Tuesday, November 26, 2013

27th Birthday Shenanigans

Originally written November 8th and updated today…I’m a little slow getting this one up!

Well, my birthday came and went again. I heard a quote once that said, “Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many”. And with that, I’m happy to grow another year older!
My actual birthday was last Sunday but we celebrated on Saturday.

Mom, Dad and I made our annual trek to Calvary, GA for Mule Day. If you’re not from around these parts, you can read about Mule Day here.

We didn’t buy anything but food. Is that really a bad thing? Dad got some real Cane Syrup that they make on the spot, but again that’s still a form of food. The jar was still hot! Nice and fresh.

On the way home we stopped at a few antique shops and walked around Havana for a little while. Havana is a super cute quaint little town that has lots of cool antique shops and neat little eat-in places.

There was one store there that Mom and I just loved. I wanted absolutely everything in it. Oh, if only money grew on trees!

We also stopped and hung out for a little bit at Lake Jackson. It was so beautiful
We wrapped up our exhausting day of shopping (according to Dad) and I went home for a little bit to chill out before heading out for birthday dinner!

We went to our usual spot, El Jalisco. I had one too many margaritas. As in, one more than zero and I was feeling fine! Ha!
 Mom, Logan, Me

 Cole, David, Dad

I got some gift cards from my hubby, in-laws and SIL Kim and from my parents I got…wait for it…my very own pair of Hunter boots!! And a really cool Aztec Blardigan (blanket + cardigan) I found on Pinterest and was purchased on Zulily!

And I know, the ink has barely dried on my cheap Rainboots post but y’all, Costco had the classic tall matte Hunters on sale for $79.99! That is unheard of. These boots are usually $140.00 which is why I’ve never bought them in the past. And, they’ve never fit me before because of my calves. Well, I have a friend who has a pair and when I saw the deal I was going to try one last time to see if they fit. She let me try hers on and my legs actually fit in them since I’ve dropped 20 lbs! So I finally got a pair. And I love them. Now I won’t be stuffing jeans into them any time soon because they sure aren’t roomy but I plan to lose about 15 more lbs so they should be a little looser and stretch out with time. But I can definitely wear them which I never could before!

Making them work appropriate!      

I was torn on picking a color but ultimately decided on the class Olive/Hunter Green Wellies. I’m in love.

Afterwards we went back to my parents house and snuggled in to get ready for some FSU Football! The Noles stomped the Canes and I was one happy birthday girl!

Sunday was low-key and relaxing. We had a yummy dinner at my parents’ and that was that.
It was a great birthday and I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store!

Friday, November 8, 2013

High Five for Friday

1. It’s coooold out today and sunny. My very favorite type of weather! I kicked off the chilly morning with a few of my favorites. Monogrammed scarf (gift from GMa last Christmas), Starbucks, and my trusty Toms. It’s Friday and I’m a happy girl!

2. It’s a holiday weekend. Can we say woo to the hoo? It’s supposed to be beautiful out. We’re planning to work around the house and enjoy the time off.

3. I got a boo boo in softball last night. I made a stop on a hard hit grounder in the outfield but unfortunately I decided to use my knee instead of my glove. I’ve been hobbling around and last night was pretty rough. It feels like someone took a sledgehammer to it. I realize this isn’t really a high five point, but a point nonetheless.

David subbed and got to wear my Mom’s itty bitty shirt since she was out sick. Ha!

4. I love birthday treats! However I’m glad it’s over and I’ve just about used up all my free email promotions because I need to get back on track with my food. If you don’t already sign up for free birthday loot, what are you waiting for? I didn’t even use most of them but I got free coupons from Moes, Firehouse, Baskin Robbins, Starbucks and Genghis Grill that I can think of off the top of my head.

5. I’ve recently started eating canned tuna. Random much? I always thought I didn’t like it but I finally bought some and tried it and I love it! I can’t get enough. I mix it with lime juice, hot sauce and mustard. A very weird combo I know but I like it and I’m basically adding lots of flavor and minimal calories. I recently tried adding avocado. I dig in with saltines. Yum! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Campers

Remember that one time when I said we wanted to get a camper? Well, we got a camper alright…

Photo 5

Technically, this one is our second. But who’s gonna argue with Camping World?

