Monday, September 9, 2013

Oh Goody!

I certainly haven’t been blogging lately, but want to know what I have been doing? Well spending some time getting to know this little lady!

Photo 52

My Brother PE-770 of course!

To say I am ecstatic to finally own an embroidery machine is a massive understatement. I’m over the moon!

Photo 55

She played hard to get for a little while, but with the help of an expert friend I was able to get her rockin and rollin!

Photo 57   Photo 58

I kind of a little bit jacked up my very first shirt, but seeing as that was also the very first thing I’ve ever stitched, it all worked out and I was pleased! And knew what not to do the next time.

Photo 60

Photo 62

First product!

Photo 59

After the first one I jumped right into the second, a much easier non-applique monogram.

Photo 63

Photo 64

Photo 68

Oh em gee love them.

Photo 2 Photo 1 (5) 

Then Kimbo came to town shortly after I got it and of course we had to make her one too. Love!

Oh, and I see you trying to peek behind at my AWESOME TABLE that I made with my own two hands. Really, you can make one too. Easy peasy. And do it while your husband is out of town like mine was so you can say you did it all by yourself. Actually I didn’t have to make much but I did get to put it together.

It’s huge and a knockoff of the Pottery Barn Bedford Table. For a cool $1,049.00 I knew she’d never be mine, so thanks to the people who are smarter than me that discovered a way to knock it off!


Two Closetmaid 9 Cube Organizers $40/ea0

1 Piece of MDF (choose your size) $20

Paint + Primer (on hand)

Photo 41

Step 1: Assemble cubes

Photo 42

Step 2: Cut board to size. I cut mine a little larger than the PB version. I could measure it, but that’d involve me getting up and who wants to do all that. If you really want to know though, let me know.

 Photo 45

Have your trusty assistant check out the progress and the fit. I wanted a slight overhang.

Photo 46

Prime (with oil based primer), paint, and then poly. Use the polycrylic in a blue can so it doesn’t yellow over time.

Let it cure and then put it together! I could have made a nicer/fancier top but this will do for now. I also bought industrial strength velcro to attach the top the the cubes, but so far the top hasn’t budged so I’m leaving it as is.

Photo 51

The stools are from Target and I love them too! It’s perfect that the table is accessible on both sides so I can prep/hoop on one side and sew on the other.

By the way y’all, hooping? It’s for the birds! Practice must make perfect.


  1. Love you're embroidery AND your table! Awesome work!

    1. Thank you Jess! I am digging them both as well! :)



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