Thursday, February 20, 2014


I’d always heard that once you start working out and living a healthier lifestyle, you’ll have this magical burst of energy. With that, you’re supposed to be able to take life by the horns and do all of these magnificent things with your new found energy!

Cue the womp-womp.

Ever since I’ve started, I’m tired, irritable, and hungry ALL OF THE TIME.

What does that mean? My coveted “after hours”, from approximately the 8-12 are now MIA. As in, I’m usually asleep by 9, 9:30 at the latest and don’t get anything accomplished at night anymore. Even on my precious weekend nights!

This includes cleaning, crafting, blogging, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, laundry, etc…

As in, I’m being a pretty crappy human and more importantly slacker wife. Is it bad when your husband is so tired of looking at the dirty floors that he cleans them himself?

I have no desire or energy to do anything anymore. Something has got to give. I’ve got to keep getting up early to go to the gym as I have zero motivation to go after work. Yet I can’t for the life of me stay up late. Weekends are spent running errands or doing chores and even then I do the minimal to get by just so I can go to bed.

I’m so tired of being tired. And just not being myself. I’ve got all these projects I want to do and just stuff that needs done, but all I want to do is go to bed. I hate it.

So that’s why the blog has been suffering. Also, work has been taking a toll on me lately and I just haven’t had a lot of extra optimism to go around and sprinkle in blog land.


Aren’t you glad you came by for this depressing post today?

In addition, I’m still stuck in the 145-148 lb range. I made a personal goal with myself that I want to get to 135. As an incentive, David said he'll be giving me a nice chunk of change from for a shopping spree when I hit it. In the meantime though, a lot of my go-to work pants looks like I have a load in the back and are saggy in the waist. Not a cute look and definitely brings me down a notch in the feeling great category. However I’m just not excited to buy pants at this size because I still want to lose some more weight.

First world problems I tell ya.

Any who, most is well with me I’m just tired of being an all-round slacker!

Any tips or advice for how to get over the tiredness and get some motivation back in my life?! 

Something to note too, I couldn't donate blood this past go-around because my iron was too low. I even let them prick me twice to double check it. I'm an every 8 week regular donater (sp?) so I was rather bummed. Since then, I've been loading up my mason jar salads with lots of leafy greens but I haven't felt any effect of it. Perhaps I'm encroaching on having an iron deficiency? Who knows! 



  1. Part of your tiredness may be because you aren't eating foods rich in nutrients that will give you energy. Dieting is one thing but when you workout on a regular basis, your body needs extra nutrients to support that so you still have energy afterwards. It sounds like at this point you are eating enough "power" food to get you to the gym and halfway through your day and then you crash (because your food is gone). You need more energy foods the harder you workout since your burning them during your workout. Not sure what your calorie count is (I think you said you were counting them) but here is a link to a planner
    Don't get discouraged just find ways to adjust what your doing, so instead of lifting everyday try cardio (your body will recover much quicker from this than when you lift hince more energy at the end of the day) and this may help you drop those pounds that just won't come off! You look awesome regardless :)

  2. Go get some bloodwork done and have your thyroids tested. I had no idea mine were so wonky until I was having some medical issues. I was tired all the time and couldn't budge the scale and lo and behold thyroids (and low iron too) were the issue. I had no idea how tired I really was and what it felt like to be normal once I got the issues worked out.

    1. Hey Rossie! I would have never thought to have my thyroid checked. Is that something that is typically done via annual blood work or would that involve a different type of test? Looks like I need to schedule a wellness check! Just had my annual though in December and nothing was amiss. I'm ready to be back on track though!

    2. Normally TSH (Thyroids) is something they have to request specifically. Not sure if that's the same across the board or not. I had several viles of blood drawn (like 6 or 7) to run a large panel of tests, not just the standard tests they run at a physical.

  3. I agree with the two other posters, I found my B12 was really low and the shots helped tremendously! Chin up buttercup, you look great!

  4. I'll agree with the first two ladies as well. I notice that the 'work out, feel more energetic' thing only actually happens for me if I'm being sure to fuel my body intentionally. Also it still doesn't happen if I work out in the morning, for some reason. Ha. I think it's more to do with the waking up early (but not compensating by going to bed earlier)? It makes me WAY exhausted the whole rest of the day. I prefer going to the gym right after work...then I usually have a pretty good burst of post-workout energy to get me through like 10pm, when I crash!!

  5. You should definitely try eating more. I went on a huge weight loss journey a few years back and hit a very frustrating plateau right around the weight you are now. I upped my food intake (mostly more healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables) and starting losing again. Maintaining muscles takes a lot of energy. I'm sure you'll find that you have more energy once you start eating more.

    Also, it might feel good to get some middle weight pants. Keep that motivation going. I read somewhere once that people, for the most part, tend not to gain weight past what their clothes contain. No one wants to go to the store and buy bigger clothes. Do something to make yourself feel good and get that motivation back. You're doing awesome and you're a huge inspiration for me! Keep up the good work girl!

  6. I take a prescribed iron pill everyday. My iron has been low since my pregnancy of my second born. Def. something I would check into. If I don't take it, I have ZERO energy and I caught myself just "existing" and not living during the 'no iron pill' timeframe. Also, healthy energy drinks that will definitely put a spark into your butt--SPARK. ironic huh? lol. but seriously I have the mandarin orange flavor and im obsessed. hope this helps! :) p.s. you keep up the amazing work! I'd rather you neglect us than neglect yourself! you're doing amazing and looking even better!!! watch out baby maker!!! xx

    1. You crack me up!! Okay I need to talk to my doctor about the iron pill, that is if it is indeed consistently low. I've been eating the heck out of spinach salads and recently started green monster smoothies again so I'm hoping all of that will help bump it up some! I've also tried Spark before, it was pretty good! I didn't really notice it giving me any energy but this was way before I started working out so my body may react much differently to it now! Thanks lady!



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