Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is it too early for a Christmas list??

Because I have one!

So I thought I was perfectly content with my camera, until Mrs. BeginningAgain got one that I am SO jealous of! I'm sure it will be eons before anyone wants to buy me a new camera, so if any of you are willing to drop some mula, you can spend it on me!

Something else that is on my wish list is the Sony Digital Reader Book. This baby has me drooling! I love love love to read, but I must admit, carrying the twilight series books around for two weeks was awkard and they were heavy. Which is why I need one of these bad boys:

This thing will hold up to 350 books...I think that could keep me satisfied for quite some time! I am pretty sure once you buy it too, you don't have to buy the E-books because you can download them for free from Google! (Don't quote me on it but this is my understanding). I really really really want one. Someone can buy this for me too! I'm gonna go pout over the things I want that I can't have. I will quote my Dad in closing, "Women are temporarily pleased, never satisfied"...I'll admit, this is TOTALLY me!


  1. Ok not so much on the digital reader...but I am TOTALLY with you about the camera!!! I want a new "bigger" one. We should go buy new ones together!!! :) HAHA Tee would DIE!

  2. I'm with you on the reader...but you know the only thing you seem to read these days is the TWILIGHT series!! ;)



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