Sunday, April 3, 2011

Have Camper Will Travel!


On our last camping trip in September, we decided we wanted to get a camper. We have camped for a long time and have always stayed with my parents in their camper. It was always tight but feasible. Well we finally decided that we would love to have one of our own. We even went as far as to book a campsite for our annual Memorial Day trip so that “if” we had a camper, we would have a site since they tend to book up quickly.

Anywho, David has been looking on and off for the past several months for campers and last week he found one that we both really liked, was in our price range, and was only half an hour away. We arranged to go see the camper Friday night and took my Dad, Mom and brother along for the ride. (Dad is the one with camper common senseWinking smile )

Well we went, we saw, we told the couple we’d be back the next day to pick it up!

Saturday we then took David’s dad (the other one with the common senseWinking smile) with us to get bring it home.

It’s a 2005 26’ Rockwood travel trailer and we’re so excited for our first trip!

David and I gave it a good bath and it looked brand new.

Today we went to Camping World and Wal Mart and picked up all the necessary equipment, supplies, etc… that we needed according to my Pops.


{Camper loot}

We had a lot of fun and spent the afternoon organizing, changing handles, fixing cabinets, and piddling. The inside is in great shape and really clean, but it still needs a good overall cleaning.


{Working hard!}

1277_2-3-210 1277_2-3-211

{View from front door} {View from living room towards back of camper}

1277_2-3-212 1277_2-3-213

{Living Room} {Loo}

1277_2-3-214 1277_2-3-215

{Shower} {Bedroom-can’t wait to change out that bedding!}


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