Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been busy although right now I can’t seem to remember why. I’m in Coral Springs all week for work and gave a presentation yesterday to 430 people. I hate presenting. Loathe Public Speaking. But, it’s part of my job and well if I want to keep it, suck it up I must. I just want to take a minute to talk about the drive here. It was seven hours. That’s a long drive for one person. Last year my boss was with me since I was a first timer, but this year I’m on my own.

People need to learn how to drive on the Interstate.

I was in the State vehicle so I couldn’t exactly flick ‘em off and drive too aggressively, but oh my gosh people.

Pet Peeve #1: Cruise Control. Or lack thereof. I use it. Pretty much the whole way. It keeps me from speeding and gives my foot a break. I’m pretty sure it would curl up into a useless ball if I used it the whole way here. So what irritates the living daylights out of me is people who don’t. As in, they come flying up behind me, zoom by, cut me off and then get in front of me and slow down. So, then I pass them because all the while I haven’t changed speeds and now I’m about to kiss their tailgate. Now, I’ve passed them, and they decide they want to speed up. So they zoom back around me, get in front, and of course get distracted and slow down. Which causes me to lose my flippin’ mind because now I have to pass them again. Freaking GRRR people!!

Pet Peeve #2: Left Lane Cloggers: People, people, people…the left lane is for passing. Not for hanging out and reading a book. Why in tar nation are you in the left lane going 65 miles an hour? Get the H-E-double hockey sticks over!! There is no reason whatsoever we should be hitting our breaks on the interstate. Unless there’s obviously some reason to. Someone hogging the left lane and all the cars behind flying up and breaking? Not good.

Pet Peeve #3: Semis. They scare the crap outta me. Thinking they own the road and all. Why yes Mr. Semi, please come over into my lane without asking. No problem at all. I was definitely hoping to get run over today.

I honestly think that once a year, anyone with a valid driver’s license should have to complete a continuing education course. Perhaps on Driving Etiquette?

Ugh. After 7 hours of sharing the road with idiots, I was so ready to be done. Now I get to do it all again Friday! I can hardly wait.


Last weekend I was invited to join my Mom at a friend of hers’ beach house. I just went down for the day and had a great time. David was invited to come to but since it was just 4 girls I told him he really shouldn’t come. Nor did he really care to since it was just girls. Well, Chrissy started fishing right off the beach and ended up catching two nice redfish. I texted pictures to David and he was super bummed he wasn’t there! He has always wanted to catch a keeper Red.

So then I had to get in on the action! My first cast I got a huge bite and was super excited! I hollered to everyone down the beach and they came running with pliers and cameras. And then my fish wasn’t moving at all. Turns out my fish was of the stump variety. Ms. Robin saved the day and walked out to the stump to retrieve my stuck Lure. Then I was back in action. On my third cast, I had a fish on. And it really was a fish this time! He kicked my butt. I reeled and reeled and he put up a fight. We saw him swimming and thought it was a small shark at first. Turns out it was a monster redfish! So exciting!


After sending David that picture, he was so excited for me but definitely itching to come down. I ended up heading home around 3:30 though with a nice sunburn :-)

On Sunday I had a photo shoot and had to pack, but David got up early and drove down to try and catch him a fish! Well, he did and he was able to catch his first keeper! So glad he finally got one. Maybe next time he can catch one as big as mine ;-)
Okay I think that’s all for the random thoughts of the day. I’m ready to be home. I’m tired of sitting. And tired of answering lots and lots of questions.

Can’t wait til Friday though! Having breakfast with my family in Stuart, heading home, picking up Miss Moose, then heading to Bunko!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. I feel the EXACT same way about driving on the interstate!! I get so frustrated with people clogging the left lane and semi drivers SCARE the daylights out of me!!

    I feel for you having to drive that far all alone, and having to do it again tomorrow just stinks. Hopefully traffic won't be bad on the way home.

    I can't wait to see more pictures of Moose!!!

  2. Hi! Popping over from His Shabby Her Chic! Glad to meet Remi and congrats on getting your new baby girl Moose! Too funny, I complain about people not using the left lane for passing too! Its ridiculous! Awesome catch on those reds! I'm jealous of your fishing skills!



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