Saturday, June 29, 2013

Master Bedroom Update


This is what our room looked like two days ago. Pretty, but super blah and no COLOR.

The lamps in the room started out burgundy and gold. A Goodwill special.

Photo 1 (3)

They got a makeover to silver when I was in the rental.

I decided to paint them again to add some much needed color. I went with a super pale blue.


Photo 1

The color was pretty by itself but in this room with those shades it just was not a good combination. Also, I got flat (all they had in that color), which I thought was okay because I covered it with clear gloss however it did not glossify one bit.

So today I went back to the drawing board spray paint aisle and solicited advice from friends on FB and IG.

There was a pretty strong vote for yellow!

I bought yellow and navy and didn’t decide until the primer had dried on which one I was going to use.

Yellow it was!

TLG_5986 copy

TLG_6011 copy

I also got this super cute hook rack from HomeGoods. I figured hanging my necklaces would inject even more color to the room.

TLG_6014 copy



One more thing, I finally got pictures printed for my gallery wall. Much better!


Other HomeGoods goodies. Frame, Hooks, Basket. It is now corralling paper towels, salt & pepper and more on the island. Perfect! 

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