Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ikea Did it Again

We recently were in Tampa for our good friends David and Chloe’s wedding. It was beautiful! While we were there, we of course had to make an Ikea stop since the only “close” ones are 4 hours South and 5 hours North of us.

First a few wedding pictures then I’ll share the goods!


The Johnstons!

Chloe looked seriously stunning!


Me, Katie, Rossi and Laura…groomsman wives
(& daughter)!


My handsome groomsman!

Okay, told you just a few. I brought my camera but never took it out…bad!

We had a wonderful time, I love weddings!!


Okay, back home…

Meet Lappie. Short for Lappljung Ruta, her swedish name.


I lurve her.

She’s exactly what our dining room needed.


Here she blows on Ikea’s website.

And here’s some not-so-prettily dressed up pieces we also got. I just took the pictures with my phone at 11:30 on a “school” night.

No matter how old I get, and how long I’ve been out of school, weekdays will always be “school nights” to me!


Ribba frames to make a gallery wall in our room! Needs to keep growing but I like it for now. One day I want to make a long cushy bench for the wall too.

Don’t mind the empty frames…

photo image

Expedit in white. Can’t wait to get some baskets in that baby! And some decoration in that room…although I’ve been gently reminded that “it’s a man cave, it don’t need no decorations!”

Pff, not under my roof honey! Don’t worry, I’ll keep in manly-ish.


Vittsjo shelf unit which may not stay black (and empty) forever…


And this adorable little blue glass vase, the Olik that I should have gotten ten more of.

Why oh why is there not an Ikea nearby?!

Oh wait, I know, because I’d be there every day of my life!




  1. That rug and that tall shelf are my favorites!! I just made the trip to Ikea for that very same tall shelf. And it will be painted very shortly...if the weather would ever cooperate for me. We are supposed to get another snow storm on Monday. Bleh!!!

  2. Oh I love that cute little vase...I think I may need a few for myself (not that we ever keep real flowers, maybe I'll buy some fake one ha!). We'll be there in April, so we have a shopping list started. We should start a petition for an IKEA here...there's some empty land out by Chiles...isn't that the perfect distance? ;)

  3. I think the only reason we don't have an IKEA closer is a conspiracy that our husbands are in charge of! :)

    I would be BROKE if we had one any closer!!

    Love love love the rug and everything really! haha!!



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