I am SO excited. The Jingle Bell Run starts off the Winter Parade and my Mom, Dad and I are going to be participating this year. I’ve never done it before but I have been equipped (thanks to the registration fee) with a long sleeve jingle bell run t-shirt (love it), santa hat, glow necklace, and a bell for my shoes. David used to work for the city so he still sometimes helps out when the big events roll around. Well he was going to work until he found out the Noles are going to the ACC Championship! He is now not working it and is trying to find a way to Charlotte this weekend. Oh my! Cole will be working it though as he currently works for the city. It should be fun!!

Market Days happens every year at the Fair Grounds. It’s a huge event full of vendors selling all kinds of goodies. My Mom and I go every year usually with my Aunt & Grandma and I can’t wait to see what I can find this year!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey Day 2010

Turkey day this year consisted of Family, Food, Fun & Football! I helped Mom bake all morning- she made (I just assisted) a Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, Cheesecake, and Dirt Cake (Cole assisted). We watched National Lampoon's Christmas vacation on the small tv in the kitchen and kept going to the living room to check on the Macy's Parade.

We went to my Aunt's house for dinner which was around 2:00. I was not loving the warm humid weather. It was plain hot and the clouds kept hinting at rain but it never did. Dinner was delicious and dessert was too:) I ate wayyy too much of course, but that's the rule on're supposed to "gobble til you wobble", right Linds? And I was definitely wobbling =D

After dinner the ladies got to scouring the ads and planning for Black Friday.

The menfolk did what the men do-watch football and talk about the ladies' problems with wanting to get up so early and do all that unnecessary spending!

It was a great dinner and thanks again Aunt Sandra & Uncle Roger for hosting!

I was in bed by 9 on Thursday because I knew 4:00 was going to come very early Friday morning. Then the alarm rang and off we went! David joined us this year - he and I drove separate from Mom because we both had different first "must stops" but we met up after that. We got some great stuff, I had problems with buying more for myself than gifts for people on my lists (oops) but David was being a very very generous Hubby so I went a little overboard (oops again). Thanks babe!!

We had a great day and had a car full o'goodies at the end of the day. Some highlight items for me were black suede flat boots, new rain boots, coat rack from Kirkland's, and a jewelry case! More stuff too but those were things I was really excited about:)

I'll share a picture of a coat rack in the house, but that'll just wait til my Christmas decor post:) For now, here it is-
Love that store!

Oh and we got our tree today! Pics to come once it's decorated.

Happy Saturday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

(No Subject)

I would just like to say…

That when I sat down today to get my daily dose of YoungHouseLove, I was slightly giddy.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I get tons of inspiration from YHL and copy many of their DIY projects. They are selling their house and are thus starting to think of paint colors for their new (old) home. And wouldntchaknow, they are considering several colors that we have in our house! Okay now I wouldn’t dare think they have seen pictures of our house and are drawing inspiration from there, but it does make me feel like I have a smidge of taste if the DIY/interior decorators that I look up to are considering similar décor.

This is the palette they put together.
We've got a gray room, a desert-ish yellow living room, a chocolate brown master bedroom, and a khaki bathroom.


In other news, we had a fun-filled weekend while my SIL Kimbo, her hubby Josh, and their pooch Bailey were in town. Friday was Kim’s birthday dinner @ Chili’s. We had tickets to the 8:10 showing of the new Harry Potter movie so we had to hurry to try and get seats. Cole & Valerie (brother & his gf) were there before us but couldn’t save seats because there was a line to even get into the theater and seat-saving was not an option. SO, even getting there with plenty of time to spare, we were in row #2. NOT FUN. I will never do that again. Not to mention HP is a pretty long movie, so it’s not the best one to choose to sit where you have to crane your neck. The movie was great, but I could not get comfortable…lean forward, lean back, lean sideways, use David’s knee as a leg rest, try and face straight forward but crane eyeballs upward and use peripheral vision while trying not to have a double chin…sheesh. Not enjoyable. But we had a good time and thanks again to Valerie for giving David and I two of her free tickets that were a gift from her school…you rock!

Saturday Kim, Lindsay, Ashley (Linds’ sis) and I went to Bradley’s Country Store. It’s basically a small craft convention held once a year where people come out and sell homemade things. There’s a lot of corny stuff but there’s also some goodies too. It got pretty warm on Saturday which I was not loving since it’s November and all, but it was still a great day. Saturday evening me & Remi hung out with Kim, Josh & Bailey & watched the game. Thanks for the pizza Big Dawg! Well technically Kim and I hung out with the pooches and looked up Cricut stuff online…which I am super duper excited about because I will be ordering one TONIGHT!! Yay, the Hubster said I could go ahead and get it (thanks to my friend Chelsy’s finding, it was on sale online!) so I can’t wait to get home and order it. Of course I have to wait til Christmas though to use it…boo!

