Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Console Table

It all started with Young House Love. Well, actually that’s how a lot of my ideas start, with that fabulous Petersik duo. They built a sofa table and I was smitten from the start.

So “I” made my own. And I’m kind of too impatient to write real tutorials anymore. So this is just to show you what we (my Dad & I) did, but not really a how-to. Mmk?


When I lived in the rental, I used my existing sofa table behind the couch and it served its purpose just great.


In our new house, the way the living room is setup, I don’t have light close to the couch or anywhere to set a beverage besides having to lean all the way forward to the coffee table. I tried dragging our current table behind the couch to set lamps on but it just looked really funny because it was so little.

Enter the next best thing, build one!

I pinned a few ideas for a table but figured it’d be a while before I could get around to talking my Dad into helping me build it. Well, enter a boring rainy 4th of July holiday weekend and we had before us a perfect project day!

The best part about this whole thing is my Dad had almost all the supplies. I bought some new primer and paint and that was it! It’s beyond nice having a Handy Dad!

I picked out some good pieces of angle iron from his stash and happened to find one perfect piece of wood in the wood pile.

Photo 4  Photo 6

I based my idea off of this design.

He was the brains behind the operation and I helped where I could. His welding skills brought this idea to life!

Photo 1

“Buzz, your girlfriend. Woof!” Name that movie.

(Home Alone)

Photo 7  Photo 8

Photo 9

That is paint or something in the mask. Not doo doo or chocolate (unfortunately).

Photo 10

“You look like the Fourth of July!” Name that movie.

(Legally Blonde)

Photo 11 

Testing the fit. Since my Daddy did it, it’s perfect!

Photo 12

Yeah, I wasn’t in the best gear for grinding.

Photo 15 Photo 16

Photo 14

Securing the wood piece.

Photo 18

Last step!

Photo 19

Now let her dry!

Photo 21

Hauling her home. I was a wee bit excited!

I couldn’t get a good picture of it behind the couch for obvious reasons, but here she is in front of the chalkboard wall on full display. (For after pictures only, not her final resting place although I do love it there!)






My clearance Target lamps are perfect for it!




Sidenote: 1) I am awful at window pictures. 2) I have got to do something with my drop cloth curtains. I originally bought them to paint stripes. Their current blandness is driving me insane-asylum-crazy.

It is so useful. I love having the lamps next to the couch. I don’t care for overhead lighting if I can use a lamp so these little babies are glowing pretty every night.

Thanks again to my awesome Dad for putting up with my never ending ideas! You’re the man!


  1. Have a said I love your house... okay maybe only 100+ times but you are very talented :) Love the table idea, I have been re-pinning your tables so I can build one of my own. Handy Daddys are the BEST!!!

    1. They are definitely the best! And girl you make me smile, I love that you love the house! I can't wait to see yours!

  2. Love the table. Love your Daddy :)

    1. I am one lucky girl to have him! :)



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