Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hi there. Well I am becoming a woman of few words when it comes to blogging. I like to let my pictures do the talking with a few random blurbs thrown in here and there.

Been busy again lately. But I like busy. Busy is good. Anywho, lots of crafting going on round these parts.

Recently I made a chalkboard from a $5.50 frame from Wal Mart! I have officially become lazy and am using my iphone cam more than my big cam (sad news to report on it by the way), but crappy pictures are better than no pictures I always say!

SO, I started out with this frame. It was marked down to $5.50 and I actually bought it several months ago knowing it’d be the perfect chalkboard!



Well I finally got around to doing something with it. I scrounged through my spray paint stock and found a lovely avocado green color. I decided the green on black would be a cute addition to my ever evolving new found love of my navy and cream/white/tan/brown living room. Eh, work with what I got.

So I sanded the frame real good and then wiped it down with an old cloth and mineral spirits to get rid of any dust or remaining stuff before painting. I sprayed it over probably a 45 minute period with three thin and even coats of spray paint. It covered perfectly.







Oh and please meet my helper, Remi.


Next up, using my chalkboard paint from Lowe’s I painted the glass that came with the frame for the chalkboard.


Now this step I was extra careful to do right. I painted. Let dry overnight. Sanded the next day. Wiped it down. Painted a second coat. Let dry overnight. Sanded again. Wiped it down. And painted a third coat. Nice and thorough and two days later…I bring it back inside all ready to be popped into the frame and hung…only for this to happen…


While walking in through the sliding door holding my prized possession both sides catch the not-open-far-enough doorway and snap, there she blows.


Now at this point I was leaving to go out of town the next day and was so bummed that a project I had almost completed and checked off the list was now back on hold and for several more days.


So after I got back in town I went to Lowe’s in search of something for plan B. I found a large-ish square piece of ¼” Birch wood and a hand saw. BTW hand saws suck. I am now pining for an electric saw but that’s for another wish list.

I measured and sawed the piece of wood to fit my frame, cut the beast and proceeded to paint it. After it was all done I put it in the frame. It fits alright but the dang this is bowed and now it looks weird in the frame. I am definitely not happy with it and will seek something better for the chalk board part but for now it will work. I plan to pick out and hang it better with some grosgrain ribbon.


It’s reading rather grellow in this pic. The next one reads more true to the real color.



While I was in work mode, I touched up these scrabble-esque coasters I made a while back.


I sanded them down and spray painted them with more of the avocado spray paint. Still debating on putting a design on them…I’m thinking baby chevron stripes in navy might tie it all together. In fact I hadn’t been thinking that but just thought it and now I think I’m gonna do it! Yay for lightbulbs going off.


After one coat.


And while I was chalkboard painting and spray painting coasters, I decided to do this little number that I saw on pinterest.



Mine after the first coat.


“Priming with chalk”

Voila! I should have sanded between coats because you can clearly see brush strokes, but oh well. They’re cute and semi-homemade Smile

I just took a plain set of IKEA wine glasses and a sponge brush and painted the bottoms. So cute and fun for Bunko or any other gathering where wine glasses are involved!


I bit the bullet and bought some nice sunglasses. Some Costa del Mar’s with a pink strap to match. Oh to be a girl and spend money on stuff I really don’t need. Oh well, can’t take it with me when I go!


Put up my “fall wreath”. Goooo noles!

IMG_2068 IMG_2069

I coveted this hair style on pinterest


…and got ten inches taken off and donated to Locks of Love!


IMG_2201 IMG_2230


IMG_2232 IMG_2267

I plan to try the blonde’s tutorial above for her big voluminous hair ASAP.

Went on the annual St. Andrews (Panama City Beach) camping trip. More on that later. It rained the whole time and my big cam is no longer working. Gotta figure out what to do with it now…


Took pictures of my sweet labby while he snoozed after a long four days in doggy jail, aka the Vet/Boarding place.



Annnd that’s all I got! Except the craft itch. The bug has bitten me again lately. I think it’s a combo of Pinterest and my favorite season approaching along with the weather, it’s got me all giddy and feeling productive!

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  1. O.M.G.!!! I love all of your pinterest crafts! I am so jealous that you have done them!! The wine glasses turned out so good. Did you use tape to make the smooth edge at the bottom? Love your hair, love the chalkboard, love Rem, Rem! Great Post Tamara!



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