Sunday, June 6, 2010

What’s Been Going On

**UPDATE** Sometimes I write posts and then don't actually post them until a later date, which is what I did with this one. And David informed me that I said we just got Remi from the vet yesterday, oops! No, we got him the day after we got back but I wanted to be sure to update this post to say that:)

Last weekend we went to Cape San Blas for our annual camping trip. The weather was perfect, no rain all weekend, and nice and warm but still breezy. The only thing that was not enjoyable were the sand gnats and yellow flies but hey, if that’s the worst that happened then it was a good trip! We hung out on the beach, rode bikes, ate a lot of food, went fishing, and just relaxed. One of these years David and I would love to have our own camper and have our own space, but until then we’ll be bunking with the ‘rents! The whole time all we could think about was Remi, who we had to board the whole time we were gone. I hate that we don’t have a “dog watcher” for him because I feel awful leaving him at the vet. We were finally able to pick him up yesterday because they were closed Monday. What do you usually do with your dog when you go out of town? Another plus to having our own camper would be that we could bring Remi!

Not a lot else going on in the James household. I’m looking forward to a visit from Kim & Josh next weekend and also starting to plan a menu for the first Bunko at my new house! It’s funny because every house we looked at when we were buying I always checked out the kitchen/counter/serving areas to see if it was “Bunko-Suitable”. Ours is a great Bunko house so I’m looking forward to it. I’ve always had my turn hosting but it’s always taken place at my Mom’s house since that’s where I lived. So I’m excited to finally put all my fun serving dishes to use! I’m looking for ideas for food, got any favorite finger food suggestions?

What else, what else…oh ya, we have a Disney trip in the works. Not sure who, what, when or how long but I know that sometime this summer we are making a Disney trip! We’re way past due if you know us, and the weekly emails I get from them just makes me want to go so bad! We are going to have to renew our passes next time we go, but this time around they’re offering 15 month “annual passes” so we’ll get a little more bang for our buck. I am just so ready to go to the place that makes me forget all about reality and lost in a fantasy world!

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  1. Girl, I dog-sit!!! Please never leave your baby at the kennel again! Let me know your next trip and I'll keep Remi!

    Also, do you play? How does it work..I've heard of so many ladies that play!! Need a new player to your group?



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