Friday, October 10, 2008

La dee dah...

So I have once again abandoned my blog. Bad me. I will stop apologizing for it and just make it known that I will try to write, but I can't promise how often I will! School has been K-I-C-K-I-N-G my butt so that's kept me pretty darn busy. In other news though, I am starting to actually notice some muscles developing that I have never seen before. Even David said something about it! Problem is though...1) butt is not getting toner/smaller 2) leg muscles growing= not fitting into pants. aye yay yay... I guess I have been working all this time doing the wrong exercises? who knows, but i am proud to see that something is coming of it, even if that means have huge man legs, lol. I am so ready for cold cold cold weather to come. There was that week that teased us with the cold and now it's gone. I want a white Christmas:) Might have to go north for that one though...Oh and I am excited because my birthday is coming up and the weekend of Nov. 7th my mom, GMA, and me are driving to NC for my Uncle's um, THIRD wedding. It should be fun though, I've only driven through NC, never stayed before! I really hope it's gotten cold there early and maybe snowy? My luck it will be in the 80s, oh well! okay well that's all for now, can't wait for KT's shower tomorrow and for baby Rossi to get here!

1 comment:

  1. There you are!! YAY!
    U look GREAT girlie! I wish I had your body!
    Had a GREAT time at the shower!



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