Oh and while we were watching Cricut Dan on YouTube…I noticed Remi was being rather quiet. He’s like a small child, if he’s quiet, he’s up to no good. I look over to see him “nom nomming” on Kim’s BRAND NEW iPhone!! AHH!! Oh my gosh there went my cricut (the money for it anyway)…well at least it would have if not for her removable screen protector and hard case…the protector was toast but the phone was undamaged. Hallelujah!! ‘Bout had a heart attack. I am thinking I need to invest in some of those protectors ASAP, seeing this is the THIRD phone Remington has somehow thought had his name on it for a snack. 1st was my Samsung Blackjack = toast. 2nd was Mom’s phone= still workable but no longer pretty. 3rd was a near miss of the most expensive yet…sorry again Kimbo, it’s cause your Whemi just loves you so much he wanted to give you something to remember him by!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ladies(& Gents) Get Ready to Start Your Engines!!

This time next week, I will be hurting. I already know it. I’ll have had 3-4 servings of every food imaginable. I’ll be fighting off the effects of tryptophan and slipping into turkey-overdose oblivion. Ahhh. Why would I do this to myself? I can’t help it, I’m addicted to food (true story) but you see it’s also necessary, and part of my training. What training you may ask? Training for this:

Yes, these people are running into a store. That lady in the pink is WAY excited!

It takes some immense eating to gain enough fuel and energy to face it. BLACK FRIDAY.

Only bargain shopping professionals and skilled kick boxers should dare to venture out into what’s deemed the biggest shopping day of the year. But have no fear, my mother and I are highly qualified for this task.


That’s right, we are amongst the crazy, borderline-psychos who are up at the ladder half of midnight, ready to start our engines. The engine to the car (it’s usually freezing) and the engines to our legs, getting ready to do some running and trampling. Okay maybe not the trampling, but definitely a little power walking. Didn’t you know they found the Power Walker athletes from the Olympics on Black Friday? (Don’t research that, take my word for it)

Last year we were at Wal-Mart by 5:00 and I barely found a parking spot. So this year we might have to step it up. I think our plan is to get up at 4 (ish). Although Old Navy opens at 3 am so we’ll have to see. ;)

After gorging ourselves with food, we’ll also have to prepare our P.O.A. (Plan of Action). Nobody said it was easy, but somebody’s gotta do it. Scour the pages and pages of ads for the best deals, and plan the attack. Whatcha-need-from-here, when-ya-gotta-be-there, and so on. A man (wo-man) without a plan shall be left in the dust paying full prices. Not us. We’ll be prepared. For battle.

Wish us luck and may the force be with us!

PS- If you’re brave enough, check out the 2010 Black Friday Deals ahead of time.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Turning Back Now!

Can you guess what this is?

What’s that? You said it’s the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Times Square in New York? Wow you’re good!

I mentioned recently that we were trying to plan a trip up north, and it’s coming together! A friend of David’s that is going with us is heading the whole trip and booked the hotel earlier in the week. (THANK YOU DAVID!) Whoo-hoo! Did I mention it’s non-refundable? Guess that means there’s no turning back! And yes, we will be staying at the Crowne Plaza. Suh-weet!

Our plan is to stay fly to NYC and stay for 3 days and then hop on a train to Boston where we’ll be staying with some friends. The plan is to visit a ski resort in Boston and play in the snow! David and I have never seen snow so we are very excited!! I don’t know if I’ll ski, but I do plan to “attempt” to try my luck at snowboarding and I will for sure be planting my butt in a giant innertube and fly down a snow covered mountain! Hope to return with no broken bones but I’m not guaranteeing anything…

I did a little research on the weather in February up there and the average high in NYC then is a bone-chilling 32 degrees. Oh goody!

I am just so darn excited but already stressing about doing everything I want to do/see. I am pretty sure it’s impossible to do it all in just a few short days, so maybe that just means planning a week long trip there in the future!? We will see =D

I think I found out also that the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will be going on the same time we’re there! Um, I will definitely be in celebrity hunting mode!

I’ve been to New York once before but it was only for a day and I was about 13 so I’m really looking forward to this trip. Oh and when we (Mom, GMa, Me) were there we went to FAO Schwartz and guess who we saw shopping?! NSYNC!! Oh. Em. Gee fabulous for a 13 yr old who had posters of the teen heart throbs on her walls! My GMa is so silly when I told her who they were, she goes, “Ahh, INSTINCT!” Haha! Oh GMa, love you!

