Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random Dump Ahead

Life has been busy lately. We’ve been having some fun and then having not so much fun. We won’t harp on why things haven’t been fun because no one wants to hear about that! That’s just life.

Anywho, I just wanted to come dump some pictures but not a lot of content. Busy, remember?

I am hosting Bunko this Friday for the first time at our new house and I am SO EXCITED! Which means I’ll be cleaning like a mad woman all week, shopping for yummies, and more than likely running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Oh and I’ve been finishing up a dresser makeover that I can’t wait to share!

Have I mentioned work has been absolutely cray-cray too? I come home every night and the last thing I want to do is sit down at my computer and blog after having stared at mine for 8 hours straight... good times.


Our new neighborhood has several lakes in it. We finally visited one close to our house a few weeks ago and it was so perfect! The dogs loved it. I love our new surroundings!


IMG_3280  IMG_3277

Poor pups trying to swim on a leash…I just don’t trust them enough to let them off!


We finally had our garage sale!







Momma helped too!


It was super successful and we couldn’t have been happier with the turnout and end result. We made a good chunk of change and didn’t even have to make a Goodwill run at the end! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Thanks to the people who hauled off stuff for free in the last hour or so!


The best part is, I can now park in the garage!!

The armoire we were selling for some friends, it’s since been sold!


Easter day.

IMG_3513 IMG_3515



We celebrated Easter with family time and good food at my Aunt’s house. I made pretty deviled eggs.


The dogs got to go to the dog park. It’s been a while since we don’t live 2 minutes from it anymore! Breakfast first though, that’s the rule!



Buying azaleas at Tallahassee Nurseries!



Remi got to share our snowballs at Big Easy’s last weekend. He thoroughly enjoyed it!

IMG_3629 IMG_3616


And lastly, we had a feather explosion the other night. We started leaving Moose out of her crate when we went to work. Well, two bad happenings later, she’s back in for now. On both occasions she chewed separate holes in our duvet cover right down through the down comforter. SAD FACE. It’s still usable but that meant the holes needed fixing. Well, Hobby Lobby didn’t have the iron on patch that I needed so it’s been dragging out until I found one, which I got at Wal Mart. This meant I’ve just been keeping the hole plugged/covered with a sheet of sorts.


Well, Monday night David pulled the comforter hard to turn over, and next thing we knew POOF! The hole blew and feathers were raining everywhere! Hilarity ensued, the dogs were sneezing viciously and now I had feathers to clean up EVERYWHERE as well as get the hole patched ASAP.

Wednesday I picked feathers out of my hair for a good five minutes and while David was eating breakfast in the kitchen I noticed white clumps in his arm pit hair. I asked what it was and it was feathers that got stuck in his deodorant! HAHA. Good times in the James household. In my meeting yesterday at work, the girl’s asked if there was paint or feathers in my hair and proceeded to pick more out. Ha!


Oh, and he’s cute! I just gave him a haircut and was trimming his sideburns when I remembered what a hottie he is! Smile


I also got my wreaths hung in the garage.

The end!


  1. I wish I lived in North FL so I could have come to your garage sale! Looks like you had some good stuff.

    You are a braver person than I am. I would have such trouble letting my dogs swim. I used to spend summers in Ft Myers as a kid, and somehow someone convinced me that all water in Florida has at least 1 alligator in it. I still believe it now....

    Your hair is getting so long! Looks like everything is going great for you!

  2. I love how you hung the wreaths! What kind of hook did you use? And do the wreaths get super dirty being in the garage? My friend wraps hers in Saran Wrap because of that.

    1. Thank you! I actually just used long nails. I hammered them in at a little bit of an angle and that's it! They've been up for a few months and really I haven't noticed them getting dirty at all. But they're covered and the garage tends to stay pretty clean because we blow it out often, so far so good!



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