Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Uneventful Update

The house process is moving slow. We fell in love with a short sale that we ultimately decided would not work for so many reasons:/ It was the first house that we both looked at each other and said "this is the house". The problem with the short sale is a VERY long waiting time to hear back from the back, and also unfortunately there is little to no room for negotiations and since this is a buyers market, we feel we should be getting a better deal. Boo for short sales, their making our search much harder than we thought it'd be since so many places out there are short sales.

We are STILL waiting to get into a house that we were supposed to have seen quite a few weeks ago. Apparently now the owner has served the tenant an eviction notice because they are not cooperating. It's disappointing because we love the exterior of the house which we've seen several times now, but we can't for the life of us see the interior...VER FRUSTRATING!

In other news, Remington is becoming a small giant:) He's a 60lb. 6 mo. old puppy and we just love him to pieces.

Not much else to report in the James fam, but we're glad the weather is beginning to become a little more enjoyable, it's about time!

Oh and today Lindsay and I got together to do some planning for Kimbojangle's bridal shower, I can't wait for her wedding in St. Augustine!

Okay out of things to say:)

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