Sunday, April 28, 2013

She Bangs

A few years ago I hopped on the bang train. It was a really quick ride before the blunt bangs turned into side bangs within about 3 weeks.


Circa 2011

Well, I’ve been wanting to do something different, so I whipped out the ol’ craft scissors (you know, the sharp ones for fabric only) on a Sunday evening on a whim.

“I’m going to be in the bathroom a while babe…don’t come find me until I’m done. It could be bad, I’m hacking off my bangs.”

IMG_3756  IMG_3757

I watched a few YouTube videos and I was ready.

*Mistake #1 – see how much hair I let down on my left side? No bueno. That’s now the fat side of my bangs.


chop chop chop

I’m smiling because I hadn’t looked in the mirror yet.


And then I did. That is dead sexy.

What in the world did I just do? Some things are not meant to be done yourself…

At this point I turned red, my heart started pounding, and I got really nervous.

OH NO, really, what was I thinking. Not to mention this was the Sunday night before a huge division meeting at my work that week, in which I’d have to be giving several presentations.

Yeah, I didn’t plan that one out too well.

So an hour later and hundreds of hair pieces stuck all over my face and chest, here’s what I ended up with.


It could have been much worse. I’m mostly happy with how they turned out. I’m going to let them grow out a little bit and then get them properly hacked off by a professional.

I learned my lesson not to do it again!

1 comment:

  1. You look great with bangs! I could never pull them off myself. And even more, I would never have the guts to take scissors to my own hair. But kudos to you for doing a good job at it! Although it sounds like you might never try that again hehe. :)



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