So this time around I wouldn’t mind seeing somebody special! Can I put my order in for Rob Pattinson?? =D

Alright, I’m off to practice my Yankee accent (you know, said in an annoying “jersey shore” voice …

“Where’d ya pahk the cah?”

“Yo! I’m walkin’ heah!”


“Eh, can I getta hawt dawg?”

Oh yeah, I’ll fit riiight in!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, Monday

I’m kind of over writing huge long blogs wrapping up my weekends. So unless I do something blog worthy (or buy something) I probably will no longer be wrapping up in lengthy posts. Too much effort to remember everything that happened and bottom line, I’m lazy. Yeah, I admit it.


I’m really excited about this week because tomorrow is Lindsay’s jewelry party, and Wednesday the Lau’s will be here! I’m so excited:) Then of course next week is short and will end with the eat-a-palooza and shop-a-palooza of the year! Mom & I are already planning to get up at 4 or 4:30 to make the sales on Black Friday! Many people say we’re crazy but we have fun and get good deals! You know me, I’m all about a good deal;)

What else, what else, oh yeah! Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards over at Shutterfly if you write a post about their 50 free cards. I signed up for it and you can see my holiday card post below!

Burning question, I am debating whether I should put the web address to my blog in small print at the bottom of our holiday cards…this way family can keep up with us who don’t already know about the blog. However, I sort of feel like it’s egotistical of me to want people to know about it that I don’t see/talk to often…thoughts??

I am also getting really excited about decorating the house for Christmas. We decorated the apartment last year but there’s only so much you can do with a balcony so it’ll be fun to have a whole house, (one) outside (small) tree, and a yard to decorate! Please expect our house to be the one draining the entire neighborhood of electricity & with giant blow ups in the front yard. Chea, be jealous. If you don’t know already, I am married to Clark Griswold Jr. and he is itching to get started!! Can’t wait!

Don't forget to scroll down for info on the 50 free photo cards!

Bloggers get 50 Free Holiday Cards from Shutterfly!

For as long as I can remember my family took Christmas card pictures. They were sent to friends and family all over and it was just as fun to send them as it was to receive them! I knew when I “grew up” and got married I would want to continue the tradition. Last year we got married in September so I knew we would be sending out our first Holiday cards as “The James Family” come Christmas time.

Well the time has come again to get started on this year’s photo cards, and luckily I stumbled across an awesome promotion that Shutterfly is giving! They are offering 50 free cards to bloggers so if you’d like to find out more and cash in on the same great offer, click HERE.

I have been pouring over all of the beautiful designs that Shutterfly has to offer, and I’m really drooling over these next few. Tough choices for sure!

This one is elegant, simple, and classic. And since I’m slightly obsessed with black and white photos, this one is a top contender.

I am a big fan of anything whimsical, and THIS card reminds me so much of a whimsical “Who-like” Christmas tree that I get giddy just looking at it.

Oooh, pretty. HERE is another simple one, but so pretty. Perhaps a sepia toned picture? Love it.

Oh goody I can’t wait to take our pictures and find the “perfect shot” to put into one of these beauties.

Don’t forget, if you want to find out how YOU can get 50 free cards, check it out HERE at Shutterfly!

Thank you Shutterfly!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Remote Round-Up

I'm not happy with the frequency that I've been writing my blogs lately. A little too sparse for my liking so I will try to do more than just a weekend wrap-up=D

Worked on a little project today that I want to share.

When we went to Mule Day recently I picked up a coca-cola crate for $6. I had a vision and it's since come to life.

First I took a before picture (of course):

Then I sanded it with my new hand sander. It didn't take all the red paint off but it smoothed the surface which I was looking for anyway. I was planning to spray paint it and that's it. But I realized I should probably prime it since the wood was pretty soft and porous. So I primed (2 coats) and since it was white I just left it finished as primer white. Not professional I know but I didn't have white (non-spray) paint and the primer looked the same as paint would so that's how it stayed! I like it without a painted bottom to give it a more rustic effect.

BUT, I saw this on another blog and loved the fabric idea so I decided to copy.

I had leftover fabric from my camera strap so I cut it to size. I didn't have double stick tape so I just hemmed the edges with my hot glue gun. The fabric is just layed in there so is easy to remove or switch out. Worked just fine!

I just love the end result! Now our remotes have a home instead of scattered on the end tables and stacked on stuff to stay out of Remi's reach. Much better:)

PS- I am an unprepared wannabe photographer. One camera was dead already and right as I went to take the finished picture my big cam died. So, phone pics will have to suffice!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Busy Weekend - Lots to Wrap Up!

It seems my weekend wrap ups are coming later and later in the week, but it’s that or nothing so late it is!

