Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm Ready for Fall

My mom and I went to Michael's a few weeks ago and there it was, in it's own entire aisle, the first sign of the holidays, HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS. I was sooo excited! Fall/Winter is probably my most favorite time of the year. It just makes me so happy to know that the holidays are on their way, and so is nice weather. I love the sun/sand/summer very much, but just something about being able to wear jeans and a sweatshirt puts a smile on my face. It's just so COZY:) I really can't wait. It just sucks that it doesn't even start to get cold here around late October, early November, but I guess better late than never! So come early this year fall!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We're Back!

I can't believe it's already over:( Our Disney trip was by far one of the greatest vacations I've ever had and I am glad that it happened but definitely sad that it's over! We took many pictures which i will load to facebook eventually, and then comes the dilemma. Disney has this awesome thing called PHOTOPASS. You get a little card at the beginning of your trip for free. It can be used in all the Disney parks and it has it's own little barcode on it that you can go around to any different Disney photographer located in all the parks and have your picture taken. This seemed to be a wonderful idea because our last trip to Disney consisted of about 2 entire pictures of the two of us the whole trip. We figured this would be an easy way to get lots of pics with both of us in it! Now, the thing is you don't have to buy the pictures or anything, but they are available if you want to see them online. We were told you can just purchase a cd for a flat rate regardless of the number of photos and then you can have ALL of the picture for one price. Well we planned to just do that, so for most of the MAJOR photo ops (castle/epcot ball/hollywood studios, etc...) I don't have pics of because we knew we would just buy the cd with them on it. WELLLLLL, we get home, look at the pics, can't wait to order them, and THEN there it is: $125 for ONE CD. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!? NOOOOO:( We obviously were NOT counting on it being that expensive. There are a total of 55 pictures on the whole cd. That means we would be paying $2.27 per picture...SOOO there is no way I can save the images or anything and now I don't have them, they will be cleared off the website in 27 days, and I don't know what to do? Anybody know any ways to steal pics? LOl. (I already tried taking a picture of the computer screen!! --> didn't work) ANYWHO...OTHER than the picture fiasco, our trip was ABSOLUTELY wonderful. We had heavy rain on the second day, and it was mostly cloudy the other days with rain here and there, but overall it was the trip of a lifetime. Renee & TJ joined us for the weekend and we HIGHLY enjoyed their company! We were able to make it to 4 parks in the two days they were here...thank goodness for the park hopper! David and I ended up coming home a day early though because of FAY, but it was the best thing to do weather wise. David is already ready to plan another trip...we are thinking maybe around Christmas time? I would LOVE for it to be the happiest time of the year spent at the happiest place on earth. Any joiners?!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I can't believe it's only hours away!

We are leaving in exactly 12 hours! Yippeee!!! I am so glad it is finally here because I honestly don't know if I could be more excited! I have probably checked at least 8 times today because of course today was supposed to be nasty and it said it would follow into tomorrow. One, our last drive to Disney was in the rain, or actually a torrential downpour/tornadoes/you name it, and we would rather not drive down in it again. TWO, tomorrow on the itenerary is Blizzard Beach, and if it's raining, it really won't be as much fun. Probably by the time you all wake up tomorrow, we will be arriving at our hotel, lol. We'll be home the 19th and I'm sure I'll have lots of blogging to do!!

We're off! (well in 12 hours;)

PS- please pray for our safety and good weather!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Those two school posts weren't supposed to be there...

Anywho, today I had both of my finals for my classes. So now I'm done! *YAY* I must say the organic one was SUPER hard, and I'm not feeling an ace, but I think I did OKAY on my physics one...guess we will see! I am SOOO glad to not have classes for two exciting. As I said earlier, it's gonna be a busy weekend but I am looking forward to it, especially since I have no studying or assignments to do over the weekend...WHOO HOO! I hope I can win big in bunko tonight...more spending money for our trip:) Which is in 5 days by the way:) Ya, that's all for now. Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend:)



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

dISNEY in T-7 dAYS!


hOOOO-dA-lOOO zIP-a-dEE-dOO-dAAA!!!!!


