Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Not much to write about today, nothing too exciting going on. Going to a first ever Neighborhood Crime Watch meeting tonight with my parents at the Church across the street. I am hoping it will be an informative meeting to help ease me a little being at home alone. I'm just so scared all the time now! Not fun:( I used to love being home alone, ahh the freedom! But now I try my best to stay away from home when I know no one will be there but me...night or day. It's a pretty depressing way to live by the way! We got the alarm "re-activated" and I use it when I'm home, but it still makes me uneasy because I DO NOT want to hear it go off because that means somebody is coming in! I honestly would be scared witless! But other than that, it's the last week of school before finals. I am on the edge of my seat trying to make it through these last nervous weeks. So much is riding on ME. It's a very big weight on my shoulders but I am just praying for a positive outcome, I wouldn't mind any extra prayers either;)

I can hardly stay away from the Twilight series so I'm off to read. Onto book number two and can't put it down. :)

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  1. Will be praying and thinkiing of you OFTEN! <~~ like I all ready do! ;)
    Everything will be ok, I have faith in you!

    Love ya LOTS!

    Let us know how the meeting went!



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