Sunday, June 15, 2014

Memorial Weekend // Cape San Blas 2014

As in years past (2012, 2013) we spent the Memorial Day holiday camping and enjoying the beautiful beaches in Cape San Blas, Florida! We have been going on this trip now since as long as I can remember but I only have solid blogging evidence from the last few years. Pooey. Any who, David and I headed down on Thursday this year and stayed through Monday. We spent hours, literally half the day setting up it seemed and we vowed to never bring that much stuff again! We brought both dogs with us this time and we way over packed. Oh well, we’re home and unpacked now so I can relax and just cringe at ALL THE CRAP we brought. And to think, I still forgot stuff. Aye yi yi, I need to simplify my life!
I’ll let the photo dump commence (sorry for IG/FB repeats!). We had a wonderful, fabulous, amazing time as always and I can’t wait until next year!
Family selfie!
Two happy girls!
Remi stared out the window almost the entire ride. Moose rode like this pretty much. Trying to shove her way into the front seat.
They did settle down for a few minutes but for the most part they were up and at ‘em!
This year we put up a fence for the dogs so they could hang out in the site when we were outside. It was a lot of work and helpful but we decided it was just too much! Stakes and zip ties and hammers oh my!
Down by the bay…
Cutie pie.
Oh deer!
Pops stopping by for a visit!
First night’s sunset.
My whole world in one picture (minus the poochies). My family!
A little ambience in the campsite. Perfecto!
Cooking breakfast before some of the guys went golfing.
This makes me laugh. My agile mother on the left, me on the right! At least she did it! Haha
Some of the crew heading out for a bike ride!
Momma is a happy camper!

This year was the year of injuries. Luckily I can’t remember incidents in previous years so I guess we were due. Incident number one involved not one, but two bike + road collisions with the same person on the same half hour bike ride. I shall call her Wanda to protect the innocent as it may or may not have involved one too many drinkie drinkies. A head smack and a knee gash were her battle wounds for the weekend. Incident number two was the result of a set of teeth + the back of someone else’s head while riding on the Starship behind the boat. Thankfully all parties involved were okay but one walked away with a nice bloody teeth gash in her head. Ouch! This trip we also saw two rattle snakes in or around the campgrounds so we were lucky that they were not involved in any of the incidents!
Hey love!
Sunset on night two! David obviously wasn’t ready for Mrs. Rhonda’s lovin’!
Mr. Columbia
We hung out at what we’ve deemed “Key West” for a few hours one afternoon.
Sunset and a little evening volleyball game.
Dad cooking taters and corn.

Hey guys, what’s for breakfast?
Bob’s party barge has arrived!
(Some pictures stolen from Mom’s Facebook!)
Starship time!
Somebody was very, very tired at the fish fry.
Fred and Dad working hard!
I always tote my tripod and big camera to the annual Sunday Fish Fry to get a group shot. However everyone was so exhausted and the bugs were so bad this year that folks literally ate and ran so I didn’t get a picture! Sad day! We had 29 people camping this year and it would have made for a great picture but what can I do…next year I will demand that everyone stay! Or perhaps we just need to take the picture before everyone eats and they’ll be sure to stick around.
Last sunset.
Love them.
The Gray Family. 
Hey Robin!
Moosey was tired on the way home. Then I was tired apparently. David snapped this, awe!
And this is what my hair looks like after 5 days of mostly rinsing, not much washing and shoved in a wad on my head. Not too bad, I should do this for work! Ha!

Until next year CSB!

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