Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night I got all my chores done so I could relax all weekend. It wasn’t so bad because it sure is nice heading into Saturday morning knowing everything you had to do was done!

I went to Quincy Saturday morning for a baby shower. My friend Sarah hosted it for her sister and it was a perfect shower for a baby girl. All the touches were just so cute! I can’t wait to one day be the Mom-to-Be and have a shower of my own. Oh what fun!

Saturday evening I met Katie & Brittney for some On the Border. It was yummy and the company was great. We got a nice shower when our waitress dropped a whole tray of drinks, including my margaritas (that’s right, two-for-one), on the chair at our table. Poor thing, she was so apologetic though so it’s all good. Could have been much worse! And Nicole we missed you!

IMG_5742[1]  IMG_5744[1]

Me, Brittney, Katie, Me lol

Sunday we spent the day at David’s parents house with the pooches. The weather was absolutely perfect! David setup a kiddy pool and they had fun playing in that. It was Moose’s first time around water and she was not sure at first but once her big brother got in she was all over it. She would run up to it, jump in, run across it and launch out of the other side. It was so cute!


They had a lot of fun playing in the yard and wore themselves slap out.


Later in the afternoon we went to David’s neighbors house and hung out with them and they let the pups get in their big pool. What a treat! Remi wanted to get in so bad he couldn’t stand it. So they decided he could and he of course loved it. Down the steps, take a swim, back up the steps, shake it off, rinse lather repeat.

Moose was hanging out with me on the steps until she saw Remi getting in. She was curious and we eventually put her in. It’s sink or swim at this point. She chose to swim. She’s a natural at it! I put her in off the steps and was ready to catch her but she took off and swam like she’s been doing it her whole life. So cute!


Cute, wet pup.


Miss Moose


Rem Rem


Poochies and their Daddy.


She also got her first boo boo Sad smile Remi ran to the fence to bark at another dog and all the dogs got to raising cane and it scared her and she went running and stumbled and did a chin dive on the concrete. Poor baby, I felt so bad. She scraped it up pretty good but she’s just fine now and has a little battle scar to show for it. I can only imagine how bad I’ll feel when a human child I have gets their first boo boo! So sad!

I also took a minute once we got home to get some big cam pics of the sweet little thing.


Look at the drool. Be still my heart.

9wks copywm

I wish this had all been in focus, but I still love it. Her wittle cute expression just kills me.

Moose9wks copywm copy

TLG_9265 copy2WM

And of course we have to have one of the happy big brother too Smile

We had a great weekend!


  1. I am such a sucker for dog posts. Seriously, Moose is the sweetest little girl. The one of her curled up on the pool step is just too stinking adorable.

    Do you have any tips on how to keep dogs still when photographing them or is it all just luck? My dog seems to make a conscious effort to look everywhere but at the camera.

  2. Look at Moose swim! It took Chelsea awhile before she was not afraid. Such cute pictures!!



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