Monday, September 15, 2008

Long time no write!

I seem to like reading blogs better than I do writing, but anywho, I am writing today! I don't know if you all have actually seen pictures of Ike's aftermath, but if you haven't, you should definitely take a look at these. I really did not realize that the storm caused SOOO much damage. There are several pages of pictures if you just click "more images" on the right hand side...anywho, there is even one of caskets that floated up out of graves...something I didn't know was possible. It is crazy, and I know we are so lucky it didn't head our way because it was BAD. So take a look if you want, and be prepared to drop your jaw at some of them...just crazy...

Go here Then scroll down mid page to the little box that says EXPLORE, click PHOTOS tab, and then click on Ike's Impact.

1 comment:

  1. There you are!!! Glad you're back :)
    The storm was awful, breaks my heart and makes me thankful for the things we have!



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