This past weekend was a whirlwind of events. And it was FUN!

Friday night was my birthday dinner at El Jalisco’s. I was lucky enough to celebrate with several family and friends and seriously rack up in the gift department- I have some very generous friends and family! Not to boast and I know it’s probably not the best etiquette to list all my goodies, but it’s my blog, you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to, and a few people have asked me, “What’d ya get?!” So here’s my delectable collection of acquisitions for my birthday this year:
Joann’s Fabric Gift Cards (Craft Store)
Chick-Fil-A Gift Card
Lowe’s Gift Card
Belt Sander from my Pops (he got a new one so gifted me his old)
Hand Sander w/ 10 Attachments
Tervis Tumbler “Eat, Drink & Be Merry”
Money (which was all spent at Mule Day & Second Hand Sandies- more on
that in an upcoming post)
Vera Bradley lunch box
Father of the Bride (I&II) (Previously mentioned;)
Spray Paint (I totally used this already!!)


And as if that wasn’t already enough, can I have a drumroll please? “Brrrrrr, Brrrr” (you know, rolling the r’s?)

The iPhone4!!!

I have been wanting an iPhone since they first came out several years ago. The plan was that I could get one come February when I switched from my parent’s plan (thanks M & D!) to a joint plan for David and I. I have had phone envy of David for a long time because he’s had the iPhone since it first came out. Lucky.

Anywho, if you can remember in one of my previous posts I thought I knew what he was getting me. And this wasn’t it. BUT, that doesn’t mean I’m not ecstatic about it, because I AM!!! I am absolutely loving my phone and it is sooo nice to have internet access which I didn’t have before. In case you were wondering, I thought I might have been getting a Cricut. You can click here to learn about what it is. I’m completely obsessed with it so it’s still on my wish list (hint hint Santa/Black Friday!!) but now I am super stoked about my new phone!

After a great dinner, it was time to head to my parent’s house for the ritual of a bon fire after my birthday dinner. We missed those who weren’t able to join us at the fire, but still had a good time. They sang me happy birthday, I had my cake and ate it too. The weather was in the 40s/30s and was PERFECT for the fire.

Joseph went and got Bailey so she could play with Remi and they had a blast. Remi was constantly pulling large branches from the fire and then realized real quick what would happened if he chomped down on the hot end! Poor pooch, but you live and you learn! They spent the evening playing stick tug-o-war and chasing each other. Remi loves this Bailey but he is also looking forward to seeing his cousin Bailey in about a week!!

I had a wonderful, WONDERFUL birthday and thank you to everyone again, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you guys ROCK & I’m so lucky to have you in my life!

Saturday Mom, Dad & me went to Mule Day. David wanted to go but feared missing the 3:30 ball game so he didn’t. It’s located in Calvary, GA and is basically a big southern gathering of homemade stuff (crafts, wood working, just STUFF) and deliciously healthy fried fair-like food. YUM! Mom and I both got quite a few treasures. One of the things I got is a coke crake that I plan to sand (with my new hand sander!) and paint, and distress, and use it as a coffee table catch all box. You know for remotes, décor, etc… like this!

I also got this sign:

And a few other misc. items:)

Then on the way home we were driving through Havana and I saw this store I had been wanting to go to for a while now so we stopped. I have been looking for an antique window to make pretty and hang somewhere in the house. I found this place on craigslist and had been dying to go! Oh dear. Heaven to a DIY’er! Although I found lots I wanted, I only ended up with two horse heads and the window. I was out of money. As my Dad says, “Out, O-W-T”. Get it? That’s okay if you don’t, there’s not much to get other than I think it’s funny that he always says that and purposely spells it wrong. Still not laughing? Okay, nevermind.


Sunday consisted of laundry (bleh) and a sweet 2 year old's 2nd birthday! She is my friend’s daughter and I can’t believe she’s already 2 years old! She had a very cute Sesame Street themed birthday party, complete with a real live Oscar the Grouch!
Katie & I

The birthday girl!

Great weekend and perfect weather? Check!

PS- No work Thursday, hallelujah! A big heartfelt Thank You to the Veterans.
PPS- (haha I said pee pee!) My favorite Sister-in-Law Kimbo, her hubby Josh, and my 4-legged niece Bailey will be here a week from tomorrow! SO looking forward to their visit. Can’t wait!
PPPS- I keep thinking of more I want to add…tomorrow is the last night of our self defense class. We will go one at a time while everyone watches, and we’ll be in three different scenarios and attacked by men in big red suits. Our job is to employ the techniques we’ve learned to try and escape. Oh, and the instructors have asked me to go first to “set the bar high”. Great. Now I’m nervous…wish me luck!!


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