Friday, September 20, 2013

High Five for Friday!

1.    Retirement. No not me, unfortunately I still have a year left. Plus or minus 25. Tomorrow is my Dad’s Retirement party. Holy cow how can that be? He has been a Firefighter since before I was born and it’s going to be weird to get used to the idea that he’s not anymore. Well, at least not actively. Once a firefighter always a firefighter I reckon. Congratulations Daddy-o! Now you can take me to lunch every day!

2.      Embroidery. Every ounce of free time I’ve had lately has been poured into MONOGRAMMING ALL THE THINGS. It’s pretty much an obsession and will most likely be out of control in the near future. I should probably stop making myself shirts. How many monogrammed t-shirts can one person really need? Never enough! That is the answer people.

3.      Softball. In middle school I played softball. I loved it. In high school I played tennis. I loved it. In college I missed softball and tennis, and I hated Organic Chemistry . After I graduated college I played tennis for fun when the urge struck. I missed softball. I said I’d play softball again someday and now I am! A few months ago I subbed on a recreational league and it ignited my spark to want to play again. Then my brother Cole and his girlfriend Logan decided to get a team together to play Fall Ball. I wrestled with the idea of being committed (mind you David is in a competitive softball league and plays flag football – we already live at the ballpark) so I said put me on the sub list. I have played in every game so far and as of last week I’ve officially joined the team. Yay! I am loving it!  

4.      Weight. Y’all. I’ve lost 16 pounds. Somebody smack me! I’ve got a big ‘ol post in the works with the ins and outs of my progress so far, I just have some fine tuning to do before I publish it. I’ve got a long way to go but can’t help but be proud of how far I’ve come since June! Until that post comes, here’s a little before and “progress” for ya!

5.      Fall? Yeah, you read that right. Fall with a question mark. It’s teasing its arrival, but is it really coming? The past few mornings have been quite delightful and I can’t wait for the temperatures to continue to drop. Everyone here in the South knows we don’t get to experience a real Fall, but for the few weeks of nice temperatures we do have, I cannot wait to embrace them! I once heard, “Fall is the Southerner’s reward for surviving Summer”. Amen to that. We’re stocked up and ready!


  1. Hey lady!! First of all you look Uh-MAZ-zing and congrats on your weight loss. Also congrats on your daddy's retirement! And I'm so jealous of your fall stuff and the coming of fall in general but we will be home for spring so I'm excited about that!!

    PS keep it up, your gorgeous!!

  2. I think I know what everyone in your family is getting for their birthdays and Christmas now - something monogrammed! Haha!

  3. YAY A POST A POST A POST!!! :p Seriously though, amazing work on the weight loss. It is so tough, food taste way too delish but you have kicked butt and I couldn't be more proud of you. 3 down, and 9 to go!! and HUGE congrats to your Daddy!!



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