Friday, December 6, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday people! Blogging has been on the back burner lately. I just feel like I have no time to do anything these days. I can’t imagine once kids are added to the mix one day. How do you super bloggers with families do it? This fur-kid only Mama is struggling.


1. The exterior illumination on the house is 99% complete! We still need to grab a few more extension cords but for the most part, this baby is done-zo. My friend Renee submitted us to the local newspaper as they were looking for houses to be a part of the Christmas Tour of Lights in our city. So that’s pretty high five worthy!! One of these days I plan to post the Christmas decorations we have going on!

2. We’ll be cleaning all weekend getting ready for our Christmas/Housewarming party that is happening in a few weekends. The weather here this week has been muggy as sludge and in the low 80s. Pretty much gross for December so I’m hoping it gets its act together by our party. No one wants s’mores and chili when it’s 80 degrees out! According to my handy dandy weather app, cooler weather is on the way though! Hallelujah.

3. I made a cute tree topper out of wired ribbon and spray painted my letter white to make it pop this year. Fun and Festive!

4. For my birthday, my Sister in Law Kim got me a Prinstagram gift certificate. I’ve wanted to print Instagram pictures for the longest time but sometimes the easiest projects get put on the back burner. Her gift and a semi-recent trip to Ikea gave me the goods I needed to whip up a very fun and meaningful piece of art. The frame is huge and although it’s not technically meant for this purpose, with a little eyeballing and a glue stick I was able to get 48 of my Instagram pictures laid out on display for a nice little insta-collage. I just love it!

5. Our pups are the cutest. That is all.

Happy weekend!!

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  1. Your house and tree look great!! Normally I ask how dogs sleep a certain way but it looks like David is hanging off the couch :) And yours pups are too cute!! I hope you and your family have a Happy Holiday!!



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