Meet the new family member on wheels! She’s a Keystone Outback Terrain.

I wanted a nice quaint new or used manageable camper. David wanted a Mac Daddy. Guess you can see who won that battle. But hey, I’m not complaining. It’ll be nice and roomy that’s for sure!

Now let’s just hope it fits in the campsite we already have booked…

Photo 2


We drove to Bartow, FL to buy the camper. David worked his cheap man magic and got us a great deal! I often take for granted how nice it is to have a husband who handles (and is great at) all that financial “stuff”. I pay the bills and pick out the fun stuff, but he does the dirty work. The wheeling and dealing. And for that, I’m very thankful!

I’d get ripped off a lot if I made deals by myself.

So anywho, we traveled to Bartow (about four hours South) to pick up the camper but had to be there very early in the morning so we left the night before. We stayed at the Howard Johnson in Lakeland, FL because it was cheap and it was the scariest night EVER. Y’all, don’t ever stay at the HoJo in Lakeland if you value your life. Any normal person would have left but we slept in our clothes, called our parents to let them know our whereabouts in case anything happened, and we forced ourselves to sleep with one eye open. It was SKETCHY.

Photo 6

Smell ya later HoJo.

The next morning after we thanked the Lord for letting us live, we got in the truck (which wasn’t on blocks – whew) and made our way to Camping World.

Photo 1

Photo 10

They were ready for us!

Photo 4

That outdoor kitchen sold us on this model. Amazeballs.

We got to see the camper for the first time in real life and excitedly got our “new camper orientation” done while getting shown the ropes.

Photo 9

Some paper signing and permagrins later, we were on our way!

Photo 14

Photo 11 

It was a long boring (slow) ride home. But hey, good hair day so I couldn’t complain.

Let’s see, getting home was mostly uneventful. One time the door swung wide open on the camper at a red light. And another time this car honked at us and pointed to the coach (term I learned at camping world which refers to the camper. Sounds fancy, yes?) but didn’t indicate what was wrong. We pulled off onto a small road and saw nothing amiss. Nothing at all. Then came the fun part, making the three point turn with a truck and a 35’ camper on the back to get on the main road again. We may or may not have had to apologize to each other after that ordeal was over.

Me: “Babe, I said make it go THAT WAY!!

David: I can’t SEE YOU to make it go THAT WAY!!” “Get where I can see you!!”

Me: “Right! Left! Right! Lefffftt!! Stop!”

David: “I can’t hear you!!”

Blah blah blah!

We plan to use walkie talkies next time for a more peaceful experience. And darn those people for making us think the bumper was falling off.

We made it the rest of the way home thankfully in one piece.

Photo 15

Photo 13

And then it took up the driveway. And stayed like that for a week.

Photo 1 (1)2

But now she’s snuggled in the backyard where she belongs. Much better.

Side note: When we built our house my Dad suggested putting in a camper plug. Best idea ever! Now we just plug the 30 Amp right into the side of the house. It’s a 50 amp but we just used a converter. So convenient. However we now need a longer cord!

Dads are full of useful information. Thanks Pops!

One of the biggest reasons for getting a roomy camper was so that the dogs can join us now and still have room for guests and kids. You know, the ones we don’t have yet. I gave the dogs the grand tour and Remi immediately found his spot.

Photo 1 (2)

Spoiled rotten.

As for pictures of the inside, I forgot to actually take some when we had her hooked up! Since she’s not plugged in right now I can’t turn on lights and put the slides out without moving the thing back to the driveway, so instead I pulled all of the pictures from the Keystone website. They’re much prettier than any I’d take and ours is identical so feast your eyes and hold onto your panties because it’s a beaut Clark!




321bh_ent_center500 321bh_bathroom500


The coolest room in the place!




All interior photos and floorplan via Keystone RV.

Pretty freaking sweet huh? We could definitely live in it if needed. Which we’ll be doing at my parents’ house during Christmas time!!

Photo 7 copy

Yes, yes it is Eddie. Life is good.

And with that, we are Happy Campers!


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