Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life Through My Phone

It's about all I have time for. I've forgotten how much hard work puppies are and how they like to sleep all day and play all night :-) A quick photo dump from my phone, enjoy!

Sorry it's mostly just pooch pics, but that's what's going on right now!
Sweet girl in her spot. 
Rem teaching her how to dig. 
Moose's first walk!
BBQ, my Dad in his element, on the grill. 
Mom's Mother's day gift I made. But the pooch doesn't come with it :-)
Oh, Moose. 
First day home with both of my fur babies!
Lunch date <3
She doesn't have bed privileges, but she enjoyed the first time I set her up there. 
But...she's not a fan of the vacuum!
BBQ in Havana.
Hers is so cute!
Me, Crystal and Aunt Dodi. Visit in Stuart on my way back from Coral Springs :) 
First bath. 

Annd that's all I got. Happy almost Hump Day!


  1. Moose is so cute! That picture of her and Remi digging is priceless.

    Also, you dad has 1 massive BBQ!

  2. Thanks for the photo "dump"...haha! I like that!
    I was considering letting my two dogs breed before spaying but I am thinking that pups might be WAY too much work...I like to sleep at night!



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