Well I know we still have a year before we will even be moving out, but good news, we have a living room set! My mom has been saying for some time now that she wanted a new couch and love seat. I kept dropping the hint that I definitely wanted the old set...well today on her way back from St. George she bought a new set and said we could have the other! It's not exactly what I would have picked out, but 1) it's free 2) I have found the cutest couch covers online, so that is what I plan to do next year when we move out, recover them! Now there's a slight problem though, in 5 weeks the new stuff will be delivered, and I have to find place to store the old stuff! We don't have anywhere in either of the houses to store it, and we def. don't want to rent a storage unit, so we are thinking about asking my Dad's Bachelor friend, Fred who lives across the neighborhood. His woman took all the furniture when she left over a year ago and he still has no couches! LOL, poor Fred. So maybe he wouldn't mind having the couches for a little while!

Anywho, this week is finals week and I am soooo ready for it to be over! I actually have a 91% in organic right now so if I don't bomb the final then I should be good to go!!

There is lots of fun stuff going on this weekend too and of course we leave for Disney next Wednesday, SOOO EXCITED!!!


Saturday-Laura + Cody's Wedding

Sunday- Erin's Grad. Party

Wednesday- Leave for the happiest place on earth!

Hope everyone is having a good week:)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's not pink, it's "eggshell"

Okay, so as you all have heard me complain, I'm broke! I was offered by my old neighbor (Coach Dunlap) to paint a room in his rental house for 100 bucks. Easy money right? Part of the deal was I had to buy the paint (I'm thinking it'd be $20) and then I can keep the rest. SOO after playing phone tag with the two guys who live there to find out when I could come, we decided on Sunday (today) @ 2:00. Well 10:30 rolls around and I am ready to paint, so I call the guy and he says I can go ahead and come over. I talked my Dad into going with me to help me get started and be with me when I meet the people and stuff since they are complete strangers. First we went to get paint, and did I ever mention there has to be a 1,000 different KINDS of paint? Semi-gloss, flat, matte, you name it...aye-yi-yi...I just need normal paint in an "eggshell" color, (these were my instructions from Coach). SOOO after getting ZERO knowledge from the lovely worker at SLOWE'S to help me find what I was looking for, we settled on one, but of course it didn't come in "eggshell" so I had to pick a color and they had to mix it... no problem, I picked an eggshell, offwhite looking color, and that was that (so I thought!) So anyways (this story doesn't really have a point, just thought I'd share my day!) we get there and knock forever, call the guys, no answer anywhere, and being sized up by their 4 HUNGRY PITT BULLS, was making me a little we decided to try the door and it was unlocked. (The guy knew I was coming but he didn't say he wouldn't be there...) So here we are "breaking & entering" some strangers house with 4 pits (they were in cages-phew!) and get all set up to paint. My Dad HATES painting, but he was kind enough to help me cut in and wait for the people to get there to make sure I was comfortable before he left... (they were very nice by the way!) Well after we were done cutting in, I felt a HUGE sinking in my stomach. The paint was PINK. I felt like I was painting a little girl's room, not a big, dark, football players...OH NO! Needless to say I start freaking, and my Dad didn't really think it looked that pink, but he kept saying, "No, it's eggshell" and I was like, but it looks pink!! (light pink anyways) He said let's just see what it looks like when it's all done...well he eventually left after the hard part of cutting in was done, so I was left by my lonesome with a roller, pink paint, and a stranger's room. I just knew it would turn out HORRIBLE! Well, when it was all said and done, I still thought it looked slightly pink, but with the lights off and with no STARK WHITE walls to compare it to, I think it could squeeze by as "off-white". I was so nervous to show them because I knew if they didn't like it they could sick their DOGGIES on me! Well, of course they are boys, so they didn't even notice...WHEW:)

So I know that was long, but I am at my GMa's housesitting and I figured I'd share my eventful day!

Oh, and this afternoon my Dad and I fried up some pickles! Can we say Y-U-M?


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