Saturday, September 15, 2012


My friend Courtney shared this website with me recently and I’ve gotten a kick out of it! It started with this picture she sent me regarding Moose’s recent trip to the Animal ER – hah!


Apparently Moosey isn’t the only one!

The site shows (usually) very guilty dogs with funny captions of what they’ve eaten/destroyed/bad habits, etc…it’s quite entertaining!

Here are a few others that made me laugh out loud…thanks for sharing Court!

I like to walk right up to stranger on walks so they all end up tripping on me, and my mommy has to apologize. 
…every night…


Editor’s note: I may have frightened my dogs, who were sleeping next to me, when I burst out laughing.


Ruining afternoon tea for everyone.



And this here handsome dude is Mortimer (Morty for short). He is Courtney’s pup and apparently he did some shameful things recently too! Hilarious!

Of course I couldn’t do a poochie post without some pictures of mine.

1  2

Rem accompanying us to the storage unit…which we won’t have to use for much longer. Yay!


My Moosey Goosey at the dog park.


Double trouble.


Poor Rem, just minding his own business in the dirty pool and Bam! Attacked! Little sisters are so annoying. This picture makes me laugh out loud, his facial expression cracks me up!

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