Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moose is One!

We celebrate our dog’s birthdays ‘round these parts. Do you?


Happy 1st birthday sweet girl!

My friend Amanda who we got Moose from, threw a puppy party in honor of the poochies’ 1st birthday!

I couldn’t think of anything I’d love more for Moose than to get to see her Momma and brothers and sisters again! She hadn’t seen any of them since she was 8 weeks old.

Home girl threw up in my car on the way to the party. She’s never done that. Here’s how that went down.

Me, Kim and Moose. 20 minutes into the 45 minute drive:

Me: “It smells like potatoes! Do you smell potatoes?!”

Kim: “Yes, I do!”

Thinks nothing of it…

Moose: “Buuuuurp!”

We turn to the backseat and there’s at least 5 pounds of upchucked food on the backseat. Niiiice.

Then when we left she proceeded to throw up twice in the backseat again before we even made it out of the neighborhood.

She also had massive amounts of diarrhea (but not in the car thankfully). Poor girl. Lesson learned, no more raw hides ever again for our babies. So to start off she wasn’t feeling well going into the party.



When we got there my little Nervous Nancy was scared. She’s not used to being anywhere new and “scary” without her big brother Rem.


Auntie Kimbo was in town this past weekend so she got to go with me! Kimbo thank you for your help with Moosey!

You see Moose is very used to having boundaries, i.e. fenced in yards. Well, these guys had free reign at Amanda’s because her yard is only partially fenced. Moose started off leash-less but decided she wanted to stray from the group and head to the woods (tummy upset, remember?). It took Kim and I both to get her rounded up and from then on she was on the leash. I’m just too paranoid to let her roam and hope she comes back. The other dogs stuck around but she wasn’t too interested. She is the sweetest girl ever but Mommy and Daddy didn’t teach her very good manners about coming when she’s called so she kind of does what she wants.


There were 7 puppies total in the litter (all black), and 4 were able to attend the party. Also in attendance were Amanda’s other two dogs (besides Chase, the puppy she kept), Yoo Hoo (Moose’s mama) and Bailey (Moose’s sister from another mister). There was also another black lab there who came to play but wasn’t part of the litter.


Borrowed from Amanda’s Facebook; photo by Zaina Kinsey (Kinsey Photography) a year ago! Soo cute!


Mama Yoo Hoo is the chocolate one.

I loved watching them all together!


Bella (who looks identical to Moose) and Cody, littermates.


Bailey keeping cool and an eye on those crazy one year olds.



Amanda was so sweet to put this together! There’s me and Goosey on the wall.


May 2012, cue the collective “Awwww”! Look at hers cute wittle face!

TLG_4756  TLG_4762

Sniff sniff, are you my mother?”

TLG_4774  TLG_4779

Chase & Bailey


Proud and happy Mama Yoo Hoo!


Party animal, over and out!

Thanks again for having us Amanda!

Oh, and since Moose has second child syndrome and all, she doesn’t get that many spotlight posts like Rem did. So in honor of her birthday, here’s a few dozen of my favorite pictures of our sweet girl over the past year. Couldn’t imagine life without our dogs, they truly are family.




PicMonkey Collage


You can read about Remi’s first birthday here!


August, 2010. Love that boy!

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  1. AWWWWWWW!!! I feel like Yoo-Hoo just had the puppies!! They grow up so fast! ;)

    I love the pictures and it looks like the party was so much fun. Amanda did a great job!



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