Monday, March 4, 2013

Write it Down

I jumped on the chalkboard wagon a long time ago.

Something I’ve always wanted to do though is to put a chalkboard in my pantry. Well, seeing as I haven’t had a pantry in my last two houses, I couldn’t really make that one happen.

But now, having a pantry and all, it was on like Donkey Kong!


I forgot that I had wanted to do this until yesterday when I was digging around for a piece of paper to write down a grocery list. And it hit me.

I had chalkboard paint in the garage, a foam brush, and a blank slate.


Organizing the pantry is obviously still on my to-do list.

David was at Lowe’s so I called him and told him my plan.

He was not thrilled. At all really. In fact he told me “no, this is something I really don’t want you to do – what about one day if we were to sell the house? Nobody wants a chalkboard painted on their pantry door”.

I said, actually that’s exactly what people want! It’s so cool!

He did his eye roll over the phone and I won the battle. I told him it can always be repainted.

Within 5 seconds of hanging up I was gathering my supplies. I didn’t tape edges since I had just planned to be careful and it was a raised edge anyway.

The first coat took about 5 minutes, I waited until it was dry then put on the second.

Time = 10 minutes

Cost = Zero Dollars

Functionality = Priceless!


I love it.


And the bow on top is from the back of my wreath on the front of the door. It decorates the board perfectly!


After 24 hours of waiting (the worst part of any project if you ask me!) I seasoned the board. Do this by rubbing a piece of chalk on its side all over. Be generous. Then wipe with a  clean wet/damp rag and you’re in business!


I’ll be keeping my eye out for a cool cupped drawer pull that I want to mount upside down inside the pantry to hold chalk.


Who thinks of these awesome ideas?!

Because I love them!

Sidenote: I haven’t had a good record with chalkboard paint that has to be brush applied, but for this project, it worked great! I’m really pleased!

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  1. What a super cute {and easy} project! It looks your kitchen too! :)



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