Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Finally Here!

Tomorrow at this time, David & I will officially be homeowners, YAY! We are soo beyond excited and so far it has been a very smooth process and I just hope that closing goes just as good:) We did our final walkthrough today and were pleaseed to see that everything had been fixed and the garage door is no longer dented, whoo hoo! Everytime I go in that house I get all giddy inside. And it's hard to know what it will feel like when we don't have to leave again and it's all ours! We bought lots and lots of paint and supplies, and I'll be painting like a mad woman this weekend. The following rooms are going to get a nice fresh coat of paint: master, master bath, living, dining, kitchen, guest bath, craft room, laundry room & office. Whew, that took a lot to write, now to paint it all! It took a lot of "studying" color pallets and making up my mind on colors so I really hope everything goes well together!

In other news, Renee had a BEAUTIFUL big baby boy on March 31st. Brody Wyatt Dawkins was 8.1 lbs and just as cute as can be! I am sooo excited for her and TJ and they are going to be the best parents. I can't wait to see them grow as a family:) Congrats again guys!!

This morning I ran all over town getting utilities cut on. What a pain!

Oh and this is the last month I have a car payment because my lease is up in May! I have really liked my jetta but we have heard bad things about their "aging" and costing a lot of money in upkeep, so we have decided to turn it in and buy something else. I really want an SUV, new or used. But I really have my eye set on the new equinox or acadia. We'll see what happens, if we can get a deal on a used something or other, that's what we'll do. I'm excited though!

Alright, well I still don't have an easy way to load pictures since my laptop is at capacity. But i have a lot of pictures to share once I get around to finding a computer to load them on!

Oh and tonight I restored an old milk can. My dad had one that was rusty and covered with dirt dobbers and such, and I sanded it down and painted it fire engine red and plan to use it on our new front porch as a flower stand, i'll post a pic when I get it loaded!

Alright, that's all for now!


  1. So excited... Ya, that car is awesome but it too expensive just to have the oil changed... Plus you are through with that leasing mess. Were buying your next one... Thanks for all your hard work painting my love. Love you!!

  2. YAY! I am so excited to see the house!! I am just getting to reading blogs...haha life has been a little busy :) I really hope to see you guys this week not only to see the house but also so David can meet Brody! Congrats again on the place I couldn't be happier for yall.



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