Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Terribly Long Tuesdays

Tonight is my last late lab, hooray! I've been here since 9:00...be here til 10. I can't believe how fast the semester has gone by...Finals are in like 3 weeks! I am very excited to only have one semester left. Please pray that this one finishes out strong and that I can get through all of my summer classes successfull, it's gonna take a lot of hard work so I apologize ahead of time for my business during the summer!

I am still looking all the time for Biology jobs available in Florida. It's so hard because when I graduate not only will I be competing with other graduates, but with GROWN/AGED/EXPERIENCED people who are job hunting as well. It's very scary! My bosses at Electronet lately have been "hinting" that it'd be A-Ok if I graduated and wanted to stay there...I work hard and they know that. They know that I am looking to find a career in biology but I have also made it clear to them that if that doesn't happen, I will be looking for full time work ANYWHERE, so who knows where I'll end up!

Anywho, I am L-O-V-I-N-G the any size drink for a dollar at Mcadees...Their sweet tea is delish!

I'm off to study...big test Thursday!


  1. I commented to this yesterday, but it looks like it didn't show :(

    Anyways, I feel ya about the LONG Tuesdays! I actually have 2 more Tuesdays left, I am counting down.

    Hope yours wasnt too baD!

  2. U know I be hitting up the $1 drinks too!
    I will quiz you or do whatever it takes to you get through this summer :)



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