Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's not pink, it's "eggshell"

Okay, so as you all have heard me complain, I'm broke! I was offered by my old neighbor (Coach Dunlap) to paint a room in his rental house for 100 bucks. Easy money right? Part of the deal was I had to buy the paint (I'm thinking it'd be $20) and then I can keep the rest. SOO after playing phone tag with the two guys who live there to find out when I could come, we decided on Sunday (today) @ 2:00. Well 10:30 rolls around and I am ready to paint, so I call the guy and he says I can go ahead and come over. I talked my Dad into going with me to help me get started and be with me when I meet the people and stuff since they are complete strangers. First we went to get paint, and did I ever mention there has to be a 1,000 different KINDS of paint? Semi-gloss, flat, matte, you name it...aye-yi-yi...I just need normal paint in an "eggshell" color, (these were my instructions from Coach). SOOO after getting ZERO knowledge from the lovely worker at SLOWE'S to help me find what I was looking for, we settled on one, but of course it didn't come in "eggshell" so I had to pick a color and they had to mix it... no problem, I picked an eggshell, offwhite looking color, and that was that (so I thought!) So anyways (this story doesn't really have a point, just thought I'd share my day!) we get there and knock forever, call the guys, no answer anywhere, and being sized up by their 4 HUNGRY PITT BULLS, was making me a little we decided to try the door and it was unlocked. (The guy knew I was coming but he didn't say he wouldn't be there...) So here we are "breaking & entering" some strangers house with 4 pits (they were in cages-phew!) and get all set up to paint. My Dad HATES painting, but he was kind enough to help me cut in and wait for the people to get there to make sure I was comfortable before he left... (they were very nice by the way!) Well after we were done cutting in, I felt a HUGE sinking in my stomach. The paint was PINK. I felt like I was painting a little girl's room, not a big, dark, football players...OH NO! Needless to say I start freaking, and my Dad didn't really think it looked that pink, but he kept saying, "No, it's eggshell" and I was like, but it looks pink!! (light pink anyways) He said let's just see what it looks like when it's all done...well he eventually left after the hard part of cutting in was done, so I was left by my lonesome with a roller, pink paint, and a stranger's room. I just knew it would turn out HORRIBLE! Well, when it was all said and done, I still thought it looked slightly pink, but with the lights off and with no STARK WHITE walls to compare it to, I think it could squeeze by as "off-white". I was so nervous to show them because I knew if they didn't like it they could sick their DOGGIES on me! Well, of course they are boys, so they didn't even notice...WHEW:)

So I know that was long, but I am at my GMa's housesitting and I figured I'd share my eventful day!

Oh, and this afternoon my Dad and I fried up some pickles! Can we say Y-U-M?


  1. How about I pay you nada to come paint the baby's room, and I will pick up the paint :)
    Just kidding!
    How long are you house sitting for?

  2. oooo i've never had fried pickles!

  3. girl, that sounds interesting! YUMM...Icould sure go for some fried pickles right now...those look awesome!! My breading always falls off of mine!



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