Friday, May 2, 2014

High Five for Friday

1)      It’s raining. Still. This point doesn’t really warrant a high five, but it’s a point nonetheless! Here’s hoping we see some sunshine this weekend. Florida has not been living up to its name at all this week! I hear the weekend is supposed to be much better. Thank GOODNESS.

2)      David has always been less than enthusiastic about my road side pickin’. He usually hides in the car if I make him pull over to check out some goodies that are no longer loved. However, I guess he’s hung out with me too long because yesterday on our walk around the hood there was a “Freebies” (sign and all) pile. Bless his heart he went to pickin’! He wanted to go back and get the truck and I said let’s finish our walk and you think about what you really need in that pile. If you still want it you can go back when we’re done. Well, he forgot about it when we got home and I didn’t remind him…am I a bad wife? However once he reads this I’m sure he’ll be hightailing it back over tonight to see if there’s anything good left. Ha!
3)      I found some awesome new kicks this week at Ross. They were just a little big coming in at a size 18. I regretfully put them back.
 4)      I started an at home teeth whitening regimen this week. After I brush and floss at night (I just went to the dentist and am doing good on these tasks for the time being), I take a cue tip and squirt hydrogen peroxide on it and rub it all over my teeth. It fizzes just a bit around my gums. I spit but don’t rinse. I try to do it before bed so it can get good and soaked in although this is probably not very good as I’m supposed to thoroughly rinse my mouth after 10 minutes and instead I go to sleep. Seriously though it’s not much at all that I’m applying so I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too life threatening. I’m not swishing a mouth full after all. Anywho! I took before pictures so I plan to report back if it’s a success story!

5)      I’m traveling next week for work to Coral Springs, FL. This is an annual conference I attend and I’m to the point that I actually like going to it. I look forward to seeing the people every year and even though it’s work, it’s nice to get away from the office and actually see the folks that I talk to on the phone all the time. I typically have to give a big presentation but I don’t this year and it makes it that much better. I would rather saw off my arm than talk in front of people but it is part of the job. However I’m happy to have a bye this time. I’m also looking forward to the long drive (about 6.5 hours) just so I can listen to my new audio books!
That's me up there on the stage at the 2011 course. 

Have a great weekend everyone!! 


  1. HAHAHAHA those shoes are awesome. You should have bought them. Maybe you'll grow into them?? Let me know how the teeth whitening goes!!!

  2. Bahaha love the shoes! Definitely your style! :)



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