Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Last Camping Trip in a Tent (Hopefully) || Labor Day, Panama City Beach, FL

All photos taken on the iPhone.

Yeah, about that title. We’re desperate for a camper (again). We used to have one but you know how things go and now we don’t. The end.

Anywho, David has been utilizing Mr. Craig and his List since we got back in the hopes that we’ll be camper owners again soon. Tent camping really isn’t that bad, but it’s just not very convenient. And of course we live in a very convenienced world so convenience is what we would like.

I like nature and all, but when you go to snuggle into your window unit fitted tent one night and find this friendly little gi-freaking-normous fella waiting on you, you may not enjoy it so up close and personal.

Photo 64

Sorry to start this post off with a giant arachnid. We’ll get back to what it’s really about, camping!

Photo 8

We met my parents at Waffle House and we were off! It’s the same spiel every year. Labor Day comes and we go camping. It’s a Griswold Family Tradition. This year we stayed on my parent’s site. Next year we have our own site and like I said, let’s hope we’re in something on wheels.

Photo 7

Ya dancing Ma? Or just getting up?

Photo 2

First ones to arrive.

Photo 4

Photo 5

We had a nice big site on the water. The weather was pretty nice the entire trip with only a few blips here and there of rain.

Photo 13

Photo 14

Our little “beach” right off of the campsite.

Photo 17

Feeding zee animals.

Photo 9

Photo 11

Photo 12

Dad slinging the cast net.

Photo 15

Down by the real beach!

Photo 58  Photo 10

Photo 16

See the picnic table? That’s a campsite!

Photo 60

Oh deer.

Photo 20

Photo 49

Beach wagon!

We did a lot of bike and golf cart riding and were in awe over the amount of flooding in the campsite. It was quite sad, so many sites were unusable in what is usually a no vacancy park this time of year.

Photo 19

Photo 21

Ariel lost her shades.

Photo 22

This picture turned out really funny. I was using the ProHDR app which takes two pictures and merges them. Well my Dad walked through one time and it burned his image into the sky! Ha!

Photo 25

Ma and Pa.

Photo 24

We enjoyed pretty evenings hanging out by the water too.

Photo 29

Photo 41 Photo 46

Photo 45

Yikes! This storm resulted in a water spout which I regretfully didn’t get a picture of.

The beach this year was nothing like we’d ever seen before at Panama City. In the mornings it was clear and gorgeous, but by mid day, the water from the flooding would seep into the ocean turning it an ugly brown color. No bueno. Also, there was just a sliver of beach left. Quite different from years past. I really hope when we go next year there’s still a beach. At this rate there may not be!

Even though I was on vacation, that didn’t mean I was totally free of doing anything productive. I had to get my workout on!

Photo 28

David and I went down to Pier Park and watched the sunset one evening. We got to see so many dolphins. I just love them!

Photo 37

Photo 38

Photo 34

Photo 35

Canoe sessions!

Photo 44

Justin and Mom.

Photo 47

It’s sort of a ritual for everyone to go to the “weigh in” while we’re in PC. We like to go down and watch the head boats come in and check out their catches. It’s a lot of fun but it makes me sad too. Especially this trip because there was a pretty big shark that was caught. Now I don’t want to get eaten by a shark any more than the next person, but it’s sad to think that the big majestic creature is dead. Just like that. See him at the bottom?

Photo 50

Photo 54

Photo 56

Tip: Lock up your stolen buggy. You wouldn’t want it to get stolen!

Photo 51

Photo 53

The rest of the trip consisted of R&R and another Pier Park trip.

Photo 61

Photo 62

Huddling out of the rain.

Photo 63

Steak night.

Photo 65


Photo 66

As always, we had a great time. Can’t wait to go back!

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