Monday, June 7, 2010

My Wish List

If you’re like me, your wish list is never ending. I don’t know how many times I’ve used the line, “If you get this for me, I’ll NEVER ask for anything again” and of course, since men say Women are never pleased, I’ll always have an ongoing list of things that I pine for:) Here’s a few things that are currently on my list:

1) A new camera. Or more specifically, a Nikon D3000. I have been wanting a new camera for a long time now, and although I have a new point and shoot (pocket size easy use), I really want to upgrade my other what I call “good” camera. In high school I tried to get my Dad to let me take Construction because that was the “easy A” class and the teacher also happened to be my neighbor and tennis coach…definitely an easy A! Plus it was a class with almost all boys and I don’t think the few girls that were in there ever really did any construction work… BUT, my Dad being the one always wanting his kids to strive and not take the easy way out, told me I should take something that I could learn something in and he suggested a photography course. So I reluctantly took a class full of students that were “artsy” that I never really had anything in common with. Let’s just say, I was hooked and I have loved photography ever since. I soooo thoroughly enjoyed that class and would love to take another class sometime to get a refresher and learn new things. I am no expert but I thoroughly enjoy taking my amateur Fuji camera that looks like a digital SLR but isn’t really, and makes fake shutter sounds, out into the yard and taking random macro shots and anything else I can find. So, I’ve been wanting a camera that can “do more” and I am hoping to have one by the end of this year!
2) Us Weekly subscription anyone? Me please! I am not ashamed to admit it, I looove celebrity gossip trash mags. I could stand in line at the grocery store all day just so I could read them. My favorite past time before I was married and had a 4-legged child was to sit in Barnes and Nobles with a strawberry-crème frappucino and a stack full of junk mags…oh the days. Anywho, I want a subscription so I have something to look forward to every week. If you would like to send me a subscription, I’ll send you my address;) 3) The iPhone 4G. My husband is now on his 3rd iPhone, and I am jealous. I am still (very blessedly) on my Mom’s phone plan because when we got married it was gonna cost a small car and your first born to cancel my plan through my mom’s line and get added to David’s. SO, we have to wait until my other plan ends until I can get switched to David’s when I can then get an iPhone! I got a new blackberry when Remi chewed up my old phone, but ever since I’ve gotten this phone I have had continuous problems with it. Mostly the keys not typing when I push them. What a pain. Also, I have never had internet on my phone, and (still don’t) and I absolutely can’t wait to have the world at my fingertips!
4) A pretty ruffled blouse. I don’t go a lot of places that I get to dress up for (although I’d like to! David wink wink;) but I have really been wanting a top like this:

A feminine ruffled top would look really cute with a pair of white jeans and pretty sandles. I need one. Oh and a place to wear it!


  1. LOVE that top! I hope you can get one soon ;)

  2. I SOOO want you to get that camera!!! And the US weekly...didn't know you liked it. Mom get its and gives it to me, I will have to save them for ya!

  3. That's the same camera I want SOOOO bad!!!



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