Sunday, September 2, 2012

Burlap Football Door Hanger

I’ve seen them here there and everywhere in Pinterest land, and I knew I needed to make one. I read over a few tutorials and used this one as a starting point. I just got an idea of what to do and flew by the seat of my pants. This is an easy project and hard to screw up. Smile They’re going for about $40 on Etsy and this one cost me $0 because I had everything on hand. Winning!



Tip: Use chalk (erases easily) to trace your shape and layer two pieces so you only have to cut once. Iron if necessary.

Mine came out to 11”x20”.


I freehanded although you could cut the letters on a cricut/silhouette and trace!


Tip: Put cardboard under the burlap while painting because it will bleed through.

I used regular acrylic paint a a variety of small craft paint brushes. Whatever fit the job at the time!

(Steps 3-5 not pictured, whoops)

Step 3: Hot glue/staple/sew edges together (I hot glued)

Tip: Leave about a 5” gap so you can stuff it with plastic bags!

Step 4: Close opening via step 3.

Step 5: Glue coordinating ribbon and hang!


TLG_1207 copy

Tutorial coming next on the gold mat!



  1. Love it. This has been on my diy list forever but I don't have a stapler and I wasn't brave enough to burn my fingertips off with the burlap and hot glue but now you've got me wanting to finally make it. Btw-I just Googled burlap football and yours came up 4-5 times in the search!

  2. That came out great!! It makes me wish I went to a school with a football team worth making one for (or even that there was a big in Pennsylvania besides Penn State).

  3. LOVE THIS!! I am going to have to try and make one someday! :)



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