Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well I know we still have a year before we will even be moving out, but good news, we have a living room set! My mom has been saying for some time now that she wanted a new couch and love seat. I kept dropping the hint that I definitely wanted the old set...well today on her way back from St. George she bought a new set and said we could have the other! It's not exactly what I would have picked out, but 1) it's free 2) I have found the cutest couch covers online, so that is what I plan to do next year when we move out, recover them! Now there's a slight problem though, in 5 weeks the new stuff will be delivered, and I have to find place to store the old stuff! We don't have anywhere in either of the houses to store it, and we def. don't want to rent a storage unit, so we are thinking about asking my Dad's Bachelor friend, Fred who lives across the neighborhood. His woman took all the furniture when she left over a year ago and he still has no couches! LOL, poor Fred. So maybe he wouldn't mind having the couches for a little while!

Anywho, this week is finals week and I am soooo ready for it to be over! I actually have a 91% in organic right now so if I don't bomb the final then I should be good to go!!

There is lots of fun stuff going on this weekend too and of course we leave for Disney next Wednesday, SOOO EXCITED!!!


Saturday-Laura + Cody's Wedding

Sunday- Erin's Grad. Party

Wednesday- Leave for the happiest place on earth!

Hope everyone is having a good week:)


  1. I am having a pretty good week. Glad to hear yall got something to sit on now!! YAY!!!! I need to call you, will do after i get done with my blog! By the by I LOVE the new layout...super cute!

  2. Cute lay out!! Congrats on your furniture!! I always loved your momma's couch...very comfy!
    I am jealous about your trip!



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