Monday, April 22, 2013

An Organized Pantry…and Some Blood

We hadn’t yet organized the pantry since moving in 3 months ago when everything was just thrown in with no rhyme or reason.

photo (2)

It was a disaster and has been on my TO DO list for a while but Bunko did me in.

My GMa saw the inside of my pantry and said something along the lines of “Tamara I cannot believe your pantry is such a disaster! Everything else is so nice and organized and I’m very glad to see it’s junky somewhere!”


So that lit a little fire under my hiney to get that thing organized.

I had dozens of beautiful pinned pantries on Pinterest.

However, it’s a pantry for goodness sake. If I’m spending $$$ for nice baskets and gorgeous apothecary jars, they’re going where they can be seen regularly. Not behind a closed door.

So I hit up Wal Mart for El-Cheapo plain white baskets.

I tried Target first but they were about twice as much. Eh, no thanks.

Wally World baskets will do the job.


It was now organized, but definitely needed some pizazz in the form of chalkboard labels!


I cut out labels with my cricut. I keep chalkboard vinyl in stock and whipped it out for this occasion.


Love this stuff – find it at Hobby Lobby!

I was cutting the vinyl with my rotary cutter to fit the mat when something bad happened…


One minute I’m just sitting there imagining my pretty new tags and the next minute I hacked a chunk of my finger off.


See it? Follow the tip of the arrow…it was still stuck on the blade. Nice!


From underneath you can really see the missing corner of my finger.

Makes my insides do the willy dance!

I’m such a wuss. It hurt like the dickens.

However I’m sure it doesn’t compare to when my Dad cut his finger nearly completely off with a table saw.

I’ll have to find those pictures for you guys!

Anywho, I cried and was sure to get a picture for the blog.

Then after it finally stopped bleeding it was back to work.

The Cricut could take the cutting from there.


I just peeled and stuck them to the baskets then went to town with the fun part, writing on the labels!

TLG_5044 - Copy

I love this pen, but it’s hard to get off my boards. I used it on these though since they wouldn’t really be changed often. I also recently read that using a magic eraser would remove this pretty good.

TLG_5035 - Copy

Don’t judge the unhealthy contents of our pantry…focus on the pretties!

The top shelf needs some help too but for now, this is a good start!

TLG_5031 - Copy

Our trash can goes at the bottom but no one wants to see that!

TLG_5033 - Copy

And I still capital L-O-V-E the chalkboard for lists. I use it all the time. I am 100% pleased with the paint too. It writes great and erases perfectly clean with the swipe of a wet paper towel.

I also got a drawer pull from Lowes and hung it to hold chalk!

TLG_5039 - Copy


Nothing like a little bit of blood, sweat chalk, and tears going into a project!


  1. I love the organized pantry but HOLY SMOKES your poor finger!! OUCHIES!!! I hope it feels better!

  2. I've done the same thing with my rotary cutter! I rarely use it anymore for that reason!! Lol I'm also missing a corner off my right thumb from a mandolin slicer. I can't even look at that bad boy without my thumb throbbing!!

  3. Oh and what chalkboard paint is that? I always just make my own..



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